Suggestions for Game Update

A few things that I think would be good additions if the Battleborn Tap game were to be updated again.

First, I think there should be a small chance the the enemies will drop buffs. This could be a new Artifact that gives the change.

Second, I have a couple buff suggestions. 1. A new buff that drops a turret so that it would be an additional auto-tap, that you don’t actually have to tap the screen for. 2. A buff that adds a 6th random Battleborn onto the screen for a short duration.

Third, a new Artifact suggestion, one that gives you a percent of tap damage as splash damage, so that you damage all enemies on the screen, instead of one at a time.

Fourth, a chance that normal enemies will drop mythstones. It takes a super long time to get the high end artifacts and this might speed that up just a hair.

Fifth, the ability to bank buffs and use later them later.

Thanks for taking the to to read my suggestions and I hope they will help improve the game.

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I would like some way to get the single gear piece i don’t have. I’ve been sitting pretty at 74/75 gear pieces for a good while now. Make it unlockable with mythstones or coins or something because it’s really making my inner completionist insane.

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I’m in the same boat :frowning: