Suggestions and Bugs Megathread

So I have been playing the game since launch and decided to compile a list of bugs, fixes and improvements, it is quite large so apologies for that. It is not that I do not like the game as is, I actually really like it but some features listed below would make it even better. Probably almost nothing on this list will ever see the light of day but at least it will be out there for all to see. Some of the things mentioned here may have already been discussed or even fixed, I have come up with this list all by myself simply by playing the game and other games with features that could work here.


  1. Sanctuary Room Customization

Add more places to place decorations, also change the way the room looks based on what Quests have been completed by the Player. This is currently an incomplete list of rewards based on Side Quests but so far we have.

  • Completing the Side Mission Golden Calves will reward a Golden Vaughn Statue in the Sanctuary Players Room
  • Completing the Side Mission Head Case will reward the Head in the Jar in the Sanctuary Players Room
  • Completing the Side Mission Rise and Grind will reward a Coffee Travel Mug in the Sanctuary Players Room
  • Completing the Side Mission Proof of Wife will reward the Bandit Mask in the Sanctuary Players Room
  • Completing the Side Mission Witch’s Brew rewards Pippie appearing on Sanctuary
  • Each Boss defeated could reward a small Amibo like statue on one of the shelf sections, larger statues for the raid bosses defeated
  1. Planets
  • Arctic Planet / area on a Planet
  • Heavy volcanic planet, lava flows, geysers like in BL2 that send you flying in the air
  • Grasslands type planet, lots of open grassy fields, flowers, possibly farmlands & crops
  • Possibly introduce a TPS style Planet / Moon where we need an Oz kit to be able to move around, possibly equippable in another Character slot or as a replacement for a shield for just those planets.
  1. Higher Tier Gear

Higher Tier than Legendary Gear, probably named Pearlescent Tier, significantly lower droprate than Legendary Gear but worth the grind.

  1. Bank Space

I am aware Bank Space is already being looked at and will be more than doubled when the Takedown at Maliwan’s Blacksite free content update arrives on 21st November. The Bank Space should not be shared between Characters, items should instead be mailed between Characters.

  1. Possible Storage Workaround

On the other side of the Bank Space issue an idea that could solve the storage issue. When looting Gear have a third option to Digi-Scan the item in order to store it in a database much like Ellie’s Catch-A-Ride system. When you want to equip the item in the future you can go to a machine on Sanctuary, possibly in the hallway near Lost Loot or in the Players room, and Digi-Struct (3D Print) a copy of it with identical stats. This could also utilize the weapon parts function by being able to swap out parts based on what gear you had scanned and the various parts that give different stat bonuses.

  1. More Vending Machines

More Vending Machines in locations in which you travel for some distance with no place but the start to sell gear. This is now being looked at as of the 24/10/19 Update.

  1. More SDU’s

Not sure how many SDU’s there are for each level / rarity color but there should be 3 levels of Legendary and 3 levels of Pearlescent SDU for each category.

  • As of the 21/10/19 Update several new Bank SDU’s are now available but every other type of SDU is as was at game launch
  1. New Permadeath Mode

When making a new Character, should be an option for Borderlands Classic or Borderlands Permadeath. Permadeath would be no different to normal except when your Character dies you cannot respawn.

  1. Moxxi’s Casino

A Moxxi’s Casino area as opposed to her usual Bars, could have various male & female (and mechanical) NPC’s dancing / singing on stage / around poles. Up to 4 Player Casino games with Borderlands themes of course.

  1. Money Sink idea

Binding of Isaac Rebirth has a machine you feed coins to over numerous playthroughs (persists through death, although Borderlands has no Permadeath feature) and at certain amounts it unlocks new items & achievements etc.

Possibly have something similar on Sanctuary, a Side Mission to investigate Project eQuiinox in which lets just say for arguments sake Maliwan is researching new tech. Your mission is to steal their research and tech to prevent it being used for malicious gains. The machine is then on Sanctuary much like the Mayhem slots, the more money you feed it, the more items it gives.

Items are exclusive to that machine and cannot be obtained elsewhere, there is no UI or information that suggests how much you need to put in (the Youtubers will work that much out) it just simply sits there eating your money. Examples of unlockables and tiers are below.


  • Weapon Skins
  • Weapon Trinkets
  • Weapons of varying qualities, better quality the higher tier you are at
  • Class Mods (Only gives Mods based on what Character you are currently using)
  • Character Skins
  • Room Decorations
  • Golden Keys


  • $100,000
  • $250,000
  • $500,000
  • $1,000,000
  • $2,500,000
  • $5,000,000
  • $10,000,000
  • $15,000,000
  • $20,000.000
  • $25,000,000
  • $99,999,999+
  1. Moxxi’s Bar Jukebox

Simply adding a Jukebox that will change the music played in Moxxi’s Bar on Sanctuary & Lectra City. Different / New music could be unlocked by progressing far enough into Story Missions or by completing Side Missions.

  1. Initial startup 2K & Gearbox Logo screens need to be reduced in volume by 50%

                                             CREW CHALLENGES

  1. Crew Challenges should reset when starting or resetting TVHM / UVHM, the rewards for these should therefore also be reset for TVHM / UVHM.

  2. Collected Typhon Logs should be listed in the order in which Typhon records them which would in turn group each areas logs together in a logical way as opposed to being in the order you found them.

  3. Collected ECHO logs should be either in a logical order or they should be organisable either by Planet, area or possibly alphabetically as opposed to being in the order you found them.

  4. ECHO logs should count towards area completion, in this case map completion should cap at 105%, total galaxy completion would also then be 105%.

  5. [BUG] Eridian Shards and Writings should not be breakable or readable in TVHM / UVHM until progressed to that point in the story.

  6. [BUG] When entering an area, previously completed Crimson Radio Antenna revert to playing COV Propaganda as opposed to Crimson Raiders Propaganda.

  7. Lack of indication regarding vehicle parts in Sanctuary’s cargo bay that you have/have not got. Add in a way of illuminating the parts that have been collected either with neon lighting or illuminated text sign displaying the name of each of the parts.

                                              VAULT HUNTERS

  1. [FL4K] Broodie and the other 2 pets constantly wander in front of the player hindering sight when viewing dropped loot, opening chests or trying to view interactables. Make them unable to wander in front of the Player, add Pet Commands for Stay, Attack Target, Follow.

  2. FL4K’s pets make far too much background noise when in a menu or standing still, frequency of pet noises should be reduced by at least 75%, also discussed here in community forums.

  3. Character Ilvl should be shown somewhere, presumably similar to WoW your Character Ilvl is an average of all your equipped items put together, max Ilvl would be approximately 615 or something.


  1. Number of enemies in an area to kill sometimes overwhelming, in some cases several pyro or icebreaker heavies. In TVHM / UVHM and also Co-Op this is further highlighted with multiple Anointed enemies being present

  2. [BUG] Rakk and Mother of Grogans Grogans tend to get stuck against walls and no longer move

  • As of the 21/10/19 Update Rakk will no longer get stuck on enviroment geometry in specifically the Circle of Slaughter, everywhere else the issue remains.
  1. [Community Suggestion] Loot Tinks should have a Map Icon and Alert sound type of notification


  1. Early game loot on NVHM being between 2 - 6 levels lower than player and/or enemies, presumably it is hard to accompany everyone and all modes but having done all side quests in the first playthrough I always felt overlevelled with underlevelled guns

  2. Lack of Borderlands VIP activity, rewards etc. Regularly add more redeemable rewards, keep up the consistent vault codes for X points, add seasonal VIP only redeemable rewards.

Side note, add a VIP area that only allows a character to enter if their SHiFT account is linked with their VIP account and have it be an awesome hang out area, possibly allow it to be MMO where potentially 100+ VIP members could be in the area at a time hanging out at Moxxis bar playing slots, trading items etc

  1. Mailbox. Why not add in a physical mailbox aboard the Sanctuary ship with say pidgeon holes for each of the important crew members (which obviously would probably never check it) and the Player.

At least have a notification at the title screen that says either you have mail go here to check it or some notification on first time playing to let you know where to find it.

  1. [BUG] Resetting bosses by quitting to main menu does not reset the chests inside the vaults

  2. More Heavy ammo in ammo chests, there is a distinct lack of it and it would make heavies more viable than they are now. Having purchased all SDU available they are somewhat viable but not for extended periods.

  3. The map transition spinning vault symbol looks like it was ripped straight from a PS1 game, should be replaced with a HD version (it is 2019 isn’t it?)

  4. Golden Chest in Sanctuary is in my experience actually the best source for weapons while levelling up as mentioned earlier, weapons are always underlevelled in first playthrough.
    Therefore more Shift Keys that have longer expiry times should be given out or perhaps the same frequency but for more keys as opposed to just 1 key per code

  5. The noise of vehicles, voices, gunshots etc are incredibly loud between Buff’s Bluff and The Sin-A-Plex in Devils Razor and needs to be reduced by at least 50%

  6. NPC voices are often very quiet especially when not facing them even if you are right next to them, they should also speak via ECHO from a much shorter distance than they do.
    Reduce distance to NPC ECHO Communication by at least 50%

  • As of the 21/10/19 Update Gearbox have addressed an issue where sometimes audio could become muffled, hopefully this issue is therefore fixed.
  1. Many of the Weapon Trinkets are relatively insignificant and disappear on most weapons. The best ones are the ones that glow yet there are almost none of these, Legendaries also feel very underwhelming, often flat trinkets are hanging at an angle you cannot even see.

  2. Vehicles Health in TVHM / UVHM gets absolutely shredded, need to either reduce damage taken or increase health by at least 100%, also discussed here in community forums.

  3. [BUG] The Dip Stick Sanctuary Room Decoration disappears into the wall on the left hand side slightly and needs to be rendered in front of the wall panel not behind.

  4. [PERFORMANCE ISSUE] Inventory lag, this initially was not an issue for me the entire way through the story for the first time but the more I have played the more noticeable it is. I find that switching between the screens is laggy, opening the Inventory screen is laggy, if anything either it has become more noticeable or the lag has become worse over time, possibly due to more inventory held on character, more SDU being purchased, Guardian Ranks being increased. Something must be causing it, it has been mentioned also by the other community users in various thread I noticed but I never really had a problem with it at the time and I know this is already being looked into by Gearbox but it is at least noteworthy.

  • As of the 21/10/19 Update the first massive performance fix has been rolled out which should improve UI and Menu lag etc.
  1. The location ‘Titan’s Gate’ found at Meridian Metroplex can be driven into with a Cyclone, presumably this is unintentional as other similar locations have blockers that stop vehicles

  2. A pillar behind a sofa that is part of the building opposite the COV Radio is untextured and has the generic prefab chequered texture applied. A few of the buildings in this immdiate area also have some untextured finishes

  3. Level 49 items should not show up when at maximum level in TVHM / UVHM

  4. Unable to mark items as Junk/Favorite as of 24/10/19 patch


  1. [BUG] During the Side Quest Porta Prison, when destroying the Bandit Technical you are instructed to loot the weapon but there is no indication as to where to go to do so

  2. When picking up Side Quests, the Quest Tracking feature doesn’t automatically track the new Quest, it should do

  3. [ANIMATION BUG] When starting the Side Quest Sheega’s All That, Tiny Tina’s left eye flicks off to the left occasionally, it is kinda creepy…

  4. [BUG] When entering the distillery during the Side Quest Holy Spirits the bottle marked XXX next to the first Broodmother on the left path is unbreakable

  5. [BUG] During the mission Beneath the Meridian, when entering a small building near the quest marker to enter Apollyon Station in Neon Arterial, Maya will stand just near enough the doorway that it becomes impossible to pass her locking the player inside, you can fast travel out and Maya will run away to fight the enemies that inevitably respawn after 10-15 mins or so.
    Recorded + reported via Bug Reporting

  6. [BUG] During the mission Beneath the Meridian, Maya attempts to Phaselock an enemy that are about to or have just been killed resulting in an infinite Phaselock bubble floating in the air. Maya Phaselocking other enemies will not remove the infinite Phaselock bubble and fast travelling also does not remove the Phaselock bubble, migrating to a new location and back removes them / resets the area.Maya%20Bug%202

  7. When having to collect Mission Items in multiple quantities they have to be picked up individually, should be able to hold the pickup button to pick all Mission Items up at once in an immediate area

                                         TROPHIES / ACHIEVEMENTS

  1. Collect all ECHO logs


  1. [Community Suggestion] Vertical Split-Screen option, UI on split-screen also to be adjusted to fit correctly

                                         BLOODY HARVEST EVENT

  1. Remove requirement to re-harvest Hecktoplasm in order to re enter The Heck Hole

  2. Make Captain Haunt farmable (quitting to main menu after killing Haunt and respawning above Haunt’s boss arena

Some of my other helpful threads

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Mayhem mode. Mayhem modificators changes when you enters new location, its inconvenient to check map tab every time. Maybe add some visual indication? Not so crappy drawn as in example.

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That looks like a cool way of displaying the Modifiers, I think it was mentioned here near the bottom of the post about Mayhem upcoming UI changes and Mayhem 2.0 etc.

Hopefully they do add something like that so you are not having to constantly go into Map to see them.

Good job. I really hope this thread will become big and gearbox will notice it

Could you also put a section for co-op play please? All the performance issues are double as much worse. Plus there are also lots of people who want play vertical splitscreen

Horizontal/Vertical Splitscreen?:

Edit: I am quite new to forums, and this my first time sending a link :sweat_smile:if you were wondering

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