Suggestion: PvE Wave defense mode

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Just a thought, it would make for a pretty epic time. Having a 5 person team hold a point against an increasing horde of anything would be a great way to learn the workings of individual Battleborn and give teams an opportunity outside PvP to practice working as a team.

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(Falroth) #2

That could be pretty fun actually! Who doesn’t love a good wave defense mode! :slight_smile:

(Demon Child AKA Lady La La) #3

I’d play it, sounds like a good way to try and find a good team comp, looking at both the players and the heroes you choose.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #4

Throw in the ability to play this solo aswell and I’m in on this idea.


Sounds like a great idea.

(Creator of the Battleborn Discord) #6

A lot of people have already suggested a dedicated Wave Defense/Horde Mode, myself among them.

(Oberon) #7

More PvE = Good

(StargirioGR) #8

I am pretty sure at least of one of the six missions that we couldn’t play is Horde Mode. Even if there is not, I believe they will create one as a DLC.

(Tremadog102) #9

I think “The Renegade”, the mission that unlocks Caldarius is a Horde mode mission and if I remember correctly it’ll be the third mission according to the greyed out info in the beta test.

My own personal opinion would be a more dedicated game mode with numerous enemy types and multiple maps would be ideal. Maybe if we poke Gearbox they will consider it after the game is released? :slight_smile:

(jakedahlquist120) #10

I vote for this, it is definitely a good idea. GearBox please make this a game mode.

([PC] Peacekeeper) #11

Without a 5-man team, it was rare that either of the playable missions in beta lasted long enough to see my character reach level 10. I’d love an endless horde-mode just to actually be able to play around with the abilities of a capped-out character for a while, and go to town on a ton of bad dudes with upgraded ultimates and over-the-top team combinations. :slight_smile:

(Label07) #12

A la, Plants vs Zombies, sure, I on board with that idea.


+1 for this idea. Makes me think of ME3’s multiplayer, which was so much fun.

(Bluehasia) #14

horde mode mixed with tower defense and our bots sounds like a amazing friday night with friends

im all game for more Co-op ideas with my friends rather than comptived PvP


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