Suggestion: Tank characters should be rewarded bonus points for taking the most amount of damage

If you’re a tank character, or have some sort of shield, then you should be given bonus points having the most amount of damage taken. It makes sense that they soak up as much damage as possible, and should be rewarded as such. Otherwise, they go unappreciated - to a small extent - when it comes to scoring.


Scoring is undergoing a revamp and will be released in a future patch. No idea what changes are being made but points will be based on more than kills and assists.

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I’m glad to hear that. Healers, tanks and people that shore up team defences with buildables and minions need love too.

I don’t know if the score ads to the credits or exp that you get, but if its just for the sake of feeling useful you just have to look at the damage taken part, if you won there without a much higher death count than your teammates, you have likely made a good job.

I also feel as if assists should be given as well for soaking up so much damage in a firefight as a tank. Sometimes you’re just being the giant (possibly low-health) target soaking that damage(via shield) while your friend bursts them down.

By all means, I don’t mean give me experience for getting nicked by a stray bullet right before an opponent dies, but if I’m making the opponent really focus on me, and perhaps I don’t have the spare health to go on the offensive, but my team mate kills him after I block or survive x amount of damage, I would love a tiny bit of exp.

Score affects who wins the game if there is a tie, and there actually are ties quite often, especially in Inqursion, I feel. That’s why it really needs to more accurately portray how well a team did.