Suggestion To Make Meltdown Finale More Competitive

So I’ve taken some time to let Meltdown: Finale sink in and…I don’t like it. What used to feel like the alternative Competitive tier mode to me now feels way too short and it’s much harder to level up your character. If we’re going to keep using it in the future, I have a suggestion for how to make it more competitive.

One of the reasons the devs said they implemented the new version of the mode was because a Meltdown match could be won by a single stray minion jumping into the grinder unopposed. But having played Meltdown: Finale, I’ve noticed that about 75% of the matches I’ve won end with me escorting a Super Minion to the grinder in a completely unopposed lane. Furthermore, since Meltdown goes so much faster, everyone is at a lower level than they used to be by the end, making it a lot harder to take down two Super Minions. I think that the first round, where the Super Minion runs unopposed, should be nixed. Instead, give both teams a Super Minion wave from the start, with the strength of the minion based on the advantage earned in the first stage. If the minions meet each other in the lane by themselves, the one with the advantage will win, but still have taken a bit of damage. This will make it a bit easier for the disadvantaged team to clear the Super Minion from both lanes, but they’ll still have to coordinate a bit better to do it. From there, the minions would gain strength each round proportional to their advantages until the game ends, making them harder and harder to kill.

Alternatively, we could switch up the way the advantage works. Maybe the winning team can get a Shepard wave along with the Super Minion to help escort the bot, rather than just running unopposed by itself.

Either way, I think the unopposed Minion round needs to be cut, it’s really the thing that I feel is ruining what made Meltdown fun to play.



I like your thoughts and as such, and linking (some) devs.
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Could you let us know what of above is intentional and what could be changed? I find Meltdown: Finale the most unplayed mode right now.


I absolutely agree. There shouldn’t be an unopposed wave, both teams should have two Ultra bots from the very start.

Also, what’s with the random occurance of two Ultra bots spawning on the same lane (giving their team a total of 3 Ultra bots that wave)? Is this intended?

EDIT: I’d also quite like to see the Ultra bots do significantly less damage. A lone player should be able to kill an Ultra bot in a 1v1 and push their bot to victory, to punish enemies for ignoring a lane

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This, or return to normal Meltdown. If we didn’t have the current mm maybe


Honestly I would be happy with it if they reverted some of the gained EXP changes and put the count to 500 again

Isn’t the pint of meltdown to guide minions in?

So when a single minions gets in and wins you the game, you’ve kinda completed the objective of the game.

That’s like saying “we didn’t like the objective of the game being the objective of the game, so we changed it to be a different objective.”

And they then changed the objective to be the objective they didn’t like. “We didn’t like a single minion deciding the winner of the game so we made a single minion decide the winner of the game”


I’m on-board about the exp changes.

They should be reverted. As it stands, it puts a lot of pressure on a player to go with early-game power houses and less so, on the more late game reliant BattleBorn. Stifling competitive variety.

Wait, wouldn’t the EXP changes make late gamers better

I think the idea with the xp buff was to make levelling up go faster so you weren’t stuck with a bunch of level 3 and 4’s trying to take down two unopposed Super Minions. It’s not really working in my opinion.


My suggestion is to go back to Classic. There was nothing wrong with it. I was in full support of Finale, but in practice it just didn’t pan out. Instead of mulling over it for months and making slight changes I’d prefer to have the old mode back.

If the losing team can get over the initial hump of the finale the game turns into something really fun. However, it doesn’t happen frequently enough and the end is more abrupt and anticlimactic than the classic mode.


I would say either go back to Meltdown classic (pre-bot buff) or make finale more fun while fair…

Imo Meltdown finale should be so that the losing team gets the ultra bots, the more advantage the winning team has, the more beefy and stronger are the ultra bots ( as it is currently right now). If the winning teams manages to stop both ultra bots they win, if not the game goes to sudden death ( or phase 2) were both teams begin spawning ultra bots in both lanes starting at level 0 (and as currently, each consequent ultra bot spawned is one lo higher)

Whichever team that manages to score BOTH lanes ultra bots first wins.

When an ultra bot scores for a team (sudden death/phase 2) that lane stops sending ultra bots and instead returns to spawn the normal bot waves with a shepherd bot, the catch being that the enemy (the team which didn’t score an ultra both in that lane first) ultra bots will now start spawning only at level 0 in that lane, giving a chance to that team to still score their ultra bot in that lane ( the wining team “normal bots wave” are just there to slow down the level 0 ultra bot).

If both teams manage to score their ultra bots in the same lane, then that lane stops spawning any kind of bots (shuts down), making both teams players focus on the lane in which ultra bots keep spawning, making the rest of the game really intense! If the time runs out in this situation, the team which had the advantage when the Meltdown Finale started wins.

Let me now what you think! :hugs:

Do this and raise the score to 400 or 500 like back in the day and we good

I wholeheartedly endorse this product and/or service!

Alternatively, we could go back to the classic mode, but the losing team gets a boost at intervals (say 50% and 75% of score) either with more frequent minion waves or tougher minions. My only complaint with Classic Meltdown was that once you got more than 100 points behind, there was no coming back short of a 2-player dc on the other side. That left the losing team either playing out 10 minutes of a futile match or surrendering. As someone who has a deep-seated opposition to surrender, that’s frustrating. (And before you say “surrender is a perfectly viable option”, let me say I know and accept this, but if you have a game mode that routinely ends in a surrender, it’s unbalanced and therefore not enjoyable.)

I have tried to love this mode I really really have but unfortunately its just lacking.

I like the idea of bringing a central focus and definitive finale but I do think that 300 is too low of a count and the unopposed wave just wastes time 90% of the time.
It literally voids certain late game characters.

Your suggestion just sounds a little bit too complex for me. Things need to be fair, but simple enough for the casual fan to understand. I think focusing on Super Minions at the end is simple, and each team having a Super Minion from the first wave of Finale is more fair.

I just want Meltdow to go back to the default competitive mode we all love! (On competitive PC).

My suggestion is just to make Meltdown Finale full of action but fair for both teams. A team that stomps will win anyway but now IMO my suggested change gives good fair chances for comeback to the team at disadvantage without taking the advantage to the other team. I know it sounds complicated but that’s how good competitive games are, were players with the knowledge and skill are the ones with moe chances tu succeed with the objective (See dota, LoL or any other competitive game, they are not too simple).

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