Suggestion: Saved Helix Builds

I think the idea behind the Helix is cool but I find having to stop shooting to upgrade my Helix every time I level up pulls me out of the game especially when trying out a new character that I am just starting to learn how to use. Montana for instance was so huge that hiding behind cover was impractical and I found I was going up several levels before I could bring up the Helix menu to apply upgrades because I was constantly getting shot at even behind cover. I think it would be great if you could mark down a preferred build in the character customization screen and then just have a toggle button in game that will automatically activate your preferred skill each time you level up. That way you can keep shooting and unlock upgrades as you go without having to wait until a pause in the battle or risk bringing up the menu and making a decision while stuff is shooting at you. Having played a lot of Borderlands 2, the idea of a levelling system that reset at the start of every match was a complete turn off to me (I still jumped in for the characters though), and being able to streamline that a little with saved builds would make it much easier to get into especially if I end up trying to play competitively. Ultimately people are going to create builds and not diverge too much from that so having an opt-in auto-unlock system just makes sense to me.


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