Suggestion: pvp deserters and replacements

(Sorry new here, hope this is a good place)

Among many forums I have seen people complain of PvP deserters but not really any suggestions as to how to help either stop it, or help the team with the lost teammate. I do think the new bonus exp for sticking it out thing is a good start, but I personally feel a lot of people won’t care if they are raging hard enough.

Well, as a possible solution, why not make pvp matches joinable for a new player? Say someone disconnected and abandoned their team for whatever reason, a new player could join and take their place with a character of their choice, after say 5 or so mins after the other person has left(to give them a rejoin chance if it was a lapse in connection), while still giving the other person a time out penalty for leaving, say 15 or so minutes. I’m not sure if it’d be extremely difficult to program, but depending on how far into a match it is, perhaps add in a program that gives that new person helix points(and shards) based on average helix level/shards of their party so they aren’t at a severe disadvantage(like they would basically get the exp the original 5th man would’ve gotten via shared exp or something). Sure they will get less exp than the rest of the team based on time spent in game, but it would help out the abandoned team.

Again, just a random suggestion, please don’t bite my head off. :slight_smile:


This has been discussed before, and while it certainly is an idea, there are several glaring flaws with the system:

1.) If the new person gets to join with a character of their choice, it can screw up team compositions.

2.) If the new player joins with a character that’s good late but bad early (eg Whiskey, Attikus) and the leaver was playing someone who’s good early (eg Ghalt, S&A), then the team with the person who left gets a significant advantage since they reap the benefits of a lategame character without the early game pentaly.

3.) If the leaver spent shards on gear, are those shards lost or are they added to the new player’s count to spend however they please, causing an irregular influx of buildables once they join?

4.) Who in their right mind would want to join a game in progress that was, in most cases, going so badly that it prompted someone to leave?

The ideas behind a join in progress are valid, but the execution in a moba-style game where the state of the game significantly changes as it moves along makes it more important to try to stop leaving than compensate for it.

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On tip of what above said, there’s the whole thing with helices. I chose Orendi’s right helix for the reveal against Pendles, job he’s not here, why should I be effectively punished for that? And if everyone got to re choose, that would make some strategies, like Renaissance PoP Pillar storm, much more viable, as you can level up to it first with just prognosticombo.

most times there isn’t a team composition from what I’ve encountered(maybe I’m just unlucky?) Just a bunch of people usually doing their own thing, zero support unless it’s for a friend, etc.

And this suggestion mainly goes toward the opening of a match, say the first 10 or so minutes where someone can fill the slot without huge differences in levels, shards, etc. Where someone rages at the beginning and just leaves at the character select screen, or the first few minutes because they died, though it could be attempted for say up to level 4/5 avg player helix, which usually takes about 15 mins of a match (at least for me In incursion). Even having a separate que for those who want a fast find matches and don’t mind joining one in progress could help the matchmaking, as well as help silence all of the ditcher protesters.

Hell, gearbox could do what they already do for when it’s a 3v5 at start, just instantly say insufficient players, then bam back at the match making. Yes, people may be angry that they have to wait a little longer, but it saves you from playing a lopsided (in terms of players, the skill gaps are something else that needs addressing, but this isn’t about that)match and complaining about that.

I don’t know, I wouldn’t want to join a match in progress. Especially if I don’t get to choose the character/helix/build.
And if I can choose… It could lead to unfair jumps in a teams skill level. Though most probbaly if someone left it is already lopsided so it most probably wouldn’t matter.

There are many sides to it, I don’t feel it would work in the end. It’s more important to try and make the matchmaking work the first time so that people wouldn’t feel so compelled to leave the match.