Suggestions Borderlands 3

Adding a Damage meter per fight could add competivity while playing online pushing player to compete with each others. Could ADD dps meters too with boss fights and top 5 things in events with other players…

Definitely against that. In my experience with games like this, damage meters spawn toxicity in matchmaking online play.

I’m sure there will be third-party ones at some point however.

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in raids like wow we were all friendly competing against each others for the “winner of DPS meter” of the raid… was really fun

In WoW a lot of the time using DPS meters showed up people not pulling their weight or just simply not doing the damage they should be whether it was lack of skill or due to the gear.

As mentioned that drew a lot of toxic behaviours between people. I think the fact this game is maximum 4 player it should be fairly obvious that someone either is or isn’t doing enough. DPS meters would realistically only be needed for 10+ player raids.


Only the bottom dwellers of damage meters say “toxicity”. But bl3 doesn’t need competition because only cheaters would be on top. Unless you think you could compete with someone that has every skill in all 3 trees, infinite ammo,keys, and guardian points. Would be about as meaningful as the d3 leaderboards.

Oh look you started it already. Thanks for showing my point.

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Ha, I was waiting for this.

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Doesn’t make it not true. Alot of reasons people don’t want to group with you whether it is damage meters, no mic, you sound like a castrated chipmunk, or whatever the reason doesn’t make the person that boots you toxic. I get some use the damage meter as a way to berate you but lets face it those people going to do it anyway one way or another. But almost everytime I see the word “toxic” used it is usually used in a biased/partizan way when they have no real substance to thier argument.

I agree there no need for damage meters in bl3. I disagree the damage meters were the cause of friction. Ran a guild in WoW for 8 years probably another 8 in other mmos. And with or without damage meters those problems were there. More hardcore the guild the more the drama. But in a mmo called rift we tried a casual/hardcore mixed guild Omfg you have no idea what toxic is till you try that.
Entire origin of the damage meter argument was just a small battle in the hardcore vs casual war of the 2000s. Casuals obviously won that war but that battle over damage meters was one of the few things that was won and kept.
As for bl3 it really needs something like the division 2 shooting range to test dps not a full on damage meter.

It’s just an observation from many years of gaming. When damage meters get involved people get toxic. Just how it is. I don’t want to see a game like this that is fun and light hearted and non-competitive turned into a competitive sweat fest. Where people get booted for joining with the “wrong” vault hunter and all kinds of stuff like that. Sure when you have a solid group and use a meter, all is good. Which as I mentioned, there will be third party meters eventually. When you have online public match making, it goes to crap. I’m speaking unbiased here as I’m not exactly worried about myself who plays this game far too much, has far too much top stuff etc etc. I know my builds are good and I know I play the game well. It’s also highly doubtful that I would even use random matchmaking in the first place, not my cup of tea. I’d rather play alone or with people I know. I just don’t want to see this game turned into a cesspool . Just seen it happen too many times, on far too many games.

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I’ve played MMOs where I was a top DPS player. I’ve also been healer, tank, and CC/utility. Even when I’m on top of damage and we wipe I can tell when people are getting toxic. It’s easy to observe, just like it’s easy to observe why the other dps aren’t pulling their weight. Sometimes they are trying to peel for the healer, picking up another player, doing the raid mechanic.

There are many factors and someone who immediately calls someone else a bottom-dweller, is also likely the dps that only cares about the number on the final scorecard and not doing any of the previously mentioned objectives and more.


Never used a dps meter for anything except myself and guild management. And have never critiqued someone over 1 or a few bad performances. And i was a healer most of the time believe me i knew who was raid healing or tank healing and how to “read” dmg meters. And again with or without the damage meter that “toxic” going to start how bad it gets depends on leadership. I have however bragged a bit much and offended some with damage meters but i am like that sometimes without them too.
We all agree bl3 don’t need damage meters but i’ll defend dmg meters in general one more time with a simple fact. These days there are FAR more people in a game with random grouping flat useless looking for a carry then ones that abuse damage meters. Taking away damage meters to protect an extremely small percentage of actual victims of it as bad as those games without a group kick. Hurts everyone to protect a few and protects many more of the bad then good.

You know my fiance and I were just talking about this today actually! It would be kind of fun to see which one of us is putting out more damage just as a friendly competition thing! I mean I’m just more curious than anything to see how our characters stack up against one another! Although ite not something I need, and I could see the potential problems with online players but I think it would still be a fun feature to have! I’m almost certain my build is stronger than hers but sometimes she surprises me and it would just be nice to see the actual DPS output,! I doubt it happens which is fine with me,! I mean we play as a team so it doesn’t really matter but would ne interesting and useful when testing out different builds!

I don’t base number on made up assumptions. Do you have any proof of these numbers. If you don’t then you can’t know for sure how many are like that.

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Um spend any amount of time in any game with random grouping. Do not need proof of an obvious fact. Could ask me to prove the sky is blue, i couldn’t but doesn’t mean its not true. Goto borderlands 2 lfg communities and check out the ratio of legit lfg posts and carry/item drop posts will give you a rough idea how many play the game and how many expect others to do it for them. The kind I am talking about don’t even ask they join your group and EXPECT it. On the other hand in 2 decades of online gaming have i seen someone undeserving get berated for sucking less then a dozen times.

So you have observed one thing and I have observed another. Neither one shows proof of majority on population. Don’t make assumptions based on your bias observation.

I really don’t think you need a damage meter to spot people like that. It’s going to be obvious in the first minute with just eyeballs.

Your argument don’t hold water i gave not only my overwhelming observations but a reference to facts related to the matter yet you claim bias while not providing any basis except your own bias.

Fun fact, it’s not blue…

Is exactly what I am saying the damage meters have little to do with the “problem” people talking about. Yet the reason given against a damage meter always the “toxicity” it causes which in reality all dmg meters do is show you numbers the toxicity already there.