Suggestion: reverse-report aka commend

If we are getting a report feature can we also get a commend feature for just generally making this game fun? You pulled off a pentakill? I commend you. Whether it’s picking an MVP for the match at the end or after getting so many commends, you get some kind of 24hr boost to say exp or credits or whatever. As an added thought maybe everyone can only give 1 commend per day?


I like this idea

If this happens, the obvious rule of thumb here must be that you can only commend someone on the opposing team because if there’s a reward in place teams will commend themselves to gain those rewards.


I like this, a great Idea from the OP and a great way to prevent boosting.


I would like to see this. Although I don’t see a reason not to commend someone on your own team. If I’m in a random team, and someone is really trying to help the team/ new players ect, I would like to commend them. I finally had a match with a Kleese, who I think is the only reason we won. We were a 4 man team, our Marquis was AFK, then left. Our Kleese got something like 80-90 minion kills, and only died 2 times. I would like to commend people like that.


I would open up the possibility of voting for someone on your team, but not part of your party. You can’t commend your friends but if a random on your team is badass, I think they deserve that recognition


That is one hell of a good idea. The ‘like’ function is one of the reasons why we moved to this forum, so your idea definitely is in line with the way gearbox like to do things. @JoeKGBX? Any thoughts?

If this is possible, how about going further and awarding medals/titles or something like that for frequently commended players?

Or even skins? (I love ideas that I can get carried away with)


Yes, giving rewards for commendations in addition to the new reporting system should almost completely keep people from leaving a game early and not making the people who do quit often feel like they are playing for no reason, besides not getting banned. This combinination would solve a lot of issues IMO.

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Yea, this is an idea I love. This was actually brought up to me during the Play w/ the Devs stream yesterday and it’s something I’ll definitely be bringing to the team so it can be discussed.

I agree that this would be a really great thing!