[suggestion]Soo how about a cool app to transfer items?

Just like the title said
I’m thinking if could gearbox do an app
That could like check your vault by app
Since console player takes a lot of loading time to get to santuary or even to check items offline when you are at work or something
Or you know what?
How about a trading system in the app??!!
Wouldn’t be cool?
And if somehow it’s a crossplay mailing items?? (People wish they could trade crossplay)
That would be so cool
I know it’s sounds hard to program something like that and ties it to the game…
But i hope some people like the suggestion and would support it.

Sorry if there’s grammar mistakes

Impossible, all data is stored locally

Too bad :frowning:

Why can’t it be through the cloud? Well for Xbox they could your save data runs through it. So why not an app to exchange and check items. When you mail items it gives the vibe of an app and it wouldn’t be difficult to cloud switch.
This user is on to something that made this post.
Thinking outside the box. That’s class and intelligence. Cheers. New to forum.