Suggestions for Ideal Weapons

just started with Wilhelm, picked him for the jets mostly due to my aggressive play style I’m going down the killer hunter route any left overs I will be putting those points on Auxiliary Tanks and Fortify skills, any left overs after will go on Man and Machine.

so any recommended gear that can be picked up at vending machines and drops?
note im not a fan of Shotguns and im far to aggresive to use a sniper

If you’re playing aggressively, Cyber Commando and early Dreadnought are your friends; if you’re just starting out, I’d recommend you max out Aux Tanks and Energize, then go Cyber Commando.
Hunter-Killer is more about hanging back and providing supporting fire while Wolf does the work. There’s some great skills in here, but if you want to do the damage yourself I’d just take Afterburners, Suppression & Laser Guided, then go back to the other trees.
For weapons other than Shotguns, you can make most anything work on your first playthrough, but here’s some to look for:

-For Pistols, Vladov Anarchist all the way. Crazy damage output, and if you ADS it stays on-target fairly well.
-For SMGs, it’ll depend how you play; Dahl SMGs are easy to keep on someone’s head if you’re aiming down sights a lot, otherwise Hyperion or some blue- or purple-rarity Scav SMG will do great.
-Lasers are always great on Wilhelm. Anything without a Railgun barrel should work wonders for you, especially if it’s a Maliwan.

Hope this helps!

ok thanks, i have a shock tedorie laser which i dont get on with. il have to repsec skils.

Don’t bother with the Tediore, honestly; especially if it’s a beam like the one you get from Deadlift, the recoil on those things is too ridiculous to waste your time with. I’d wait on a Maliwan or maybe a Hyperion or Dahl.

the recoil is very nasty defo, but its not the main reason i dont get on with it. i tend to wanna reload after battles so im ready for the next, however you cannot do that with a Tedorie.

on paper i got a much better laser its a Dahl Flashpoint Blaster. with Maliwan Scope and Stock. its a fire weapon

If you want to play aggressively (and by aggressively, I’m assuming you mean up close damage dealing. If this is incorrect, then please respond with more specifics on how you spec and play) and don’t like shotguns, I’d suggest:

  1. Tediore Splitter Lasers- these have the most upfront DPS of any splitter, and the shock tether from reload throws can activate cold war if you have that skill.

  2. Gwen’s Other Head/ Party Popper/ Fragnum/ Maggie- If you can close the gap and get in close, these pistols can lay down some serious hurt. Three of the also have bonus crit damage.

  3. Bone Shredder- Wilhelm’s accuracy bonuses can make this decently accurate, and his bullet regen + his fire rate bonuses mean you can spam this bullet hose all day.

  4. Gatling Gun, Dahl Minigun

And of course, there are the usual weapons listed in the top gear thread.

Anything from there should do you justice.

after searching for codes, i ended up using 45 keys and got Conflagrated Accelerated Blaster (Maliwan, Fire). very nice gun all in, accurate, im not sure how the damage multiplier works though.