Suggestions for Balancing PvP After Disconnect

Breaking Character…

I have noticed a lot of complaints about players disconnecting in PvP and how it gives the other team an unfair advantage, generally forcing surrender or defeat.
I have also experienced this frustration myself.

Here is a possible solution…

When a player disconnects on the opposing team, the next player to be killed on your team has to spectate until another player is killed on your team. Respawn time after being killed remains, but when it hits 0, you wait until another player is killed.

This would make it so that one team does not have an unfair advantage over the other and would force a win based on pure skill.

Essentially, it makes it 4 v 4, with one team rotating a player. Or 3 v 3 rotating 2 player with 2 disconnects.


That’s horrible for the 5 man team. Also that’s not how MOBA’s generally work.

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It’s horrible for the 4 man team to face a 5 man team. It’s also horrible for both teams if there’s a surrender mid-match.
Plus Battleborn is a MOBA hybrid. I see no reason to keep all of MOBA’s rules in a hybrid.


But why should the 5 man be punished? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
Instead they should come up with incentives to keep the person that left in the game.

If surrenders are considered a problem by GBX then they’d get removed (I hope they won’t be).

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Breaking Character…

It makes sense to me from a balance standpoint. Kicking a 4 man team’s butt with a 5 man team doesn’t feel like an accomplishment to me. And it sucks when someone leaves on my team because of a connection problem or because they’re generally being an arse, and the other team proceeds to steamroll.

It’s really not meant as a punishment, but a way of preventing steamrolling and allowing balance.

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I wouldn’t go as far as to make them spectate, but a spawn time increase/reduction are in order.

I have been in a few 4v5 and 3v5s where the only reason we lost was the punishing late game power plays.

Other ideas like increased spawns or would only serve to feed or be exploitable.

Again, that person should not have left and that’s the REAL problem. There is no way to balance a 4v5, that’s simply what the game now turned into. If it was possible other MOBA’s would have done it ages ago.

Best to end that game ASAP and get to the next one.

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Punishing the full team to compensate for the person who leaves on the opposing team is wrong direction to go. The dropouts that bother me the most are the lore chasers who quit whenever the lore criteria they are chasing isn’t met.

A lore chaser after:

Alani lore:
-can’t play Alani, quits
-no enemy Ambra quits

Attikus lore:
-overgrowth chosen, quits

Galilea lore:
No enemy Ambra, quits

Ghalt lore:
-misses first blood, quits
-gets first blood, goes afk

Whiskey Foxtrot lore:
-no enemy Oscar Mike, quits

Curb the lore chasers for quitting PVP, not the PVPers that farm lore chasers. Lore chasers are the big problem with quitting in PVP and PVE as I see it. Punishing the full group in PVP with any additional penalties is punishing the wrong people.

As for the lore chasers themselves, all I have to say is curb your lore Gearbox we are experiencing unintended consequences because of it.

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YES! Thank you.

So much of this.

It’s not a traditional game, it doesn’t have to play by traditional rules.

Yeah, this is unbelievably infuriating. A match starts with one player already disconnected. 4v5 goes exactly as expected. Who has fun with this? Why can’t players join a match in progress, or why can’t matchmaking add in more players in the event of disconnect before a match starts.

Edit: I expect the reason why players can’t join a match in progress is the result of the technical decisions behind not supporting character switching in-game: arbitrarily loading in a new character that wasn’t anticipated at the match start is probably a difficult problem to solve. Still, this is an extremely un-fun situation.