Suggestion: Significantly increase character limit per message

I could understand a system that eventually cuts off if you try to type whole paragraphs, but we’re talking about a limit of 50 characters.

It’s severely hampering to team communication and even casual pre-game chat in the lobby. However, my rudimentary knowledge of videogame production tells me it’s far from a hard fix, possibly even an overnight one. I presume it’s simply a matter of changing a variable in some script that sets this limit. Ergo, I can think of no reason not to address this sooner rather than later.

Thanks to Hideki for exact character limit.

Haha, I know, right! It is SO FREAKEN ANNOYING!

You can do a short sentence.

But you certainly can’t do a sentence that is this long.

It’s a probelm.

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Limit is 50. I thought this fix needs like 30 minutes just not on priority for them.

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Ursa Major: It really is annoying when I have to segment a
Ursa Major: single sentence multiple times because the chat
Ursa Major: character limit is too small!

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Just a bump post in hopes of some day getting close to if not a response from Gearbox direct. There is literally no need for this therefore I’m declaring it a problem that needs a solution, that solution being simple and highlighted by me.

I hate it how your message gets interrupted when somebody lags…thinking you are still typing and hitting keys outside of chat suddenly results in all sorts of in-game hijinks!

I’ve lost battles over this!


Thanks for the post. They can fix this while they’re at it.

At least a good practice for your tweeting skill.

I completely sympathise.

The worst part is, the first time that you are in the middle of backspacing a word and all of a sudden, lag occurs. You are no longer in chat and the excess backspace key strokes have toggled most of your HUD to disappear. Now you cannot activate that second Grav well that was meant to keep those 10 strikecraft squadrons locked down because the command menu is gone and you haven’t yet memorised the convoluted hotkey combination to toggle it.

You frantically ask in global how to restore your HUD (since chat is like one of two things that hasn’t been affected) to which your teammates respond with “lol” and “dunno” and your opponents reply with utter silence as they realise what is going on and proceed to take advantage of your helplessness.

Maybe I should post this as another topic but I’m not sure why the lag notification has to be that large… It can be dismissed but gets in the way real bad while typing and it can just be like steam notification where it just pops up at some corner in a tiny box and just goes away quickly and only shows once every few minutes or something.

…and when the lag notice shows up, it shouldn’t kill whatever you were typing in the first place!