Suggestions for Improved Replayability

Have played an Amara through to end game, have enjoyed the game but am finding the game to have stalled out faster than expected. If others feel the same, maybe we can get a good list together that might help the developers going forward. Some thoughts include:

  • More events (Bloody Harvest wasn’t perfect, but new locations, gear, and mechanics always give a reason to come back)
  • More variation with Slaughter Houses (would be great to have there be some randomness to the enemies, side tasks, etc.)
  • Improved Proving Grounds (can’t put my finger on exactly why these aren’t that replayable but they seem to be much less popular than they could be)

Be great to get any other ideas :grin:


A new character revitalized it for me.


There is a part of me that is grateful that we are in this brief moment without new content. I wouldn’t have thought that part of me existed but 2 years in Destiny 2 where there is always some event and if not an event, a series of pinnacle activity grinds, has given me perspective. Year 2 of my personal Destiny 2 journey started feeling like work and less like a leisure activity. BL3 so far doesn’t feel overwhelming. And when you consider that the BL3 end game at launch is FAR more substantive than all the previous Borderlands games I’m quite pleased with where we are content wise and the pace of the 3 DLCs thus far.


I’ll just say this…

Borderlands 2 released September 18, 2012.
Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty DLC = October 8th
Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage = November 20th
Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt = December 14th

So at this point with BL2 we had three entire DLC packages on top of the extensive original game. With BL3 we’ve only had a single bossless DLC package and a Trial Boss added. Oh, and the Halloween thing which was just a single trial and was later removed from the game entirely.


Those DLC were quite rushed though and outsources to a different company. Tiny Tina’s keep is the only first party dlc and it was the only good one. I’d rather wait for good first party dlc than rushed third party stuff.


You also missed Gaige releasing early in the timeframe as well. I don’t recall when Kreig was added. And those cosmetic packs if you want to count them.

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Krieg was added with the UVHM level increase. (Gaige was a preorder bonus.)

Me putting my finger on it: there’s little to no variance in runs of proving grounds, and the rewards are minuscule compared to other activities.

This game needs some type of “endless” content; horde mode, adventure mode, rifts, strikes etc.

And Gearbox needs to do it right with adjustable difficulty, variable skill ceilings to appease noobs and veterans, leaderboards, generous rewards, and enough randomness to keep it fresh. Like procedurally generated environments or random enemies / bosses.

To give an example:

  • In this new game mode Gearbox can use the same environments in the game or just bits and pieces of areas separated by doors / walls to give the feeling of randomness each session.

  • When you begin the activity it’s filled with random enemies, with random loot containers, and they can either add objectives like collect x or hit x amount of switches, or just kill stuff until you get to a point. Say clear 10 rooms or something and a red chest appears. (With the chest actually being good and not filled with greens or one level 49 non anointed legendary)

  • After completing a checkpoint or certain number of rooms you hit a circular boss arena, they just copy it from nearly any boss fight there’s a ton of them in the game. In the boss arena the game spawns a random boss who drops a random guaranteed anointed dedicated drop or some kind of good reward. Rinse and repeat.

  • You can keep going as long as you want without saving or quitting, with either consistent good rewards, or increasingly better rewards with harder difficulty your choice.

  • We would be able to save our favorite configurations / runs of this new mode, and share them with our friends, or replay them for more rewards.

  • Leaderboards for timed runs, or even ghosts for asynchronous multiplayer for solo players or even groups would encourage replayability and friendly competition without direct PvP.

Those are just some quick thoughts and ideas for a new mode.

I know this sounds like some stupid ■■■■■■■■ I just pulled out of my ass, (Because it is) but I was just giving an example of cheap, easy, recycled content Gearbox could produce that presumably wouldn’t cost a ton of resources (compared to a new in-house story driven dlc) to implement and would appease the community and give us something else to do endgame.

Im not saying it’s perfect, and for some players there would need to be some reason to do it lore wise or something, otherwise they can just slap on the old VR explanation.


My own finger putting is a LOT less ambitious. :grin:

If you complete all the optional objectives an anointed legendary or the class mod is guaranteed to be in the final chest.

I’d like to see weapon balance were worthless legendaries are buffed to MH4 standard (most of DLC weapon power level). This would give me more options to chase, builds to create, fun to be had - without actually adding any new content.

I threw on my torgue alligence setup, added Crops and nukem to the mix. nukem, a atom bomb slinging launcher hit for 40k WITH splash annointment. Craps crit for 30k-60k (red text proc)… wtf??

I want to see a weapon balance path that makes sense for once. Many snipera, launchers and hyperion SMGs just feel like tickle sticks and under perform as hell. The meta weapons are meta not because they’re OP necessarily, but feel powerful in the content we have.

That would give me a lot more replayability.

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Sounds great to me. I’d love to see this as a free DLC (like the takedown), run by Axton and Gaige. They’ve build a new holodome, full of foes they’ve scanned using your echo (or something) and can digistruct holograms of every boss you’ve fought and various enemies you’ve come up against. Also, new robots, build by Gaige.
You run through an area and they digistruct enemies in at random, based on settings you choose at the beginning, like you said. It would allow them to make the place look like any other world and reshape the arena to keep it feeling new.


This is that good ■■■■ that I’m talking about.

There’s already stuff in place in the lore of the game to basically give us in mr torgue voice

ANY ■■■■■■■ EXCUSE TO BLOW ■■■■ THE ■■■■ UP


i felt like the actual reason of why i dont replay the story is because the level you would get from playing naturally does match the next story mission u would be playing . it kinda encourage to play through the story without playing side quest on a new character.

borderlands 2 is more like , u rush through story (just going though maps without actual combat , only kill the necessary) but eventually underlevel , then play some side quest , ended up actually like a journey.

i think the replayability have nothing to do with the amount of content bl3 currently have , because the moment u enjoy is progression , from 0 to full gear max level


A ton of bounties, another galaxy and randomized dungeons accessed via Maurice opening rifts.


Well, fortunately for you, you don’t have a choice. You’ll have to wait because there is option and no more DLC to choose from. Yay for you.