Suggestion: User Interface Improvements [v1.2.1]

  1. Minimalist Research/Upgrades UI.
  2. All Research/Production Queues should be visible at all times (requires Gaalsien Production Cruiser improvements, from this previous thread):
  1. Relocated Sensors Manager, Tactical and Idle Salvager Icons (intrusive, cause mis-clicks).
  2. Color Coded Units List (HW2/Remastered).
  3. Event Notification Size and Opacity Reductions.
  4. Simple Hexagonal Icons, and Build Queue Graphical Improvements (that part of the display looks rather dull, as does the research list).

Old preliminary/draft version for reference (hexagonal icons without opacity masking).

Slightly refined version (not complete, example), would require rework of other UI sections/icons.

Another work in progress, although I’ll probably never complete it (needs fixes, and 3d/glass effect).

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