Suggestion - remove map voting, play random maps instead?

I thought I’d bring up this suggestion following last night’s gaming and the culmination of playing Battleborn most nights since launch.

Invariably it seems that two maps are played a lot more than others - Paradise (Meltdown) and Overgrowth (Incursion). Last night, when yet again Paradise was voted for, my fiancée who games with me declared that she’d had enough of playing the same map repeatedly and she stopped gaming for the evening at the end of that match.

I have just looked through my gaming history and this is what I found:

Paradise - 15 games
Coldsnap - 2 games

Overgrowth - 6 games
Echelon - 2 games

Invariably we will both vote for Coldsnap and Echelon because these maps aren’t played as much. Invariably we’ll lose the vote and end up playing on Paradise and Overgrowth.

I don’t know if others are experiencing the same issue? If so, whether you are bothered by this or not?

Anyway, my suggestion would be to scrap the voting system altogether and just have a random map chosen instead. This would particularly work well when the next maps are released for the game (as voting would be split between 3 maps per mode if the current system remains). Random maps may not always give you the map you would like to play, but it would at least be a 50% chance (currently) of getting to play Echelon than my current 13.33% chance.


Some people are having FPS issues on echelon , Me as well. That is why I never vote for it.


I really hate playing Echelon because the stairs before the first sentry gets too cluttered and it is way too easy to get stuck. For this reason I wouldn’t want random maps.

Is that on a PC? I’m on the PS4 and haven’t noticed any issues.

You do know that there’s another way into the area with the first sentry? You don’t have to use that double set of stairs to get to it, there’s a passageway and stairs around to the right/left (depending on which end your team starts at).

PC yes. I get it, my friends get it. And I think most people with AMD cards get it.

In my experience, Echelon is still on the losing end of the vote quite often, but Coldsnap is getting quite a bit more votes now. I do understand your suggestion, but I’m pretty sure it would just make leavers more common, unfortunately.

I think a tier system for game selection would be better. You could either just select to join a multiplayer or story game, or go a bit deeper, choosing modes, or even deeper, maps of modes, or story episodes.




Multiplayer Maps

That way, you can choose to either just get a quick match, or go down to the individual map or episode you want. Wait times should still be fine, if a bit longer for those who really want a certain map/episode.

It’s random, sadly. I have been battling this for like hours a day, googling, talking to people, installing the game on different machines etc. It’s really random. The game would go to a solid 60fps on a moderate machine, and then it will run on like 11fps on a better one (newly built, new windows, new drivers, other more demanding games run flawlessly and it’s nvidia along with an intel cpu), then one will get it going with 60fps on overgrowth but will dip to tens on coldsnap and echelon - then somebody will get those tens on every map regardless, even though they have the exact same configuration. And so on and so forth. Regarding individual complaints I’ve gathered by googling, ironically, most people complaining have a 9xx card and not an amd.

I even thought it might be the redistributable, but it’s not (and it shouldn’t, but at this point, who knows, it might as well be some kind of a “you have a razer mouse and a sound blaster” non-relatable combo) - so in the case you wanted to clear redistributables and fresh-install the BB ones, it won’t do anything. I tried it on ~6 different computers.

You can gain maybe 2-3 fps (maybe! - because this problem is inherent with the game it seems, settings don’t help) by editing the cfg files and basically lowering the options more than it’s allowed in the game menu. Note that some options will result in an unplayable game, so start-save a lot to see which ones. I can tell you up front that turning of bloom will result in a black screen - which is bad news, because as far as I can tell, bloom is one of the options one can mess with, that yields the most fps gains.

We have to wait for the patch and see, though I am not holding my breath - as they mentioned amd cards and specific maps, which makes me believe they don’t plan to address the problem, but singular manifestations of it, rather.

sorry for the off topic guys, continue, just wanted to answer to this post.

I’m aware but if you are all going that way no one is clearing waves. Furthermore it takes longer and can lose overall damage to sentry. Lastly if you aren’t careful you can easily get caught out going that way. Overgrowth is just better allowing for you to go the main path with little worry of getting stuck on own units or take other paths to surprise people or get some sentry damage.

I would like to see a “post game lobby” of sorts implemented. Where both teams can vote to have a rematch/change maps. There have been a few matches I played that were VERY close, and VERY fun. I pretty much just solo queue, so finding good randoms is tough. So at the end of a good match, I would like to continue playing with these teams.


I’m not suggesting that you all go that way, I’m saying that it’s an alternative route that some could take, just as there is in Overgrowth through the buildings. There’s no reason to ‘get stuck’ on the stairs and in the few games I’ve played this hasn’t occurred, some have taken the alternate route and battles have generally taken place before the stairs.

i got a similar suggestion, but with modes… randomizing maps/modes will be a good idea I think.

Honestly I think the only real problem with the map is the wall in the middle of the stairs causing it to be 2 narrow stair cases. If they simply removed the wall and made it one wide staircase it would be fine.