Suggestions for a game that had only a 800 player peak in 24 hours

  • Make Half the game free, so make PVP free while PVE is locked for who bought the game.
  • Making the PVP free will bring in more people and hopefully make the player base count get back to a decent status, keeping the game alive.
  • When Battleborn gets up again, players on free pvp will certantly buy the game to play PVE because the game looks like it is an safe investment and that it will last for the upcoming years.
  • Make more PVE maps and modes for those who paid for the full version to compensate them and not lose anymore old dedicated fans.
  • Reduce the price to half because with the actual status, nobody is going to pay 60 dollars for a game with only 1000 player peak.
    -If price is reduced to half, then compensate who paid full price with credits in micro transaction shop.
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I agree with this to an extent, I would say make the game free but capped at level 10 with the default characters free to use, and Meltdown being the only game with maybe 1 story mission.

[quote=“mario0email, post:1, topic:1540074, full:true”]
Make more PVE maps and modes for those who paid for the full version to compensate them and not lose anymore old dedicated fans. [/quote]

They’re doing that but for everyone, there is no point in dedicating certain DLC (minus pre-order) to certain parts of the player base. The model you suggested in that comment is typical for a paid game when it switches to F2P, the developers compensate to players who bought the game.

[quote=“mario0email, post:1, topic:1540074, full:true”]
Reduce the price to half because with the actual status, nobody is going to pay 60 dollars for a game with only 1000 player peak. [/quote]

I don’t see the price going back to $60 again, I think it’s safe at around $45.

I’m with the OP on this one. It doesn’t sound like a bad plan. Essentially, make each story mission cost the same price as each DLC mission. And, of course, people who’ve already bought the game get to keep their content.

Games like Phoenix Wright on iOS have used this model to sell cases, and it really works. It hooks people in. They get the PvE Prologue mission for free, which whets their tastebuds for more. They’ll also get all PvP maps for free. And perhaps the base five heroes for free?

And I think they should sell hero keys, too.

The thing you’ve got to look at is this: This game isn’t healthy. Do we want it to go down this route, or do we want it to go the way of F2P MMOs with grinding for loot crates which we have to buy keys to open?

The reason I agree with the OP is that I don’t really think that – outside of Blizzard – you can ‘sell’ a PvP game these days. There’s too much of an expectation for free PvP games. PvE content is still sold, obviously. I mean, there are developers still creating full-priced PvE games. I think that’s why they decided to make their money with PvE DLC story missions initially.

The PvP players will buy skins and taunts, and they might be tempted to try PvE.

If it’s absolutely necessary, you could sell upcoming PvP maps to PvP players, but I don’t think that’ll work. I think that’s why they haven’t done that already. Like I said, I don’t think you’re going to make a lot of money off the PvP audience. And the PvP audience has a LOT of free games to choose from, so why pay for Battleborn?

So, yeah. If it keeps the game alive longer, I can definitely support this.

Also, I do feel they need to focus on PvE more, too. Like the OP said. Due to the balancing problems, the Battleborn players I’ve spoken with (including my own partner) feel like second class citizens. I feel this way too very often. They could do a lot to smooth things over with us in order to keep us as paying customers, since we’re where most of their income will come from.

As I’ve mentioned, 90~ per cent of the balancing thus far has been PvP focused. To the point where LftStrafe really sat up and took notice when something was, as he believed, balanced in favour of PvE recently, rather than PvP (as everyone is used to being the focus).

Really, I think they could even separate the experience into two games, with the only cross-pollination being that you can earn items for PvP. Say an option before you launch a mission to indicate whether you want to receive PvP or PvE gear when running missions. So PvE helixes, gear, and everything else can be balanced by its own merits.

I think this would all really help the game along.

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This would mainly be a 2K decision though, not a Gearbox one.

What they really need to do, is fix a few of the problems the game has, and then have a free weekend once the new PvP mode is in.

Your idea just makes it pretty restrictive, even by F2P game standards. That, and I think it would make the game pretty messy

realistically, it would be cool if spotlight matches were linked to platinum. like you gain 0.01 platinum/sppotlight win

i could firee up titanfall on xb1 and there mae be but 800 players, and we’d have the time of our lives

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  1. A free Demo mode would be helpful across all platforms (probably doable with current resources).
  2. Even if they started working on what you are describing this afternoon, it would probably take 3-5 months to actually implement in any way that would make sense to players. It would be essentially like launching a new game, with all the problems that entails.
  3. I feel really bad for PC players. Sorry mate.
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