Suggestion: PVP k/d

Currently there is no real way to determine your PVP k/d ratio as for whatever reason mission deaths are also included.

They thought to show you player kills but not player deaths? Strange.

It’s likely too late but if it were at all possible could we segregate mission deaths from match deaths?


Showing player kills but not separating PvE and PvP deaths is a weird choice, but honestly I’d like if deaths weren’t shown at all. Maybe people would stop stressing so much about dying and be a little braver with objectives, when their deaths weren’t forver taunting them in the stats screen.

So I think it’s a good thing to show as little of your k/d as possible, since that isn’t at all what the game is about.

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If you care about k/d then you’re playing this game wrong… it’s all about objectives, no matter how often you die.
It’s pretty common, that the team with the most kills lose at the end because they ignored the objectives but focused on hunting players.
In this game we even could get rid of this stat you mentioned

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Exactly this. The mindset must be a leftover from the CS days or something, because I never got into that and never understood what the fuss was about with k/d. Granted, that might’ve been because I always did and still generally do play supporting characters and always had a higher death count, but I knew I helped the team in other ways.

Then again, far too many people play every BB versus mode as TDM.

Count me as part of the ‘they shouldn’t show any type of k/d stats at all’ camp. Lots of games don’t bother showing that type of info at all anymore for good reason.

I think that, rather than removing k/d outright, there should be some option to display it that is by default toggled off. While k/d is often seen as a relic of team deathmatch modes in an objective based game, it does serve purpose because k/d, while not the primary focus of the match, is still good to know to see what areas a character needs improvement in, and which ones need it most.

K/D does nothing, but promote the wrong type of gameplay. This isn’t TDM, so having a death match element teaches new players the wrong thing.


Stop being wusses

No self respecting gamer wants to go 2-14 in any game.

I would appreciate it, if you stop assuming that people who are curious about their k/d ratio are automatically bad teamplayers.
And as long as you prioritize the map specific objectives, killing more then you die will also help to achieve victory (gaining experience advantage while sending your enemy to the bench till respawn).

And trying to improve my k/d ratio is an additional motivation to winning the match. There is nothing wrong to be competitive on different levels in a PvP game.


I’ll stop assuming that people who focus on their K/D are bad team players, when you stop assuming that there’s no down side to having a K/D stat in a non death match game.


What would you use this information for? And how would that be useful for a healer?

While a visual representation that you went 2-14 sitting on the screen does motivate some people to play more/better, it also demoralizes others/casuals to the point that they stop playing entirely and move to something else. Again, a lot of objective based games (including Blizzard’s latest) don’t bother with it for a good reason…to keep casual/average people playing and not feel horrible when they don’t do well.

Although for this game it’s probably a moot point. Doubtful they would make this kind of change post-launch.

I don’t understand how anyone can think that killing each other isn’t the primary fun in this game’s PVP

Why even bother listing how player kills you have?

Why have so many lore challenges requiring the killing of players? Or requiring the hunting of certain character which actively diverts attention from the objective and makes you focus on killing one particular player who happens to be the character your character needs to kill for their lore challenges.

Why base the score primarily on how many kills you have?

Why reward the most experience for killing other players?

Why allow us to taunt one another when we kill each other?

Why have titles based on getting lots of kills during a match or titles based on dying the least during a match?

Why even bother to mention double, triple, quad and penta kills?

This is a first person shooter with mild moba elements, and with times-to-kill so large compared to other shooters, offing someone is much more satisfying because it required a little extra than just landing a few stray bullets from half a map away. Kills take planning and perfect rotation of skills, which I love.

Are you really going to sit there and tell me that escorting 13 waves of minions to a robot god is more exciting than wiping the entire team with your brilliantly executed ultimate?

No, no you aren’t. There’s a reason half the games I play turn into deathmatches, because that’s where most players find fun–killing one another.

And it isn’t like deathmatch gameplay and objective game play is mutually exclusive, if you’re smashing the other team the objective will play out on it’s own in the background while you have fun landing double kills.

Yes, killing is fun. Of course it is. That is the nature of shooters and MOBAs. Wiping the enemy team with good team play is very satisfying. But so is a win…

The stats shouldn’t concentrate so much on kills (The devs are revising the score system, actually) Players shouldn’t concentrate so much on K/D.
Most of my losses have been because my teammates just want to do TDM (and they are usually really bad at it, too) while I’d actually like to WIN.
You can get kills while playing the objective. You can’t play the objective if all you do is target enemy players. Of course if you die too much, you can’t do either of those things since you’ll just spend most of your time dead. Kills aren’t worthless, deaths certainly have an impact. But I’d still like to see that Orendi on my team get more than 20 minion kills when I have 70 and am not even playing a wave pusher.

Maybe they could add a TDM mode so I and people like me could have some fun, too. Add a K/D counter to that mode. Encourage more objective play in the other modes.

Yeah I’m against K/D in games like Battleborn.

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I hate the taunts too. Especially when I kill some guy like 5 times in a row, then he kills me with half his team helping and taunts. Like he’s suddenly a super skilled player.

Um…couldn’t you just divide your kills by deaths? It’s a ratio. Taking up development time to add a feature that could be done with a calculator seems impractical.

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Deaths include campaign deaths.

Queue the people who defend every cut corner of this game. God forbid there be a K/D ratio we could look up like every other multiplayer game.

Yeah, letting people show or see a number to messure and compare the size of their gaming genitals isn’t a good way to go :stuck_out_tongue:

Even not in a pvp mode, I know games that became an elite jerk-fest for something like K/D ratio or Combat Rating even.

Also our pvp modes aren’t a deathmatch mode, any of them. It’s good to kill and you can be a killing machine… and also suck at protecting minions or saveguard captured points. I prefer someone that doesn’t hit even a Montana but they get the minions to the end or protect a point.