Suggestions for Guardian Rank deactivation

I know Gearbox are already working on this, but here are my ideas for disabling Guardian Ranks. The main culprit in my opinion is Shield Reboot (killing an enemy triggeres shield recharge), which is very powerful for most builds but terrible for roid shield builds. I haven’t unlocked it yet for this very reason, but in theory it should be terrible and I’ve seen other players who have unlocked it complaining bitterly about it (please correct me if I’m wrong).

Now if there’s simply one on/off switch for the entire Guardian Rank stuff (similar to BL2), this would still be terrible because only because of this one perk you’d lose everything else too, giving your character an even greater disadvantage.

Ideal would be if you could just disable each reward individually (click on the icon and it’s grey), that would solve all problems. It would also allow players to disable everything else they don’t like (e.g. Hollow Point) but keep what they like.

“Even more ideal” would be if disabling them would also not be account-wide but tied to each character. So by default they’re all on, but you can turn off Shield Reboot just for your Melee Amara – so you won’t have to turn them on/off every time you switch characters.

Comments and ideas welcome.


I want to see, the Guardian ranks being able to be applied character specifically and not account bound. I mean, being able to spend the points differently per character(and being able to respec them like skillpoints), but the overall rank amount would still be account bound. This would solve every issue for it and not even need an on/off switch.

Would also be amazing for opening up build diversity.

I agree to your suggestions, about deactivating specific perks, and have made them myself before. The best of all worlds would be the combination of the two proposed ideas, so you can have drastically different types of characters with the same skills /gear setups. This would be akin to the paragon system with D3 with the level of customization to your end-game characters with allocation of points.

Yeah that’s what I meant actually. Edited the post to clarify that, thanks.

Me too, but I thought best would be a dedicated thread so chances are higher that Gearbox pays attention.

I honestly think it’s a bit odd that any one character can even get all of the Guardian rank perks. I would have thought they would make us pick which ones we want. Each character is meant to be unique too, yet here they can all get the same skills.