Suggestion to improve Advanced Mode loot drops

I know a lot of people have posted complaining about Advanced mode story loot, but not many suggestions get mentioned

Idea: Improve all loot drops in Advanced mode by one tier.

How this would work: Change the loot tables so that each item (except legendary drops) is increased in rarity by one tier. Instead of finding white tier items, you find green tier items. Instead of finding blue tier items, you find purple tier items.

This means no more junk white-tier items at all in Advanced mode, since they’d all become green tier. Purple drops now change to legendary drops, which makes it a bit less tedious of a grind. Everything would feel more worthwhile.

Frankly, because of the speed I can solo normal maps compared to advanced maps, I end up getting more legendaries just from normal.

I’m not sure how this would tie in with Hardcore, because nothing explains how exactly Hardcore (or advanced) actually changes the game. If Hardcore just has better drop rates or higher rarity chance, then this system would still work fine.

If you’re going to make us grind for legendaries, at least help us get something as we go, to give us some sense of progress.


I agree with this completely. Me and three other people completed advanced heliophage with gold medal rating. I got two white gear pieces, and a green piece. Seriously this took about an hour for us to complete, and the reward was terrible. We got nothing even remotely good or usable. I could have opened a common loot pack or two and gotten the same gear.
A white shard generating gear, a white sprint speed gear, and.a green sprint speed gear.

I second this motion.

Seems reasonable. I suspect what most people mean when they say the loot sucks translates to “why aren’t there more legendaries” since nothing else is especially important, but this would help with that…maybe a bit too much.

I love collecting me some legendaries don’t get me wrong but the epics are in that sweet spot of cost/usability. I have a +140 shield +4.20% skill damage -21% reload speed I use on thorn/Orendi that only costs 750 shards. It’s way more cost efficient

I agree. It really bothers me that i get common gear in advanced missions. It really feels like theres is little difference in drop rates between normal and advanced.

The only issue I see is that I get purple a lot, so decrease the drop rate for that a little bit, then tier it up a level. Otherwise I’d be swimming in legendaries, and it’s confusing enough with all the character ones :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t like this at all. I prefer playing Advanced, but I also prefer common loot over legendary loot… Most of my Loadouts have two commons and then one higher cost item. I’m still looking for a good common or uncommon shard generator!

Loot drops should be improved on higher rarity items, but I’d still like my low rarity items. And while I’m a high CR and will probably at some point have The Perfect Loot I happen to need, I can’t be the only one who likes playing Advanced and still likes low cost gear :slight_smile:

Just buy common loot packs then. They are super cheap, you should be getting enough credits from a single match to buy one common loot pack. Also I suggest trying to find green or blues that have a negative that don’t affect the character you intend to use it on. Any piece of gear that has a negative affect is cheaper to activate. For example I have 2 greens and a blue that are extremely beneficial for Thorn, and all of them have a decrease in max shield strength. Because of this I can activate all of them for about 1100 shards total, which is very little. I usually have all my gear active by the 2 minute mark in a match. With all of them active I gain a total of 800 max health, attack damage increase by about 9%, and skill damage increase by about 8%.
Say you use a character without a gun. Anything that decreases reload speed is beneficial. Some characters are not affected by the attack speed stat, so anything that decreases that on one of those characters is also beneficial.
I don’t remember ever seeing a white piece with anything more than one stat increase, but most greens and blues I see increase two different things.

Commons only have one bonus, but you can get their bonus two seconds in the game. All rarities have a set amount of bonuses, and what those bonuses can be.
0 cost Shard Generators are pretty great. 0 cost build cost items are also good. Overall I like thems the best. I don’t really like greens because of their situational activation req. (Some are good, some… not) And blues can already cost quite a lot.

And I use all my credits on Faction Packs - I do get commons from them but they have a chance to drop any rarity, most of the time I actually get greens or blues. I guess I could go for common loot packs but it’s boring to spend time buying packs when I could just be playing and see what I get from that.


You could always make it so it actually caps out on Epic instead, if it turned out to provide too many legendaries. Frankly, I run 10 missions and I’m lucky to get ONE epic, let alone legendaries, so it’s all down to RNGesus sadly. If it capped out at Epic, it means all blue drops become epic, but all normal epic drops stay epic and legendary drop chance remains as it is.


I respect your opinions mate, but I think in this case the majority of the player base wants different. You’re honestly the first person I’ve encountered who wants commons from advanced mode. Common loot packs are as cheap as dirt, and you get other low-tier loot from the faction packs too, which is all from that set faction and thus has more frequent types of loot (like most LLC loot will give shield bonuses, build cost bonuses or shards per second). Plus, normal mode is so much faster to run through after you’ve gotten used to advanced, so speed runs for white gear are more than acceptable.

If all of the gear steps up one tier, it means more credits for those of us who don’t want to settle for low level gear, so even if we don’t get epic or legendary stuff we can at least build up enough credits to buy high tier packs a bit faster.

Yeah, I understand :stuck_out_tongue:

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