Suggestions for 2 XBox One behind same router connecting to each other

My wife and I each have an XBox One connected to the internet via our ISP’s router. I’ve configured NAT so my wife’s XBox has an open NAT and mine is then listed as moderate. Whenever we try to join each other’s lobby, the connection times out and the pop-up window suggests checking NAT. I’ve been able to connect to her hosted lobby in the past through what appears to be luck, but I just can’t seem to connect consistently.

Anyone have suggestions for how we can play the game together? We’d like to play online with other friends, so I don’t know that couch coop is going to be an option for us.

Think im having the same issue.

I spent about 4 hours tonight researching and solving (sort of) the problem for myself. What it boils down to is this. If you’re NAT is not open and you’ve not had problems with other games so far, you’ve been lucky. I don’t know what is different about Battleborn that I’m no longer ‘lucky’ in connecting to games without an Open NAT, but there it is.

If you have a router from your ISP that supports UPnP and Port Triggering, then you search google to find out how to configure that router (search on your router manufacturer and model and 'multiple xbox open nat ). You might be able to pull it off.

I was not so fortunate, so I had to go out and buy a router to sit behind my ISP router and then I had to figure out how to setup my ISP router’s as a bridge and then configure my personal router to port trigger. Connect both XBox Ones to that personal router and hope for the best.

Technically I still haven’t completely succeeded. Only one of my XBox One’s has a NAT of Open and the other one is Strict, but I’m able to so far to consistently connect the Strict one to the Open one’s hosted lobby, so that’s enough for me for now.

mines and my bros are both open. i will try thr open/strit method.

Have you tried DMZ hosting for one of them? I haven’t tried with multiple consoles, but maybe using port forwarding on one and DMZ host on another will work.