Suggestions for game

I just wanted to state a few things, it was a bit disappointed these things weren’t in the game (yet).

  • Ability to skip cutscenes, easy to implement, saves so much frustration from creating new characters to playing at your own pace/speed in case you went through the cutscenes already. Make it optional to skip. Stop tormenting your players.

  • The map has been made confusing compared to Borderlands 2, it’s very frustrating to navigate to where you want to go quickly. It was simple and effective in Borderlands 2, where even the quest you were on would already show where you needed to go right away in the selection. Now it’s zoom in on a planet, zoom in on a part of a planet, find a console there somewhere on the map if its the right part of the planet you need to be. Really hurts userfriendlyness.

  • Add an option to either strip visual effects to lessen the lag in IU nagivating/switching around (on console), or make the IU less laggy by default, it’s slow, laggy and annoying to move around. I would rather have everything look less fancy and have a steady IU than have a fancy look and lag allaround

  • Let vehicle spawn consoles be useable from not just the front, but from any angle

Just my feedback, cheers

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I’d like to throw out there it would be nice if shield boosters would auto pick up or at least have a toggle for it.

I also like the idea of having a list for fast travel as seen in the past as opposed to point and click.

Not sure if it would have unintended effects, but I wish the no u-turn fast travel in skywell was just a regular one.

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