[Suggestion][Spoilers] How about we get updates to the current story instead of wanting a rewrite?

I have read a lot of threads with varying opinions on the story of BL3.

As I see it, the story that we got and the events that have occurred are set in stone. Rewriting the story would be asking to throw away time and money spent developing the game. In the same vein, when cuts to the content occur, it is basically the same thing. The individuals working on the cut content are basically putting aside or throwing away the content that they worked on.

That is why the thought of updating the story has been stirring up in my head.

What do you mean by updating the story ?
When we get content added to the game, it is always as a new quest line. So, why can’t we add quests to the main story ?
What I would suggest would be to start with content that has been cut due to time (which most games do have) and add them into the game as quests that should have been done at a certain point during the story. That first step might help clear up some loose ends that the current story didn’t get to.
A second step would be to identify the remaining loose ends of the story and insert quests into the story line that could tie them up.
Another important step in my eyes would be to spot the parts of the story that didn’t manage to convey the emotions or the reactions to the players that they were planned for. Of course, different people will have different reactions and emotions toward the story. What I am trying to say is that some aspects of the story need time to grow on the player to make an actual impact.
For example (WARNING - This is a spoiler! Do not uncover if you have not experienced the full story yet! THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING - You will regret it otherwise…) :

The part of the story that has been (I believe) the most controversial with the community is when Maya dies. One of the reasons it didn’t impact everyone the same way is probably because Maya didn’t have a big impact in BL3. Think about it, you meet her on Athenas, the smallest planet with only one area. When you’re done with Athenas, you have some other story missions with Rhys until you finally get the vault key for your first Vault. At that point, you finally get some more action with Maya by your side. And at the end of it, no more…
Now, if we insert a couple of quests between meeting Maya and her death, the player has the time to get to know her (especially players who are new to the Borderlands) and those quests might take the time to actually introduce us to Ava. That way, we can understand her impulsive reactions and enjoy a more fleshed out character development arc. As an added bonus, those quests could be done on Athenas, in new areas. Maybe in areas that were already partly built but had to be cut. (That is only one of the many more examples I could give.)

What do I mean by inserting a quest inside the story line ?
Say we have a quest A and a quest B part of the main story. Inserting a quest inside the story line would be like adding a new quest X that starts after quest A and finishes before quest B. That way, instead of doing quest A then B, you would do quest A then X then B. Now, the reason you would want to add quest X are listed above in the What do you mean by updating the story ? section. But simply, it would be to tie up loose ends from what you have learned from the story until the end of quest A and transition it smoothly into the quest B.

But you say that rewriting would be like throwing money away, wouldn’t updating the story be the same thing ?
Well, what changes on a video game doesn’t require money might I ask ? None. It might not cost the player base money to receive hotfixes every so often, but the companies do spend time and resources to get these hotfixes out. If Gearbox can and want to update the story free of charge, great. But, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Personally, I would have no trouble paying for updates to the main story. If you think about it, it is like having a small DLC. To attract people to these small content updates, they could make sure that one of the quests (either story quest or side quest) has a specific rare item as a reward.

All in all, I would love to have the story fine tuned. I know it isn’t the biggest aspect of this game, but I am sure that a lot of players would love it. This could also let the team behind BL3 insert things into the story they didn’t have time to make but really wanted the community to have.

Let me know what you think. Let’s get this ball rolling !


Firstly, this is extremely well written! Secondly, I love this idea! (especially your Athena suggestion) This would help flush out the story as well as give more of a reason to replay the campaign! I’d never say no to more content :ok_hand:t2:


Can we get a quest where we get too replace the target dummy on sanctuary with ava?


I agree that this game is done and set in stone, even though I’m firmly on the disliking the main story side of the argument.

However, there’s some problems with your idea. The first thing is that the main game is already VERY long, especially for a completionist like me who does all the side missions. Adding more content and asking people to run the stories again is just asking for burnout. I think a lot of people run the story once or twice and then it’s all about the farming and leveling and creating builds. There’s a reason people cried out to skip cutscenes.

Second, I think you’re idea runs the risk of turning the storyline into a Frankenstein monster, with stuff just sort of stitched in trying to make everything work better. I don’t think jamming more content into a completed story is the way to go.

The JJ Abrams “mystery box” writing style has been a hot topic lately. Yes, it can be good to offer the audience some questions to keep them hooked. But if all you do is ask more questions without ever answering them, the audience is going to get overwhelmed, not understand what’s going on, and eventually just give up.

I think Gearbox really needs to sit down and decide how they want to close off some of the many, many loose ends we still have in the series. Borderlands 3 is supposed to be all about the siren lore, but do we know more than we did from Borderlands 2? We know that sirens can just choose who to give their powers to when they die, but that’s more of a retcon than new information, a lateral movement of you will. Does anyone know what the deal is with Elpis? Or how Lilith expanded her power the point that she can fly through space? And how OP can we make the sirens before we start to wonder why all these generic soldiers and underpowered rookies are doing all the Vault Hunting?

I think 5 games into the series, we need to start getting some answers, and some of those answers need to be made permanent and not allowed to change with every game. Give us a direction. There can be forks in the road of course. That’s what makes things interesting. But I think the audience that’s into the story would be happier if they felt they were more rewarded for paying attention.

EDIT: Oh wow I wrote a lot. Uh tl:dr, I agree with some of OPs points but not their solution. Then I just sort of went on a long screed.


It’s a nice idea, but end of the day, it still carries too much onus on putting in tiny fixes where the issues themselves are glaring holes.

Spoilers aside here, the character deaths are pushed recklessly past the point of believably, there’s no believable actions taken by the relevant NPCs throughout and the part of the Player is rendered entirely moot at the end of everything. And Tyreen and Troy are quite frankly the worst main villains we’ve had in Borderlands, their storyline potential wasted entirely. I get following up Handsome Jack was a tall order, but the route they went with was just annoying rather than threatening on any level.

Even if the DLCs do some clean up, its still not going to fix the main story nor will it be any cold comfort to anyone who only sticks to the base game. Bloating the storyline missions further to try and delay the damage of the actual issues doesn’t help them in the end, it just turns into more padding trying to soften a blow that comes regardless, and the ending facts stay the same.

I enjoy the game, I really do, but the contained story of the Handsome Jackpot DLC was head and shoulders above the writing of the entire main game. That’s not a great precedent to set, even if all the rest of the DLC follow suit. Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep is a fantastic DLC, but people don’t love BL2 solely because of it.


Should be available for many characters.

Neat idea, but not sure if there’s enough room in the story to rescue the most despised character, Ava. It might take an entire DLC to save her from the ire of many. And even then the story would have to be hidden in the DLC, because if people got wind that she was the focus of it, they would skip it.

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