Suggestions for BL3 in general?

Hi. Will be nice the option to level cap in each mode, so if you want to play let’s say nvhm only you won’t over level. (Ex. Even if you are level 72, when you select nvhm, you won’t pass from level 30.)
It suck being over leveled. It takes away all the challenge and fun. It’s only fine to achieve badass challenges in a non challenging way.
If the grinder system remains it should make weapons of current level, no matter what level the weapons you’re grinding are (it is already to time consuming to get an item to just grind. And also when you finally get what you wanted you usually over leveled by much, that said item became worthless by the time you put it on the grinder, or even to use it some times)

Here’s a few of my suggestions for what should be in BL 3.

  1. The ability to change the prefix, parts, and/or element of an item, because I don’t want to grind for the Harold for two or three hours just to get the Stiff Harold, I want the Double Penetrating Harold dammit! The way to go about this could be some sort of vendor where you pay a fee more or less equal to respeccing.

  2. In regards to the previous item, there’s something else I’d like to add to it, the ability to raise/lower the level of an item by paying a somewhat significant, but not absurd, price in Eridium (or whatever will be taking it’s place).

  3. This next one goes without saying, but Torgue legendarys that don’t suck starting with the Flakker. I know I’ll catch heat from it’s fans, but I always thought it SUCKED! Gearbox could easily solve this problem by merging it with the Carnage I.E. it’s the Carnage but there’s a chance the gyro jets will cause the flak effect, think about it people.

  4. And on that note, they need to either bring back the Harold or bring in something that at least holds a candle to it, because the Fragnum was a total disasterpiece.

  5. Improve the grinder. I like the idea of it, but I would like some damn consistency, if I go to the trouble to find three purple Jakobs pistols for a chance to get a Jakobs legendary, I’d like the result to be just that, not a piece of crap that generally no one uses.

  6. Side missions that reveal why cryo and laser weapons never made it to Pandora. These would have made for a good laugh and could have been an opportunity for some kickass unique and legendary loot!

  7. Skins that are more than just color palette swaps, seriously Gearbox you’re better than this.

  8. The return of some of the better or some of the more interesting weapons and items from BL1, BL2, and BL: TPS. Because as far as I’m concerned, I’d like to see the return of the 12 Pounder (it shoots cannonballs, what’s not to love?).

  9. The ability to trade secondary currencies, because it sucks to have to constantly grind for that junk.

  10. Bosses that are difficult, but not downright unfair, I’m looking at you two Master Gee and Voracidous!

  11. No head hunter dlc! We players buy dlc to get more of the meat and potatoes of Borderlands, the weapons and gear, not just themed heads and skins and reskinned enemies.

  12. Possibly last (as I might add to this in the future), but certainly not least, make sure to fix immersion-breaking or game-breaking glitches if and when they pop up. The obscenely low drop rate for the Cobra in BL2 counts as immersion-breaking in my book (plus it massively blows that Gearbox never fixed it) and the missing frames of animation for those stupid raising and lowering platforms in the final area of the Tiny Tina dlc counts as game-breaking to me (seriously, that one platform obviously had a few frames of animation missing since it would always bounced off the floor, whereas the other two would stick to it for a few seconds like they should, which leads to that one section only being solvable through luck and not simple timing like it should’ve been!) and it equally sucks that this was never fixed either.

  1. If the current style of loot and weapons is kept we really do need the ability to tinker with out parts. I think you should have same type of gun / item with the same rarity and with the part you want to be able to change it. Adding a money cost to it wouldn’t be bad but respeccing is practically free and money is useless end game so why no make it cost a lot? Like a lot, lot. Give us a reason to save up.

  2. I’d like for underlevel gear drops to be history, as do the majority of the BL community. It sucks. I don’t think being able to level up your guns would be a good decision however. It would take away from the farming aspect of the game. On the other hand if it cost a ton of money or Eridium (or whatever) then it wouldn’t see any use besides leveling up your end game gear (which shouldn’t drop underleveled to begin with).

  3. I’m not a fan of the Flakker but I know some people are. It has it’s place and truthfully, I think the game needs more guns like this that divide the playerbase instead of just having Harolds and Sandhawks that overpower everything else.

  4. I’d rather see a balanced weapon set for BL3. Harold is great but it’s so great that it overshadows a crap ton of equipment. Shame the Fragnum never got a small buff. More splash damage or even a larger splash radius (my biggest gripe with the weapon) would have made it much better. It’s a pretty good gun fitting some builds. I’m glad it’s not a Harold that anyone can just devastate things with.

  5. The grinder truly sucks. I don’t think the idea itself is irredeemable but the way it is in TPS is just bad. Especially since it’s the only way to get some legendaries aside from world drops or vendors and it’s the only way to get the best legendaries because of Luneshines (never seen a legendary in a luneshine chest myself or seen anyone get one either). The part switching of point 1 could be integrated to the grinder somehow too.

  6. I wouldn’t mind some returning gear, as long as it’s tweaked somehow to not be exactly the same. Mostly I want new and fresh stuff however. I’d love to see the Pimpernel return, just this time an actually balanced one. Make the damage better than a powerful sniper if you get the perfect shot but not OMGWTH damage it has in BL2. It’s a fun and unique gimmick that is overpowered simply because of the damage numbers being too high.

  7. I love headhunter DLC! New maps, some new enemies. If anything I’d like to see more content in them to make them a bit more than they are. Give us a reason to go to those maps again. Add a couple of minibosses to them that drop new legendaries (or some other rarity) of new gear introduced in that DLC.

  8. Cobra drop rate was fixed. It’s still really rare but the glitched drop rate was adjusted to be what it was supposed to be. The platform puzzle actually has a guaranteed time to go through. I’d wish it stayed off after you’ve been through it once so you don’t always have to keep standing there waiting for the right time to happen though.

Speaking of that I’d also like to see doors and stuff stay open when you’ve been through them. Caustic caverns in BL2 or Robot factory in TPS for example have doors you can unlock from the other side meaning you could save time on future runs. Except they don’t stay open if you quit out.

I thought the much improved items of the day in TPS vendors solved that. One of the things I greatly prefer about TPS over BL2 is that there’s an actual economy in this game! Sell stuff to get money to buy a legendary you want if it appears in a vending machine, or run them through the grinder to get gear that way - an interesting trade-off.

I would like to see an end to having to swap items in the bank, why cant I just put something in there or take something out? Also I would like to see more variety with campaign instead of just endless mobbing, also having to run the campaign 3 times gets tedious, I would enjoy a longer campaign where you are at max level by the end of it.

Would love a way to pick up items as trash. To mark it as trash as you pick it up. Maybe r3 or something.

I would like to see a full on replacement for the FL4K skill “Dominance” and I have an idea that suits it more. While the skill was a cool idea it’s sort of lackluster and isn’t very rewarding. My thought would be to replace it with a skill that enables FL4K to have ALL pets out at once. This would make pet builds much more interesting. For balancing sake, I believe you should be able to select the pets stage depending on how far you are in the skill tree otherwise they should be their level one stage. Additionally, slightly reduce their bonus so you arn’t super OP with certain things. Or don’t. I just thought this would be more suitable since in the trailers FL4K had all his pets out.

As for the pet commands, either just have all pets utterly wreck a single target or have 3 charges that activate one pet ability at a time. The “Gamma Burst” ability could make this a bit OP so possibly just do one pet at random? One more thing. The Jabber pet should not discard it’s weapon when “Gamma Burst” is active and instead should deal additional radiation damage with it’s bullets. I do hope you consider these ideas as it would make people use the pets more.