Suggestion - Vision Towers

Edit: To clarify. I say Pendles; I mean stealth in general.

So I’ve been thinking about the recent hubbub with Pendles, and I’ve thought of something (ie stole it shamelessly) in the spirit of Battleborn.

Why not have purchasable vision towers scattered around the map for each team? The towers would work as buildings, so they’d be immobile and upgradable, but also destructible. When purchased, they would make it so that any invisible unit within its effect radius would become visible in some way, whether it’s that they’re outlined or that their stealth doesn’t work while in the area.

This would give players at least some way to try and keep track of invisible champs without completely invalidating the battleborn with stealth reveal helixes, and would change up the approach for assassins so that going invis and then sneaking around isn’t always a guaranteed success. However, on the flip side, it wouldn’t be the end of the world for poor Pendles either. The towers only have an effective range and don’t move, so you’d still have free range to move about as long as you paid attention to where you were and what was covered.


Not a bad idea but… It kinda seems unfair.
Pendles relies on his stealth. Just like Miko does on his healing, and Boldur on his shield, and… Well, every char kinda relies on something. To have buildables to just counter the one thing Pendles relies on seems unfair. I mean, should there be buildables that decrease healing done just to counter Miko?
I don’t think there should be buildables that are there just to counter one char.

Well, there’s already a few topics on upgrading buildables to have detection at level 3. I’d prefer for just stingers to have it. I think buildables should definitely play a role though.

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I have to agree with @deemsss123, having a buildable just to counter Pendles is unfair. If you’re having trouble countering him, be sure to pick a hero that has a reveal helix, such as Orendi, Ambra or Toby.

I’d prefer if only Thumpers would have them. ;p I mean, it seems pretty weird that a stinger can track your when you are in the middle of a team fight in Paradise for example. Thumper turrets just suffer way too much from Pendles being around. They should be able to detect a sneaky snek.

Well, I feel like they’re already so strong while Stingers are the weakest.

Yeah I get what you mean. But if you play Pendles, thumpers aren’t strong. They are jokes. Even the tier 3 ones. Just circle around them, without getting hit at all, and when someone finally arrives to kick yar ass, smoke bomb and POOF gone. And 9/10 times your in time to kill the thumper… But if you’d let stringers be able to shoot a stealth char, it again gives a slight unfair advantage because then you are always able to see where Pendles is when he is near one.

Sorry; I’m thinking of this to counter stealth in general. Not just Pendles, although he’s definitely the one who sparked the thought exercise.

I can see where you’re coming from on trying to counter a particular character; my main idea with making it a destructible object is that it’s a counter to the character, but the the character can in turn deal with. I also toyed around with the idea of having it so that stealth detection is a side effect of the tower; maybe a level 3 bonus. One version I had in mind a while back outlined ALL enemies in the radius, regardless of line of sight. Imagine playing Paradise, with all it’s small nooks and hidey holes. Imagine being able to see somebody hiding behind a wall, ready to blow you up as soon as you try switching lanes. I’d love to have that kind of objective; having it so that it keeps an Oscar Mike from sneaking back to our creep spawn would be a bonus.

There is the choice of picking a character counter, but since it’s all blind pick there’s no guarantee of that. When we’re doing team comp, we have no idea if we’ll need to deal with a Diande or a Pendles. At that point it turns into somebody needs to pick up Tobi/WF/etc every match or you’re willingly hurting yourself because you can’t know. I literally just swore of League of Legends last week, largely in part to a lot of that kind of mentality. Would rather not go back to it.

I like the idea of making it a bonus on another object, though.

Well, having it on stingers would counter all stealthers. On Thumpers, it would be just to counter Pendles. Which would then substantiate above’s concerns of only countering him.

You would need to have a tower that neutralised all special abilities, so bringing characters back to base health/attack.

But I can still see issues there, as certain characters are more dependant on abilities to be affective than others.

Seems pointless to target on cloaked characters which are only 4 if Im not mistaken…Deande , OM , Pendles , and S&A

Towers shouldn’t reveal stealth characters. We already have several Battleborn that can reveal, and they can do a pretty damn good job at it. Marquis rank 12 helix mutation allows the owls to reveal characters (in a huge radius). Orendi also has the ability at rank 1 level 1. Every time you activate Shadow Pillar. It’s also a pretty large radius. Whiskey’s scrap cannon reveals on impact at level 2.

If you’re truly afraid of Pendles, just play alongside or as these characters.