Suggestions for BL3 in general?

I’m a little more curious as to what the community wants to see in the next installment considering I already know what I want lol. I’d like to know simply whatever changes you’d like to see take place in BL3, can be anything. Characters, map design, drop rates/location, ect. ect…

My main pet peive has always been the bank!! With sooooo many items in the game worth wanting to collect and save just to have, they could really use more space. And no I just don’t want to see more slots added… I don’t need my bank an even bigger clutter then already is. I would love to see TWO separate banks both with max slots available. One for guns strictly below legendary (all your red text uniques and what not) then the other bank would only allow orange rarity items or higher into it. I feel this would just help out immensely. We would finally be able to actually stash all the rare gear we’ve obtained during a playthrough, not to mention in a neat and organized way as well.


It’s a very long thread though.

My personal wants:
A shared bank that can be accessed by any character at the hub to prevent the constant saving and quitting and transferring of items. Would have to have ample slots (100+) Will also cut back on mules.
Every level has a fast travel.
Well designed levels. For what isn’t good level design, see every level in HBGH.
Slightly better drops rates, don’t have to be as good as they were a few weeks ago.


All good suggestions so far.

Although a lot of folks don’t care so much about them, I’d like to see skin and head drops that are a little more obtainable or create a new system altogether for them. Trying to get something that’s fairly superficial shouldn’t require such a hassle (see Terra, Son of Mothrakk, etc.). Also, if they leave them as drops, they should be totally separate from legendary/unique drops.


Agreed, TPS is very lacking is the skin/head department (meaning most of them all suck…) But BL2 had a lot of really cool unique skins/heads that were just a bitch to get. Farming chubbies for every character skin is good fun and all if they actually spawned in half the time haha.

I mentioned this before but a grinder like system for heads/skins I feel would be a great addition


Dr. Ted.


I like the way you guys think.

A new way to do replays and alt characters. If you wanted to max out all your characters your replaying the same bosses, encounters, and missions almost a dozen times. Your going to know the beats after the first time and It gets boring after awhile. I think there should be a remix mode that randomizes your encounters swapping out bosses, enemies and maybe full quests to inject more verity on your many playthroughs.


I personally think there are too many skins in both games, or at least way too many that look very similar. BL1 customization was probably too basic but I think they went overboard with the 100-ish skins per character in the later games. I’d prefer less quantity/more quality going forward. But that’s just me!

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I’ll agree there as well. The skins I was referring to are skins you get from enemies. (Chubbies, Saturn, Verm, King Mong, ect.) All those skins were unique and had a cool design for each one and not just a 2 color bland outfit. We need much much more of these and maybe like 5 plain skins from the start instead of starting us off with 20+ hideous skins no one wants to use.

I’ve always loved personal character customization it just adds a little more “you” to each character. So more of it but in a good way is how I’d like to see it.


You may be fighting the same bosses, but you are using a different character for most of those runs. The fights should change based on how your characters skills work and what random loot you have found, and while the missions are all the same adding in any system that randomizes encounters/quests requires a ton more QA to remove possible hardlocks to main story progress.

I do agree that some form of alt creation that allows quicker access to the endgame would be nice. Even something as simple as the ability to start in TVHM at 30 if you already have a character at max level that has completed the main story on the hardest mode. Most borderlands characters don’t really start feeling distinct till around level 16-20 when you gain access to a gamechanger as the action skills of most characters don’t bring much to the table until you augment them with skillpoints.

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A boosted start would help because it is the early stuff that is the hardest to make it through. (The first five levels are totally dead in BL1 and BL2.)

I still like the idea of remixes though. It gives you more verity on repeated playthroughs and it can also give you more verity on farming. Lots of games manage to make it work. I don’t think it would be impossible.

I don’t see it working with a game like borderlands though. Changing where things spawn especially bosses would just jack up the storyline and it wouldn’t fit. If you can explain to me how this would ever work then I’m game but just can’t see it working myself.

Completeing the game on TVHM once unlocks UVHM for all characters, even new ones, so it scales to you’re level immediately, rather than having to do Normal and TVHM over and over.

Oh, and every character to have Blood Rush by level 2.

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It’s OK to jack up the story after you played it once. How it would work wouldn’t be too hard. There are a few levels you can do it at. A base level would simply be to let any enemy in the class spawn rather then specif enemies. Like you know they one armed bandit from BL2, well rather then only being able to spawn in that one camp it would be able to spawn anywhere a Golgotha can spawn.

You could get more fancy by switching out the types itself. What once was a physio is now a loader. (style will take a hit with this as you would have things like bandits dropping in from space, or bullymods climbing out of huts)

Lots of rougelike games do randomized enemies well and you even have games like skyrim doing it.

Well I’m just going to get the small, petty things out of the way first:

  1. Make Explosive a universal element, not just restricted to Torgue, Launchers and Grenades. Instead, I would suggest that Torgue weapons have the best AoE, just think of it, Shock explosions. Shocksplosions if you would.
  2. Pearlescents need to be buffed, they should be these OP feeling weapons for when you reach the end-end game, they really felt gimmicky in BL2.
  3. Increased weapon type per manufacturer, I very much miss my Torgue Sniper Rifles… and I like the idea of a Vladof SMG, Sub-MiniGuns sound like fun.
  4. Textures for all weapons, This is pretty much one of the most pettiest of my niggles, but the Rocket Launchers only had the blue quality skin and that just didn’t feel right. That and the Storm needed something along the lines of the Commerce’s Texture.
  5. Certain Manufacturers need buff so that they wouldn’t be underpowered in higher difficulties, I felt Tediore and Bandit really struggled in UVHM compared to other maunfacturers.
  6. Play as characters from previous games, why should Claptrap be restricted to BL:TPS? Although it would do the plot a major disservice, so this one may be a stretch to pull off.

Now the big one: In BL2 I didn’t feel that the weapons felt unique or interesting enough. With exception the looks, every weapon had little variance on the gameplay other than stats and small gimmicks, this was a point TotalBiscuit made in his BL:TPS review which I thought was actually a really good point.

Now I don’t want to say that: “GEARBOX NEEDS TO MAKE EVERY GUN DO DIFFERENT THINGS”, because that would be a nightmare for the devs, but I do feel that there needs to be more measures put in place to ensure that weapons feel interesting and unique somehow, maybe have it so that a manufacturer imbues the gun with the manufacturer specific effect (Dahl with burst fire, Torgue with AoE rounds, Maliwan with continuous damage bonus and so forth), the body would imbue one mechanism, and the barrel another, while the grip, stock and accessory imbue other stat changes, and why not also an ammo type?

For example: you could have a Maliwan Manufactured pistol (which give a continuous damage bonus) with a Tediore Body (which would have a chance to not consume ammo) and a Vladof Barrel (which makes it fire faster the longer the trigger is held), overall resulting with an ammo efficient pocket flamethrower which only becomes more powerful the more it is fired, and with that exploding rounds ammo type it has, it’s sure to wreak havoc on those poor unshielded bandits that decided that yes, your nipples would in fact make great salads.

bl1 logged 1000+ hours . bl2 logged 2200+ hours. bltps logged 100+ hours. Being able to farm mini bosses and bosses from the beginning. Gearbox needs to remember that gamers are customers.

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I would like to see one single playthrough (with the option of resetting for those who want it). After completing the game the world scales to your level from there on out.

Agreed. I would be happy to see the amount of space we had in BL1 return in the next game.


I would absolutely LOVE to see a Torgue Soldier character (maybe even Torgue himself! Or Tiny Tina), maybe they’d have an explosive based turret that could be upgraded to shoot nukes, or, just maybe, they could be a character whose action skill and abilities are all centered around grenades. I would TOTALLY love to have a character like that. I could see one skill (capstone) being “everything’s a mirv” and it would do just that. Give them grenade regen buffs, and make all their skills around grenades, or maybe just one tree centered around grenades. In bl2, I love my bonus package, but I really need the slag from the magic missile. I would hope they don’t make slag as necessary, like they fixed in the pre sequel. Also, how about a character who is a hyperion loader? Maybe a badass loader? There are so many ways you could go with that, have its action skill be its main cannons, and upgrade those. Maybe give it loader vision, allowing it to see through some cover. There are a LOT of things that could be done with that. Possibly, also, a maliwan soldier with an elemental turret. I could see that being absolutely insane. Final upgrade to a turret that is blasting railer rounds that have multiple elements, homing elemental rocket barrages, there are lots of ways that could go. Just a few thoughts on characters :smile:

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I have a huge list of grand ideas that they should try, but after TPS non-stop for a few weeks, I think more than anything it’s the small details that bothered me:

1: Game pacing: Playing as Nisha, I kill way too fast for storyline progression. Have a way to skip character dialogues. I don’t want to wait for an NPC to finish talking before I can push one button. All these waitings really ruin momentums and takes you out off the action. In BL2 this rarely feels like a problem because BL2 map is so huge, by the time you get from one place to another, most of the time dialogues are finished. But that’s artificially inflating the game time. TPS actions are packed, just make actions not dependent on whether dialogues are finished, and this will fix game pacing by so much.

  1. Skippable Cinematics/Cutscenes: Watching the sentinels walking slowly down the stair all menacing-like is cool for the first time… but everytime (even after you kill him) for the next 100 times? Just annoying. Why aren’t those left click skippable? Maybe in normal mode the FIRST time, they are not because of the cinematic values, but after that, just let us have the option to skip. Also, when you want to make something unskippable, they should have meaning. Jack killing Tassitar 100 times have no meaning. In fact, I can argue that it has no meaning the first time, so why is that emphasized. Just give us the option to skip! (including those annoying hand drawn narrating "cinematic stills, I understand that a lot of voice talent and artistic talent went into those, but again, after 100 times, tedious)

  2. Better Area Flow: I like a sense of accomplishment. Basically, I like to get things done and move on. So when I realized that I have to go back to Triton Flats 5-6 times, Outland Spurs/Canyons for 3-4 chapters, it’s really quite infuriating. In BL2, Three Horns have the exact same problem, and those 2 maps are incidentally my least favorites as well. If you really have to revisit, at least make the optional missions interesting. I mean, look at the fights and rewards from these repeater locations, they are the very definition of boring.

  3. Network Selection: Make network default to open to public. How much you want to bet that most people don’t coop because they are too lazy to switch? Not all, I know, but you are telling me that all 1500 concurrent players don’t want to coop in a coop game?

  4. Fix Glitches: I think that’s pretty basic. There are too many reports of certain things not working after certain actions. When playing regularly and players are basically expecting things to go wrong, well, that’s pretty terrible. And I don’t mean glitches like those found by youtuber commentators where they do some insane triple rocket grenade jump to get out of bounds or intentionally break the game through means that casual gamers probably will never be able to pull off, I mean like if you play the loader rack mission right after sending the DAHL soldier in a moonshot, sometimes the mission can’t be completed because something just gets invisibly stuck. None of those.

  5. Interchangeable Parts: I am all for a bit of farming. But RNGing a million times to get a perfect combo is just rediculous. Alt-F4 for a perfect mission reward is also a terrible way to play. For the love of god, just let us have interchangeable parts. For example, you got a two same legendaries one with dahl body maliwan grip and the other hyperion body dahl graip, since they are the exact same legendaries, just let people be able to switch parts to get a dahl body dahl grip. it goes against common sense to think that mighty vault hunters of the future can’t figure out to disassemble and reassemble guns.

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I’d like the story to be constructed in such a way that I can play as any Vault Hunter I want. The Pre-sequel already flirted with the idea of making the main characters talk, so if I wanted to play a story-centric character like Lilith just have her speak her lines while I’m her and then she can go get to business. Obviously she wouldn’t be hanging around Sanctuary (or whatever the hub town is) if I’m playing as her. Same rules if I’m in multiplayer. Cutscenes can still happen as normal.

For vanity, I’d really like it if I could pick my head and my skins separately. There are a lot of really interesting clothing options that turn me off by also giving me green hair, or a weird strip across my face. I’d be able to customize a bit more freely if heads and bodies were painted separately.

I’d really like melee weapons that fill a gun slot that you can use. They’d have very high melee stats and could be augmented with different defensive or offensive stats. Elements, Damage Reduction, Speed Increases, things that generally help you in melee combat. Hardly an original idea, but I was really disappointed when it wasn’t part of BL2 and It’d be really disappointing again if it isn’t part of BL3.

More vehicle variety in general would be nice. I’d like a wide variety of cars to pick from that can then be augmented with all kinds of guns from the general bullet-turret to stupid things like slag spewing fire-hoses. Let us spend time unlocking them.

Oz Kits (Jet Packs) were easily my favorite part of the Pre-Sequel and really added a lot of depth to movement that isn’t present in BL2. Whatever lore explanation needs to be given to let me keep using an Oz Kit, do it.