Suggestion while the world is shut down

Just a thought… Since the whole world is shut down do to a Pandemic can you release the New DLC this week?

Would be epic and get you free press as I’m sure the news networks would pick up the story.

Just sayin’


I wish!

Or another lootgasmic explosion like the one we had in January (not the chests).


You’re not the only one to suggest this.

Consider though, if it was released early and any unforseen bugs popped up, Gearbox may be WFH (not everyone is, I’ve got 0 chance of WFH) and there’s no guarantee the devs have home machines able to work on the game, so you may end up with game breaking bugs for at least the WFH shutdown time.


and that I wouldn’t like. Hopefully Gearbox take their time and stay safe. I don’t see why they’re people want it out so fast.

Hopefully we all can have some patience

Nice try, OP!

Unfortunately for me, when I “work from home”, I actually “work” from home :frowning:


Just makes sense to go ahead and release it early, with all the stuff happening, it would give people that own the game something to do… Other than go out and contract the plague thats running around.

Dressing for the occasion!


Yeah… Why try and make sure the bugs are worked out? Just throw it out there.

World around here hasn’t shut down. It’s mostly been business as usual outside of things like sporting events and concerts being cancelled.


They could however create a " toilet paper launcher" and send it out as a free gift? Would stay true to the BL 3 turd jokes, and poke a little fun at the hoarding situation going on :stuck_out_tongue:

2 weapon choices… couple ideas?

  • cryo version of Firesale xxl; shoots a continuous stream of tp, entangling and slows enemies. When thrown; mirvs into rolls that are strewn accross the battlefield. Same effect^
  • Torgue rocket launcher (because: WHAT THE SH*T!) launches rolls that explode on impact or litter the battlefield in a cryo puddle (strip?) ; or fires like the “Blister” but launches explosive roll-end projectiles on reload

I’m just trying to hold off getting corona till dlc releases so I can get the most out of a 14 day quarantine

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Even if I get quarantined, I’ll still have to work unless I’m physically unable to (in which case I wouldn’t be able to play either) :frowning:

this wohan crap is really making a mess out of all this.

Technically, you’d only need to have been in personal contact with someone who tested positive in order to go into quarantine. Which would definitely be preferable to actually testing positive yourself, since you don’t want to find out the hard way you have a susceptibility to a more severe case of Covid-19.

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I’m sorry, but this notion is pretty funny. This is us:

complain about bugs complain about bugs complain about bugs complain about bugs complain about bugs RELEASE THIS NEW THING NAOW I DON’T CARE AB0UT complain about bugs complain about bugs …

…If anything, it’s more reasonable to expect a delay. It’s harder for some folks to telework than others, and our network infrastructure is being tested. Patience, grasshopper…


I been wondering what makes those kind of people think something should come out early at a risk of GBX risking their lives to push that out? If they have this game they can work at home then I still value GBX health than non-patient people that want things.

Note to other people: They’re other games than this game if you burnt out wanting something new. Take a break, watch anime, or something. Just stay safe and wash those hands frequently.


Oh I’m in car sales so if I’m not meeting customers I’m at home playing xbox. I got HEAPS of sick leave accumulated too so apart from losing the commission part of my pay, I’m still getting my weekly and I can theoretically ride this out for around 4 months before hitting up savings.

Vault hunter 101 good point, hopefully my work has a customer visit with corona and we go on quarantine on the 26th lol.

Hey, I’m in car sales to, kinda. IT admin for a handful of luxury dealerships. Staying away from the public isn’t really an option, lol.

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Between sick leave and my accumulated paid time off I don’t need to worry about changing anything financially for a fair amount of time if it blows up around here. If they go into this whole mandatory quarantine thing they’ve apparently started in a few states I don’t have to worry so much about that either because I work in a field that is on their exemption list lol

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