[Suggestions] Borderlands 3

Hey just a few suggestions for the next title -

  1. Better loot system with instanced loot with the goal to make you addicted to loot hunting.
  2. A true open world game with no instanced level restriction for maps and enemies (Some combination of Far cry 4 , Skyrim , AC:Unity etc…)
  3. Improved Netcode ( I am crazy on co-op games and its probebly the only game in which i had minor lags which ruin it for you if you want to use a sniper for example )
  4. A more interesting progression with upgraded version of the skill tree and different unique ways of getting progression gear wise all around the open world ( special missions , bosses , rare events, challanges etc… )

Things that needs to be REMOVED

  1. NG+ ( not needed with a true open world that is the endgame as a whole )
  2. Enemy and player levels ( more difficult but not tagged as lvl 1 to 70 etc )
    3)Item level removed ( different weapons and not tagged by levle 1 to 70 etc )
  3. Instanced maps ( a full open world like Far cry for example )

I am sure there are many other ideas and improvments to consider.
Overal i didnt like having to go on that linear path in BL2 and having to redo it all 3 times to get to the “endgame” and seeing the same items on different level range and i think that taking some of the ideas from new open world games like FC4, AC:Unity and others will make the game alot more immersive and fun.

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I agree on a better loot system, like there was in BL1 where greens could carry you quite a bit. Where not every build was based around a legendary (or red text guns).

What does “a more powerful co-op experience” even mean? That’s not really a suggestion.

NG+, how does that differentiate from TVHM or UHVM?

How else would you display level if not in numbers? A good, linear progression system (in this case level), in my opinion would be way better than in Far Cry where you have to buy your new guns.

I agree on a more open world and bigger maps, if I can travel to parts of the map via Fast Travel.

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I will edit my post alittle after this replay, NG+ was in the things that should be removed in my opinion , about a better co-op experience you right i didnt get into details,
and about linear progression i gave FC4 as example because the way they done it you can have amazing story if you want to that can only be played solo and the rest of the world is fully open for co-op and roaming around.
And about the leveling just like in other games, you level by getting better gear and open more skills so you can do more dmg, heal more, absorb more etc… you and enemies dont need a number from 1 to X it can only cause more restrictions and break the immersion.

Gearbox have said that instanced loot is something they will never do because it’s not how they want the game experience to be.

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Well many companies said many things which were later on changed. The problem without instanced loot its just “grab first” which makes playing a less co-op experience and more how to loot before the others. Even when you play with people on voice chat its kinda annoying to have to stop and debate about who takes it. Not to mention the situations where some1 grabs something good far from the others and when they get there its like nothing ever happened etc…


New game + is fun. I like it. I just wish that mode was more flexible about it. Let you reset/redo any one mission for example.

Open world is definitely something I expect from another borderlands.

Along those lines perhaps let the players travel independent from each other (like Diablo 3). So somebody can go back to town and take care of their inventory management and SDU upgrades while you remain in the battle, progressing the mission. You could create fast travel portals to your location on demand so your buddies can find you easily.

Enemy levels don’t bug me. Gun levels are fine too. Although, it would be nice to take a great level 6 gun you found and upgrade it to your current level later in the game.

Instanced loot is something I want too. And there are multiple ways to handle it. Even if all players still see the same loot, you can still let each player grab a copy of it. If need be, for clean up, perhaps each item could show a timer above it so you know how long it will be on the ground (10 minutes perhaps?).

  1. Instanced loot, GBX said they don’t want to, but I can definetly see the advantages. I play solo 95% of the time so I don’t really care.

  2. No no no no no.

Borderlands needs it’s numbers and levels. Immersion breaking??? Borderlands isn’t about getting “immersed” in the game, it’s about shooting stuff and getting loot.

I am also not a fan of everything levelling up with you. There’s no sense of progression if everytime you level up and get better the enemies do the same. Seeing a previously though challange be reduced to giblets by your new gun is part of the fun.

Of course we need levelling enemies for endgame, but not before then.

  1. yeah improved net code is always good.

  2. deeper more fleshed out skill trees would be great, but I’m not sure what you mean by the rest of this point. There is already a multitude of ways to squire weapons, missions, boss drops etc…

  3. if the first playthrough is long enough, then yes I’d say do away with a 2nd playthrough and go straight to endgame. But the option to redo the story/missions should always be there.

  4. would like to see bigger maps, but I don’t think the seriers should go into one giant map. Personally, I want Bl3 to take place on several different planets, each with vastly different styles (EG low gravity, no atmosphere, high oxygen environment that causes fire to be really useful etc…). I think the best way to handle it would be to have a few giant “hubs” filled with missions/bandit camps etc… But also have smaller, more focused side areas.


Keep NG+, keep levels, keep lots of guns and keep it crazy. To all the kind folks out there who use the words instance, immersion, and raid please stop trying to change a good thing into a damn MMO. I like a game with an end and not a endless grind with no reward. Go play Destiny if you want to get nowhere and not have fun doing it.


I would love it if Tiny Tina was a playable character in BL3.

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About the leveling mate i didnt mean auto scaling or things like that . All the enemies stays as they are and instead of levels they are valued by the same way you do, skills and gear. The reason behind this is that having to keep track of your level compared to enemies and if you play co-op then to the host level as well is pretty annoying. while without that if you get killed alot maybe its a hard place and you just go somewhere else for now get some skills and items or join co-op and try do it with others.
And about redoing story missions it shouldnt be a problem to make those repetable with maybe harder difficulty.
And actully having different planets instead of 1 huge map might work well.
I just think that the leveling system is outdated and there are better new ways to work this out and i am sure that if its done right it wont hurt the BL kind of feeling and you might enjoy it even more then before!
At first it allmost always hard to get used to something new but usually once you do there is no going back ( in a good way ) , and i think it can be the case in BL3 as well.

Sadly, don’t agree with most of them. It wouldn’t be borderlands anymore. Sound great for some new game series, but not Borderlands :wink:


Well maybe you guys right, anyhow i guess we will have some clue what they up to soon enough.

“…at least you are not on Promethia.”

I want to see what Promethia is all about since Atlas talked so low about the planet.

I’m pretty sure that’s where Atlas found the very first vault, (and evidence of Eridian society) that gave them the technological advantage to become a corporate superpower.

I like to imagine it as an over-industrialised craphole, with loads of futuristic buildings that are dilapidated and filthy because the planets had everything of value taken from it, so no ones putting in any more money.

No claptrap

I really hope that if we get another badass rank system (or anything similar) that it’s vastly improved. The badass rank system in BL2/TPS gets really annoying at higher ranks if you’re trying to avoid boosting certain stats. edit: don’t force us to boost stats that we don’t want to boost.

Even if it’s simply that we can disable individual boosts! Perfect example, shield recharge delay. If you’re going to use amp shields next, go in and make sure you’ve enabled your shield recharge delay. Going back over to your melee dude with a roid shield? Go disable your shield recharge delay. Leaving the other boosts alone. Maximum health? Are you going to go play a class that is all about health and health regen? Sure, enable it. Then going back to your dude who’s primary health regen benefits from lower health stats? Disable the health boost.


Loot lines and colors: I want cash to be green color. Get it away from the legendary color. And I want legendary lines from the ground to be taller and thicker (twice as high and thick).

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I only have one suggestion, and it’s irrefutably a good one.
With BL2, everybody loved Krieg.
With BL1.5, everybody missed Krieg.
Also, BL1 had werewolves.
I think you can see where this is going…
In BL3, Moxxi needs to finally be a playable character with the action skill of “Werewhore”.


Capstone: Transmittable Disease
Everyone in a certain radius is poisoned, friend and foe alike.

What she sprays VD like a skunk?

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