Suggestion: Reverse firing range

As we’ve seen from the road map GB published, they are working towards adding a firing range dummy back into the game.
Hoo-ray, was really weird that it was omitted, particularly since it had been so well enhanced in BL:TPS.
But it did get me to thinking;
How about reversing it? In other words, have an option where you can take fire from, say, an AR in the range to test the performance of a shield, or a damage de-buff offered by a relic, skill or otherwise?
Would be a cool feature to be able to stress-test shields like I stress-test guns.
Oh, and while I’m thinking about it: A long-range dummy so I can test a rocket launcher without blowing myself up. Not that I’ve done that more than 25 times… :slight_smile:

Only if the fire rate and weapon type are adjustable. I could use some non lethal practice at dodging rockets and Maliwan elemental projectiles.

Also it would be appreciated if failing to dodge allowed you to recover from the testing in the same manner as recovering from a lost duel. I’m not particularly interested in having to bank my money just to test some stuff out. I mean I really don’t need all the money I’ve got but ppl are going to complain otherwise so let’s be proactive! Yeah…

Ha, I can imagine them including a mission from Marcus asking you to “test” his new shooting range feature, and it, quite literally, backfiring on the player…

If you go into FFYL in Sanctuary, someone on board will revive you.

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Can I ask how you know this? Just seems like the could be a funny story attached there…

I tested it. I was trying some guns and grenades and went into FFYL, then some Promethea citizen run to me and revived me.