Suggestion: use lives for defense objectives

It kind of sucks that having a defense objective get destroyed forces you to restart the mission, even while you have plenty of extra lives to spare.

You should try to use the extra lives to give extra chances to complete defense objectives. Like maybe it should have a big announcement about how the defense has been too damaged and consumed x number of lives to restore x% of health. Or maybe it could force respawn everyone using that many lives but restarting the section at a higher level. Either way, getting used to a level would help if didnt need to restart the whole thing just to figure out the ending.


Not a bad idea but it would make it too easy.

Depends on how it’s used.

The extra life could only be worth 10% of the max HP.

Or it could just restart the wave with 50% HP.

Or a bunch of other possible solutions.

I’ve heard this idea a bunch of times now and for some reason it never resonated with me. It’s a solution to unfortunate losses, sure, but it doesn’t feel right to me.

I’d propose that the game could utilize checkpoints, rather, and if you lose the objective then it would restart you at the previous checkpoint. (or they could make it tougher and re-spawn you with everything that you picked up previously and same amount of lives, etc to make it a bit more challenging). There’s a lot more refinement that could be done on my take on it, but yea, that’s how I feel.