Suggestions for ernest

Ok this is not necessarily Balance but slight rework on the egg
My first is a big one, put the offense egg on only 15% boost, and the defense gets slight rework, now at the outer edge it gives the reduction we have now, but get closer it will raise to a total of 25-30 reduction

My suggestion has to do with helixes, I would like for eggcelerator to be on the defense egg and and increase eggslowerator to 40% slow,next let the shield for the egg be only on defense side only,and it will recharge on either side but stop if the egg is being damaged

Lastly, I would like to have the defense egg have the rotten egg helix, since it makes since because are denial

That’s it and by the way the eggcelerattor is optional change, another being that hard boiled applies for defense egg

So your proposal is to make Attack Mode useless? Making the base Attack Mode less powerful, and stacking 5 out of the 7 helix choices on a better Defense Mode.

So in place of my rant, no I do not think this is a good idea, at all. And I personally think you should reconsider how you approach proposing changes for characters in the future.


Well a 15% attack speed is a lot along with possible reload and attack damage, and I said eggcelerator and hard boiled are optional, besides the defense egg is currently almost useless, maybe rotten egg for offense does increased damage and defense does a rumble on enemies in radius?

I’m still a little salty so I’m gonna nit pick.

You can’t have both, it’s either or.

Hard boiled has always been exclusive to Defense mode.

True. But the approach I’m trying to facilitate is… “Why not suggest that Attack mode stays basically how it is, as it is fun and effective, and then suggest ways for Defense mode to be better at the same time?” I don’t see why it was your first instinct to make Attack mode bad and Defense mode good, it’s contradictory to your quote.

So to say it again, what do you have against both modes being good? Why make a character who is suppose to be dynamic, and is suppose to have to choose how he plays in the heat of the moment with his secondary, now just know he’s going to stack Defense mode because there is no reason not to?

This is worded kind of weird, but I think I know what you’re trying to say and I like this thought process.

Instead of bringing down the good parts of his egg, you can make the bad choices better. And the idea to have every Power Egg helix boost both modes is great! So just like how Over Easy gives a shield on both modes, something like Eggcelerator can give a move speed boost in Attack Mode AND a cooldown reduction in Defense Mode.


This is an egg-ceptional idea :stuck_out_tongue:


Wld you say this idea got you…Egg-cited? :smiley:


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Not at all…
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I thought maybe you were a rob zombie fan based off your name… Woulda been a decent pun if it was…

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Ok I forgot hard boiled was increased damage reduction, the offense egg is quite powerful even without its helixes though, seriously 25 percent increased attack speed is crazy

And I don’t plan to make offense egg unviable

Please stop.

I’d like the egg cool down timer to start once destroyed rather than deployed. Right now killing the egg is meaningless since he always has another at the ready.


This would be nice and I think another appropriate change to make alongside this would be to make it to where in defense mode, the egg itself is more durable

Also your avi cracks me up every time

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Why wld you ask me to stop after i had already stopped?
Unless you actually wanted me to continue…
In which case id have to decline…
…the egg puns have…gone rotten at this point.

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I personally would revitalize Defense mode by reshaping Rotten Egg.

  1. Shift to a Defense mode ofc.
  2. See Rotten Egg effect’s animation? It literary beats the ground. Don’t tell me you didn’t expect that: yup. I want knockup (or at least knockback) shockwave every 1.5 s in place of simply a DMG thump.
    Explanation: by my perception of Egg modes philosophy in Battleborn, Attack mode applies to Ernest’s Grenade launcher functionality, and the Defense mode to …messing with Ernest’s survivalability - thus it got CC slow and DMG reduction. Since damagaing nearby enemies has nothing to do with launcher, and generally suppose to scre’em off the Egg - it goes to Defense mode.

Also Mine Grid, Ernie’s Ult: more mines to cover larger area or larger spread of bouncing Betties (ti with AoE), but at a cost of being destroyable ones (just like a remote charge or Sunspot). Mines also should last longer ofc.

That’s could work, maybe you can come up with stuff, my only worry is i feel some helixes should only keep one egg type effective (one being that way is enough for me)