Suggestion: SHiFT Rewards Page Changes

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Note: I’m creating this thread in response to a recommendation I got after submitting a ticket to the Help Desk.

Original message:

I redeemed a bunch of codes across multiple games over the weekend through the SHiFT website, but it looks like it wasn’t build for having a history of code redemptions across multiple games & platforms. It’s currently stuck on PSN/Borderlands 2 and I can’t switch or search for other codes I have redeemed. I feel like the list should be paged too, because right now it’s this giant list that goes way back to 2014!

Screenshot (Note: Click to view the full image, it is quite large!)

Basically I’d like to see some more work done to so I search through my history and actually see all of it as it was clearly not built for several years of SHiFT codes! Is this an issue other folks are having? Would you like to see it improved?

I love the fact that you can redeem codes via the website now! It is so much quicker to copy/paste rather than hand type out each code into the in-game rewards UI! :heart:


All games are there, at the top is the most recent one. If you use a code for TPS or BL1 that game and the whole history will be at top.

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It’s fortunate that your most recent key redemption was for a game with so few keys! And @lowlines, it goes back much further than 2014…

I can use the browser page find function to locate the top of a particular section, but it is very unwieldy.

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I played A LOT of Borderlands 2… :sweat_smile: