Suggestion: Prestige Mode (or Badass Level to be unique)

I really feel like this game could benefit from an optional prestige mechanic for both command rank and individual characters. Like I said in my title it could be called “Badass Level” or something like that.

For people who love to progress like me, I feel like hitting CR 100 and 15 on all my favorite guys has taken a lot of the excitement from playing. I feel like I should be playing guys I dont like as much just to not waste experience. And what is it going to be like in 6 months when everyone is identical at level 100 with nothing but a title to set them apart??

Its not just about more loot packs (though that is the literal definition of an “added perk” :stuck_out_tongue:) . Its about progression. Its what keeps these games alive. Its something you can work towards and show off to anyone you get matched up with.

I know plenty of people who take a break from a game or quit entirely the moment they can no longer progress. And not just casuals. Even games like WoW, when a high end guild is done with all mythic content, they move onto a new game and a new challenge until more content is released.

I really want this game to thrive, I love this game and GBX needs to help stop the playerbase bleed anyway they can. Im not saying its that bad on consoles right now, but I’ll say again, what is it going to be like in 6 months when everyone is identical at level 100 with nothing but a title to set them apart? (And even then, anyone else can use the same title too, I’m sure in 6 months or a year most everyone will have most of the titles unlocked)

I feel like having exclusive badges for your badass CR level and having an exclusive skin or kill count tattoo for individual characters that you prestige would be a lot of fun, and with the absense of microtransactions, loot packs are far and few between at level 100, so it would be great to be able to earn those again too.

I would love to be able to progress my CR and favorite characters again, and in all honesty, I think that being able to max out 4 guys and your CR in a month is just way too quick.

I hope you enjoyed my suggestion and you can add your own input to it.

TL;DR Having a type of prestige for both CR and individual characters will help the game from going stale. Rewards such as titles and a badge next to your name for each CR prestige (up to 10 probably), and exclusive skins and/or a kill count tattoo for individual character prestiges would be great rewards.


I liked the Prestige idea the moment I saw it in Battleborn Tap.


I’m happy to have your support!

Many people in many topics here have expressed their wish for a prestige mode or some kind of after-CR10-reward, I´m rather sure it will come soon :slight_smile:


Oh that is good news then! I started all this in the reddit and there wasn’t anyone who could verify if this had ever been mentioned by GBX so I wanted to make sure.

I can´t give you a link, it was some weeks back but I´m quiet sure I saw a Dev post relating to this… Anyway, I think it would feel un-GBX-like if they did not implement this sooner or later. So I hope the best :slight_smile:

And keep in mind the game is just bout a month old and many people are not CR100 yet (me included), so this is still a “minor” issue while still an awesome idea.

Lets summon @JoeKGBX - has there been an intern discussion about these wishes for Prestige/after-CR10-rewards yet? I saw many topics regarding a wish for such features so far.


I don’t know why commander rank should ever max out, honestly. If the primary rewards are loot packs, why not just let people keep going?

I understand maxing characters, at least as far as their skins, taunts and Helix options go, but why limit a player themself? Let 'em get to 1,956 commander rank if they wanna.


Same opinion honestly. This worked good in ME-3 multiplayer where the three rank categories just kept growing indefinately. And this game had many similarities to BBs PvE missions.

This has definitely been brought up, but I don’t have any news at this point.


I think its a great idea. Getting to max CR right now is pretty easy, and having something else to level is always nice. Kinda bummed when i see 0 CR gained after every game once I hit 100.

I think an easy way to show how many times you have hit 100 would to be just changing the color.

I dont think you should lose/reset anything if you do it. Would be annoying having to grind levels just to play your favorite character again.

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Exactly there isn’t any obvious advantage by being CR100 over anyone that is still CR60 other than a couple more loot packs, i say just let people level up past 100 and if anything make it harder to level up after CR100.

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As I’d mentioned before the idea I had for something like this would be getting points to spend on small non gameplay impacting bonuses on the account such as a drop rate bonus, reward bonuses for end match credits or exp, in game store purchase discounts for loadout slots, loot packs, inventory expansions, etc.

We don’t want a prestige system giving players and advantage over other players directly in game through stat bonuses to the actual gameplay elements on missions or in PvP matches.

Throwing my 2 cents into the ring here. but how about adding faction commander ranks? when you hit CR 100 you get to prestige and then choose a faction or a general command rank. the faction command ranks would just give you loot packs of that faction.

Now I am probably going to start a fire. But for character prestige levels…it will unlock a piece of that characters lore?
So it would give every person playing 2 ways to unlock lore challenges.

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That’d be great. Like “kill that hero x times OR reach a prestige rank 8”.

or like, get 10 double kills with Toby’s ult, OR reach prestige rank 1.

o_o please…

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I seconf this motion

This sounds like it will quiet the Ambra hunters nicely enough. And I would feel bad not receiving experience for my character or CR. I think this could work, with some very careful application.

It would be nice if I could get another 100 levels to get a guaranteed orange item

I just wanted to pipe in on this thread and basically “+1” it. I’d love some max-level incentives!

I’m in favor of more blue currency being awarded at max command rank and/or max character rank.