[Suggestion] Show stats for all battlemarks gained across all games

At the end of a match it’s great to see all of the battlemarks gained in that particular match - ‘first blood’, ‘5 kill streak’, ‘killed an enemy who was in their helix’ etc.

What would be really good is if we could see stats for all of the battlemarks we have gained over all matches. For example, how many times you have received each of the battlemarks, which battlemarks you haven’t got many (or haven’t yet got) etc.

A further possibility could then be implementing in-game rewards (such as gear packs) for achieving a certain number of each of these battlemarks.

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This is a good idea I think. I don’t “get” the Battlemarks. You don’t see them until after a match and they don’t serve any purpose. I thought they would be like Battlefield medals where you can go over them in your profile. They seem like they were trying to go somewhere with them but it was never finished for launch.