Suggestion: SP skirmish, 2v1, 3v1 - AI vs player?

Could we get this option asap pls? The AI gets slaughtered. Might be viable for MP as well, if all humans are on one team, can do 2v4, 2v6, etc… Until such a time as the AI can be improved? Thanks.

Might as well note: That classic campaign was a bit on the short and easy side, needs another 3 missions. Last mission, target blobs of units ftw (blind rush fail).

Info: Technically (and I’ve only played 2 games vs normal AI, and 18 vs hard), the AI seems to send units worth a certain amount/weight in RUs in waves at the player. They never actually build up their forces, defend chokepoints/high ground, or attempt to harass unprotected resourcing operations. Their build order is also something like mass LAV, then almost straight to rail/BC/bombers (normal AI builds fighters), nearly skipping AAVs; they don’t even build support cruisers as far as I’m aware. In FFA, all AI initially attack the player, then switch up as they run into each other at random, or near your base.

1v1: vs hard AI, 15 units lost, 90 kills, 19k resources, to AI’s 25k. They never fielded more than 4-8 units, 2 BCs, with 1-2 bombers blindly harassing.

2v2: Player and easy AI, vs 2 hard AI - 9 units lost, 100 killed, both carriers. Even more interesting, 26250 CU (player), 22838 (easy AI), 19810 and 20089 (hard AIs). What happened there?

FFA 3s: At first, both hard AI attacked me, but then turned on each other mid way through the game, and eliminated 1 (although I could have 2v1’d them no problem). CUs 21154 (player), 26512 (AI 1), 21630 (AI 2).

FFA 4s: All 3 hard AI attacked me, exclusively. I survived for nearly 20 minutes, fighting off countless waves, then got overwhelmed with bombers? They never turned on each other. Only game lost to AI.

---- edit (FFA 4s):

3 normal AI: lost 13, killed 130 (AI killed 182), carriers 3

1 hard, 2 normal: lost 9, killed 121 (AI killed 148), carriers 3

2 hard, 1 normal (3 gaalsien): lost 12, killed 142 (AI killed 160), carriers 2 (AI killed 1)

3 hard (2 gaalsien, 1 coalition): lost 22, killed 138 (AI killed 201), carriers 3

3 hard (1 gaalsien, 2 coalition): lost 18, killed 173 (AI killed 155), carriers 3

3 hard (3 coalition): game crashed right before I was able to kill the 3rd carrier.

3 hard (3 coalition): lost 20, killed 169 (AI killed 161), carriers 3

---- edit (FFA 5s):

4 hard (2 gaalsien, 2 coalition): lost 38, killed 232 (AI killed 290), carriers 3 (AI killed 1)

4 hard (4 gaalsien): lost 10, killed 223 (AI killed 230), carriers 4

4 hard (4 coalition): lost 2 games (3 lost total). All 4 AI targeted me relentlessly; overwhelmed by railguns. Actually, the reason for 1 of the losses was due to the worst spawn point on Khar-Toba map (resources are far away). The other was at the 2nd worst spawn point; hard to defend.

4 hard (4 coalition): lost 34, killed 251 (AI killed 235), carriers 3 (AI killed 1)

---- edit (FFA 6s):

5 hard (3 gaalsien, 2 coalition): lost 40, killed 227 (AI killed 441), carriers 4 (AI killed 1)

5 hard (5 gaalsien): lost 16, killed 175 (AI killed 333), carriers 3 (AI killed 2)

5 hard (5 coalition): lost 47, killed 302 (AI killed 279), carriers 4 (AI killed 1) <- lmao, 3v1 entire game.

---- notes:

The funny thing is, most of my lost units are actually salvagers in the early game, and maybe a few railguns, which bombers always seem to target. Also, ecountered a hard AI with 30 salvagers: No production or support cruisers.

I’m also not being overwhelmed by bombers with a better build, but usually the 3rd AI stops attacking me somewhere around that point (FFA 4s/5s). Build is: 2 groups of (3 AAV, 3 rail, 2 battery, 2 battlecruiser, 2 support), 1 baserunner (drones/AA turrets), 14 salvagers (11 salvagers w/1 support late game) = 125 fleet capacity. No aircraft, too much downtime/refueling, hard to select/group/micro, and a resource sink (bug: circling carrier).

FFA 4s/5s/6s are too easy. 3v1 might not be (and should be possible, 4v1 seems impossible), but there is no such option. Problem remains unresolved; only minimally more difficult than 1v1 (although build timing becomes crucial in 5s/6s).

Been down a similar rode. I quickly got to a point where I could beat 3 HARD AI without much problem (no problem with coalition thanks to turrets).

Would love to se ability to play more AI versus player and ability to MOD AI (or get improved AI).

If you looking for a good game, replay campaign form get go and toggle between default fleet or persistent depending on which would be lower in units. e.g. if a mission cost you a lot, go persistent. If you won it out right and were able to loot the hech out of the AI go standard units next round. The resulted in a few missions where I literally had to cannibalize to make units to win and some missions I won by the skin of my teeth!