Suggestion - Vending machines

Hi guys,

I would like to suggest a minor modification of the vending machine system. I propose a revision on the system to works just like in the Pre-sequel games, where you just mark your favorites and everything else is crap, this will help a lot.




I have also been making this suggestion where I can. “Sell all junk” and “sell all non-favorites” could exist alongside each other, and everyone is happy.
There is a point when money becomes useless anyway, but until then, I think this’d be a great QoL improvement. (And money shouldn’t be useless. TPS sometimes had expensive legendaries in vendors which you might want, for instance, but that’s another topic.)

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I’m also a big fan of how TPS handled vending machines. The “sell all non-favorites” option might be added someday to work alongside the current “junk” option, but sadly I doubt that buying occasional legendaries from the machines will become part of BL3 - the devs would have to bump up the price of every legendary in the game, judging by how much they cost during that temporary event.