Suggestions for BL3 in general?

Hi, i would really love to see the oxygen feature again. It adds so much “flow” to the game. Im mostly playing with air-control-ozkits and absolutley love jumping/flying around with autoshot-laser-Nisha!!

What im also intrested in is if you could bring back the gore factor from the orginal Borderlands. As nowadays the standarts are different (e.g. Witcher 3) i wondered if this might be possible. I think it fits really good in this whole surreal borderlands atmossphere.

  • I second the above comment on the Oz kit element, but primarily for the low-gravity enjoyment. That said, despite there being quite a lot of air pockets and Oz stations around Elpis, I felt generally that the constant oxygen neediness was crippling my ability to explore the surface as I wanted. needless to say, I won’t miss it, and I do feel like the events on Elpis are over, but I’m sure Gearbox can figure a way around that if need be.

  • I really enjoyed the Head and Skin collectibles of BL 2 and PS, and feel like this feature alone, other than the games being entertaining, made these that much more replayable compared to BL 1. I occasionally end up with both Heads and Skins that I either don’t want or never use, and would have liked to be able to sell or dispose of them even after they’ve bneen unlocked, seeing as these are possible to obtain regularly through the games anyway.

Going along even further on the paragraph above, I’d have liked to see sole pieces of clothing as collectibles, like in Eridium Blight where you collect pieces of “humanity” for the robot. That way one could piece together the attire one wants on one’s character. The “hub town” of the game, like Concordia and Sanctuary were in the latest, could clothing stores with articles becoming available as the story rolls on, for those who don’t have the patience to farm for that stuff, as well as hair dressers.

  • And while on the topic of change and appearance, having the game be first-person when considering this makes the whole changing one’s looks kind of pointless. I like Bethesda’s resolve to this issue - to make the switch between first and third-person available in-game. I know there might be a mod out for this sort of thing, or at least I’m sure people can make one, but I’m keen on using mods for these kinds of games. Obviously I’m not hinting to anything other than visibility of one’s player character if character customization is involved, is personally important to me and would be a welcome - but not necessary - element.

  • While I didn’t have any issue with the vehicles in any of the games, I loved the Lancer from the Armory of General Knox DLC for BL 1. I full-party vehicle was really cool to me, despite never playing full team, but the different functions of the compartments of the Lancer as well as its robust build and endurance made it really superior on the roads. I’d love to see the return of a vehicle like this. A single-person vehicle, like a motorcycle with a side-cart that can be applied for a second player or character. Maybe the bike can be altered between something like a racer which main asset is speed while its alternate is more plated and armed but slower?

  • The fact that the BL 1 VHs returned as meaningful, practical NPCs in BL 2, and that you kind of “discovered” them along the way where they fought alongside you, the newbie, really made me consider the overall the consideration that the games’ - at least BL 2’s and PS’s - characters seem to have toward you, and that, to me, is that you are travelling in a group. I may be a small detail, but I’m a team player, so having the rest of the hunters alongside me in singleplayer mode would be really cool. I realise this may take away from the multiplayer experience, but it was a thought that struck me, kind of considerable.

EDIT!!! Edit…

  • I recently finished Tales from the Borderlands - fantastic game, big shout-out and thanks to Telltale, Gearbox and 2K here, and I’m expecting a second season, just so you know - and I loved every second of it. I’d love to see Rhys, Fiona, her sister, Vaughn, and maybe even Yvette at least as cameos or NPCs if not playables.

Or maybe make our own character build with a standard array of pieces of clothing and airstyles available at the start, with the obvious possibility of obtaining more as the playthrough progresses?

  • Would also feel more realistic if different NPCs had different builds, not just heads, like being tall or short, fat or thin and the like. Just a visual element I seem to miss in most games.

EDIT!! Again…

  • I kind of get a little sad, at least in BL 1, when my character is in such a high level that killing enemies seem utterly pointless because you don’t get experience from them. I’d rather take a higher level gain req. and get exp. from each enemy than no exp. at all.

  • Then there’s an issue that I know people have brought up (I’m sure I’m not alone in many of my suggestions already): Dialogues being forcibly skipped, presumably due to a different story-related dialogue from obtaining or clearing a quest, reaching a certain point in the story, etc. In BL 1 there was a “Logs compartment” in the backpack which kept all recordings obtained, and I’d say that’s kind of sorely needed, at least can be, in BL 3, seeing as this issue was so common in all three games. It often requires a lot of waiting to get all of every dialogue poppoing up, and especially new players that don’t know when what will come of if there will be more after a little while, maybe end up rushing and so unintentionally miss out on some possibly worthwhile dialogue. Nobody wants that, right?


I second the skipping dialogues point!

Jack killing Tassiter - for one, I think it’s supposed to be ominous, as if to say that he’s become a monster and it’s everybody else’s fault and they will pay. In my opinion it’s a great ending to the PS if you play it before BL 2. For the second reason he’s proving a point. He said he’d kill Tassiter if he said one more word to him that wasn’t “Atta boy!” or about raise or promoting him, but even if not, I think that, judging by the end of it all, he’d kill him anyway just because he hated the guy. Just how I see it. And I obviously get that your point here is to skip the dialogues and cut scenes.

Again, I second the glitch issue. I’ve had way too many Dahl jet packers disappear into the ceiling and i’m stuck with the ominous whizzing and the red enemy dot on the compass. This is no the only example, of course, but it maybe the only prominent one right now, other than killing every enemy in the area and having a single red dot left that didn’t seem to be able to join its friends’ misfortune. That bugs me.

What on earth is a Golgotha?

I agree with quality over quantity, absolutely. And add some accessories, especially for the skins since the heads all are very unique an dcome with what is required.

For me most important things is to back to form from Borderlands 1 with weapons : weapons should be composed of parts each of which has different properties what guarantee many damage values on same models not like in BL2 where power depends only from wepon level requirements…then the same weapon could be a time weak for another much stronger…It gives many different variants of them via BL1…

Second important thing for me is backpack/bank size…i read what developer says about it…If new players(same on consoles) cant hadle it then ok but for God sake please add a possibility for Hardcore players who wants collect items change a easy backpack size by editing config file or something or buying in-game without limit(i mean to 999 max for example)…

What i want to see in BL3:
-Cryo(freeze damage) in weapons with possibility to freeze enemies (something like aurelia have)
-weapon components(many variants of the same weapons with randomly generated damage ( or from parts)
-game with high resolution textures
-game made by the old team
-possibility to edit backpack/bank size for interested
-game developed more than BL2( more not boring quests many loot chests like in BD1) at least 20GB with all DLC
-interested characters - not like in Pre-Sequel (via Aurelia who looks like transsexual :frowning: sniper (experience)
a native of the fifth element movie but I like her cold skills no less dont want to play as her because it looks like.)
-Different Skins&Head like in BL2 not only color changing like in Pre-Sequel
-Just Take BL1 only example of everything nicer, better, more…
-Sthg like Knoxx loot chamber
-Nice character and NPC voices in game (no childish texts and voices) many old guys playing this game
-Legendaries in chests like in BL1 after 150 hours in BL2 I not see even single legendary in chest

What i dont want see never again :

-Childish characters like Pickle with frustrating voice
-Stupid childish dialogues like Bosun (My beloved engine aaaaargh)
-simplifications graphics and textures like in pre-sequel
-No needs to make all new classes - 3-4 (soldier,hunter,xxx,xxx) can be old and 2 new for example.Why changing something what is good.I love soldier turret…
-No stupid skills like jack inspiration or claptrap “crap” with on-screen floating text…
-No cosmos and low gravity anymore - There is not those climates

Just take a example from BL 1 - but better,bigger,Longer…

I’m not sure if anybody had said this but character customization would be kind of awesome. Most of the vault hunters (exception to TPS) are slient, so why not. Have your normal new vault hunters and the ability to customize one for yourself(with random skill tree’s- skill tree options from the first game all the way up to borderlands 3)

This my personal list of what i want for borderlands 3, disregarding the title(yeah i know).Higher the number, higher priority. And let’s go straight into it.
1.Characters brought back. From the start of the to now, 3 games, 12 vault hunters. WE WANT THEM BACK(replace we to I again because we is more effective,wait did i just bust it by putting this here?)Even though one of them died painfully clearly without registered into the NEW-U pay for your enemy to revive system. But, who doesn’t want to play as Lilith or claptrap or Zer0 again?
2.Interactions between you own character and NPCs First of all, character you choose only affect your skill and skill tree but only that much. We want to see that we actually picked a real person. Let the character we picked talking while the missions, free roam and story interactions like in TPS. And pls have some special interactions between character and NPC. In Borderlands 2 Maya came to Pandora to learn to be a siren but did nothing when she met Lilith. May be add some special missions and dialogues with Lilith while playing as Maya(if brought back) or the siren in game. For example in the scene of BL2 that Lilith and Roland is talking about interactions between Mordekai and Bloodwing beside Mordekai right after wild life exploitation(Spoiler Bloodwing died in that mission)Our character could say something like :"you guys know Mordekai is right here right"or something like that. Prob not Zer0 since we can’t even tell if he is human. And number two is basically NEEDED if number is accomplished)
3.Weapons upgrade and customizations. It really sucks when you found a weapon that you absolutely love but soon left behind because you leveled up and can’t use it anymore. Maybe add a system to upgrade you gear up to level(date) with perhaps relics and Eridium or stuff. And also to customize them with like let’s say you looted a Dahl sniper stock from a marauder and you put it to your Maliwan gun with some money or materials, or eve perhaps at a special station too.
4.A.I. ally Someday when i was playing solo sniper Zer0 since i have no friends i thought, would’ve been awesome if a siren is helping me out so i don’t waste a whole SMG clip on a desperate second wind chance and pop up with is idea. Also give us a control panel to control them for example {Drop Enemies Low But Don’t Kill Them} for second winds,{free fire} or {revive first} or {loot the ■■■■ out of everything}so yeah some AI allies will be nice.
5.New Planet Pandora is well suit for borderlands series but even we loved phycos and skags and bullymongs and blahblahblah but it’s getting worn out. Two of the series on pandora and another on it’s moon. Time for a new planet!According to the end scene of BL2 there are multiple vaults in one solar system so maybe introducing travel between planets?
And that rounds it up, There might be grammar and spelling mistakes since my home language isn’t English. Thanks for reading!!

At the moment all I want is for this guy to make the soundtrack:

There’s another thread like this one in the BL2 section so I’ll just copy paste what I said there.

BL1 drop rates/mechanics: This was something that I’ve always missed from the first game and I’d love if it could make a return. This isn’t to say that we can’t have the BL2 method in which individual bosses have a higher chance to drop specific legendaries, in fact I think that move was a good one, but the way they seemed to work in the first game gave plausibility to killing random grunt enemies and opening just about any container in order to find good loot that we just don’t see in BL2 or even the Pre Sequel. Not to mention how the pay off for finally bringing down Craw Sr. showered us with legendaries whereas future raid bosses would only be seen as generous if we even got one. It wasn’t a perfect system and could use some work, after all most of the legendaries that I got from Craw Sr. were equalizers and volcanoes, but at least seeing that brief shower of orange and purple weapons made it seem like I actually got a worthwhile reward for such a grueling fight.

Manufacturer vending machines: This was something that was going to be a part of BL2 but sadly got cut and after seeing the Torgue Machine in it’s respective add on, I’d also love it if we got the rest of them in. At first I thought they’d work best with special currency but when I realize just how worthless money is across all of the games, maybe being able to buy blues/purples or even an orange item of the day from these machines with ingame money wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. It’d certainly give players a good reason to spend money and thus be a little more careful with it by not playing so recklessly that they die constantly.

Return of the Grinder: A lot of people believe that the Grinder is an awful thing that damages the game somehow but I say phooey to that, I freaking love the thing and everything about it. Turning items you wouldn’t even look at into something worth while is a clever idea and being able to use the special currency that you’d previously only use for storage deck upgrades or raid bosses for even better loot is the icing on the cake.

TPS style scaling/buffs: If there’s another thing that the Pre Sequel got so right that it nearly hurt, it was how it handled enemy scaling, UVHM buffs, and general difficulty. BL2’s way of handling difficulty with a scaling system that favored enemies over players and a borderline imposition of slag via enemy health/regen buffs lead to a royal mess of an endgame that outright destroyed previously useful builds and gear - Some enjoy this kind of difficulty but I feel like this heavy handed approach did more harm than good in the long run. TPS’s method, however, proved to be a nigh perfect example of tackling an issue not harder but smarter and the result is an endgame that challenges you without throwing a sizable amount of gear and even game mechanics out the window. I’m not saying that it’s a perfect system that doesn’t need refining but by and large, The Pre Sequel’s method of difficulty and challenge is what all future installments should strive for or at least build off of.

Scaled/resettable TVHM: Adding on to what I said about difficulty, there are a significant amount of people that enjoyed BL2’s somewhat brutal approach to difficulty and there’s an equally significant amount of people that clearly didn’t. We can certainly think of ways to satisfy both parties but one request that was repeatedly brought up in BL2’s prime was a scaled TVHM and when I think about it, I’m inclined to agree with those that say that it’s a good idea - Much of the grievances of UVHM came from the fact that players had to play it if they wanted to level up their characters beyond level 50 and so where more or less stuck. Had this been included from the start, I’d wager that a lot of BL2’s issues that stem from difficulty would be more or less resolved and if this is included in future titles, then those that like a more difficult UVHM can be satisfied while those that don’t are still able to keep playing past level 50. Everybody wins.

Reaching level 50 on the first playthrough: Title says it all. I enjoy playing through Borderlands more than once with the same character but having to do it twice to reach the first level cap and at least once more for each level cap increase tends to leave me feel more than a little burnt out. That’s to say nothing about those that rock multiple builds spanning across multiple Vault Hunters.

Currency exchange: Ever been a chunk or two of Eridium/Moonstone short of an upgrade while sitting on millions of seemingly worthless cash? Yeah me too, and it totally freaking sucks. Being able to turn your standard money into more specialized currency’ll help curb this issue while placing value on an ingame currency that’s in desperate need of it.

Vehicle upgrades: The hand held guns take priority in a Borderlands game but one could be forgiven into thinking that vehicles are anywhere from insignificant to outright useless ingame, having more scenarios in which we can use them for fighting or what not would be nice but that wouldn’t be enough so I had this thought: Wouldn’t it be nice if our cars could enjoy the insane variety that our guns do? Imagine being able to replace the bog standard machine gun with dual chainguns or an elemental laser beam, the boring old rocket launcher into the Nukem’s badass grandma or into a rocket pod that fires salvos of heat seekers that home in at whoever we decide that we hate the most. It could extend to other parts of the car too like a bigger engine for increased speed and boosting capabilities, spiked plows and side mounted chainsaws that can turn anything in front of us into a stain on the sand. Those are the kind of upgrades I want, the kind that can turn ordinary cars into the kinds of monstrosities that make Joe’s Gigahorse look like one of those Fisher Price tricycles.

  1. I long-press to collect all gold/ammo in the area. But if I long-press a weapon it replaces my current weapon. In all 3 versions of the game this has never once been something I want. Please remove this mis-feature.

  2. Let me compare more than 2 weapons at a time. Little spreadsheet-like cells should let me see 5-6 weapons at a time.

  3. When comparing more than 2 weapons at a time let me choose a category, like Assault Rifles. In other words, let me compare all my assault rifles, or all my smgs.

  4. When comparing weapons show the damage per second (base only, elemental not needed). I spend way too much time mentally multiplying the damage and rate of fire.

  5. When looking at the weapons list, show an icon representing what kind of elemental damage it does.

  6. Make it more fun :smile:

In my inventory I can mark weapons as Favorite, and can sell all non-favorite weapons at vending machines with 1 button press. IMHO, I need at least 1 more category, preferably 2. First, I need “Favorite | Haven’t looked at or decided on | get rid of it”. The 4th category would be “stuff I picked up in the last 2 minutest”. Could do without the 4th category, but it would make deciding what to sell faster.

To the guy who doesn’t like pickle I say “piss off” (in pickle’s voice). Those are the little touches that, like the movie Airplane, make things much more interesting.

Pretty much correlating to my previous post, for the n’th time I found I’ve sold an item I loved. So, when I sell an item I’ve favorited, ask me if I’m sure.

Jeez, a pistol that did 9k/sec damage for 13 seconds. I want it back…

The biggest thing I want to see added for Borderlands 3 is some kind of weapons work bench. The Grinder is a good idea. A way to craft those hard to find items that make your build. But the randomness gets annoying, especially with so many possible variables. So give us some kind of work station where we can take flawed versions of our Legendary items, and swap bits of them out. This doesn’t have to be made super easy. Maybe require Eridium, or cash, or maybe we have to sacrifice another item to get the part. Like if I want a Jalobs grip on my Dastardly Luck Cannon, I have to sacrifice a Tediore pistol with the Jakobs grip I want.

People who cheat to do this stuff are going to do it anyway. No sense in leaving legit players to be frustrated fighting the RNG longer the we have to, while the cheaters just run off and have fun with their perfect guns.

Me and my friend were playing tps and we had two ideas:

  1. The option to save your builds in the quick change vending machine. Like you can change between two builds one for mobbing and one for raid boss.
  2. A vending machine which you can send gifts (gears and skins) to your friends. The game Darksiders 2 has this feature and I find it very nice to see in Borderlands 3.

I would love to craft the gun I’m grinding. e.g. So there are three slots , Put 3 guns in and 2 of them have Jakobs barrels , and another 2 have a Jakobs body, then give me a Jakobs pistol with matching barrel… and so on with accessories as well.

I would think after two games the flaws in the current weapon generating system need to be addressed. In which I see two options.
The first, a return to the Borderlands 1 style of weapon generation where weapons were rare because they were good, not the other way around. Throw in a couple extra high tier parts, with some small balances to manufacturers(Scav and Bandit are relatively under-powered, Atlas is generally stronger than every one else).
Or a large rebalance of the current manufacturers system. Manufacturer bonuses shouldn’t render Tediore/Bandit/Jakobs pieces obsolete, Dahl and Hyperion stocks should not be generally better than any other, etc. I don’t know what to do with weapon rarity. Rarity is needed in some fashion but its current rendition is too arbitrary and limits your arsenal more than expands it. Maybe rarity can work similar to B1 manufacturer model bonuses, with higher rarity guns having larger detriments but relatively more powerful over all. Or rarity can just be toned down to smaller bonuses, a cooler skin, and an increased chance of an accessory.
Something needs to be down about the weapon generation, and there’s a lot that could be done. I just want to see anything done to improve it.

i’d like to see what may be considered drastic changes to the loot system.

what i’m thinking is no longer receiving red text items as rewards for side missions. side missions should, for the most part, follow a simple template (similar to the way many are designed now) in that they are used to lead the player to an area not yet explored during the main story campaign and spawn mini-boss or unique enemy.

this mini-boss or named enemy should respawn upon re-entry of the map, he should have 2 red-text items tied to his loot pool that can only be obtained from said-enemy or as a world drop via chest, vendor, grinder or raid boss. the 2 red-text items should always consist of one blue and one legendary, they should always be the same item-type, and they should be carefully chosen/designed in a way that they can share parts.

this would create numerous ajax ogre scenarios, and if we wanted to get really crazy, some interesting shield and grenade mod possibilities.

the blue unique should be weighted to drop about 1 out of 3 times, allowing the casual player to receive multiple red-text items throughout a single campaign. legendary items should maintain their current drop rates or about 1 out of 10. all red-text items should be tied to a specific enemy or enemy type.

hybrid drops (a gun sharing parts of 2 uniques) should be weighted to drop at a similar rate that legendary items would drop prior to the recent increase to drop rates, so about 1 out of 30. hybrid items could be placed into a new rarity class, i wouldn’t mind if this was the new pearlescent. there’s more but i’m done typing for now, also many of these ideas were inspired by a recent video by derch.

We need free levelling up, paying to get to the higher levels SUCKS, we should pay for the game and dlc. That’s it

I would do ■■■■ in pants when in characters i will see mr.Torgue with a guitar solo skill.