Suggestions for Improving the Game

First of all, I want to say that I think that this was a great idea for a game, and that it came out at a very opportune time. I love the art style, the not-too serious, not-too goofy type of atmosphere. I really want to see this game pick up speed and be one of the most competitive/fun pvp games on the market. I consider myself a very seasoned gamer (specializing in pvp) and I know that this game has a real shot of drawing in the masses. I want to help out by giving you all some tips that I think have to happen in order for battleborn to be successful.

First things first, there HAS to be a real ranked, thought out, pvp mode. This should be unique to each game type that is offered, seeing as the game types are so diverse. The reason people have played LOL, Dota, WOW, or Halo is to keep improving their skill and rank. Creating character specific levels can only go so far, but by adding a RANK to the game, this is a permanent solution to keeping people drawn in. To touch even further on the ranked mode, there should be seasons associated with it, and a draft pick wouldn’t be a bad idea either. These seasons could offer cosmetic rewards to players based on rank at the end of the season. The rewards show players that there is an end goal for improving rank.

The second thing that I would like to see improved isn’t even that big of a change, but it would offer a huge impact on gameplay and replayability. Allowing players to view our characters and loadouts while searching for a game! This is such an easy fix, and the community would absolutely love it. I’m a huge LOL player so I know what I’m talking about when I’m saying this, it is CRUCIAL for us to see our characters and plan ahead.

The next change is also a very small change that I believe would draw more people in; punishing people for leaving games or AFK’ing. I know that this seems unnecessary, but it matters to anyone who will be playing this game more than a couple of times. Nothing is more frustrating than to have to die for 30 minutes straight because someone had to step away. The punishment should escalate according to the severity, or number of times that it has/had happened.

The next change may be large depending on how much work and time that you at gearbox plan on putting into the game now that it has released. By keeping a steady stream of characters/skins entering the game, players will love you. I know that there are 5 more characters planned right now, but let’s be honest, 1 character every month or so is the ideal timeframe for new releases. Gamers love microtransactions. I know you’re thinking, this guy is crazy, but go and look at LOL and how much cash that it brings in. People will pay to get what you’re offering if they like the game. You could even take an approach of offering every character free as long as they play 20 or so matches and save their points. The majority of people would be willing to pay just to speed things up.

Like I said, I’m only a lowly gamer who has spent a lot of time playing PVP games. I have no idea how businesses work, but I do know what gamers want. Take just one or two of these steps and people will start talking and the players will roll in. If you build it, they will come.

EDIT: Ok ok, so gamers don’t love microtransactions, but they are not a bother to most of us if done correctly.

A Very Hopeful Gamer.

Wow… so, most of what you said I can get behind and I think a lot of it is already on it’s way… but what?!

No, gamers do not like Microtransactions on $60 titles. No, gamers do not like rushed characters just so the developer can boast 1 character a month. No, developing a character for a MOBA is not as complex as developing a character in an FPS where you have a full extra dimension of mobility to consider and a much MUCH faster pace of gameplay. No, 5 characters in a year is not too small a number.

Seriously though, I don’t think anyone ever said “gamers love microtransactions” before before you. Yes, they work in a free to play game cost scheme, but almost every one of those games gets a community based on the “it’s free” mentality and end up paying a little here, a little there till it adds up. The problem is, when you combine a B2P game with a F2P model, you turn everyone off. The F2P people who don’t mind spending a few bucks here and there realize they have to spend $60 to get in and the B2P crowd realizes the $60 doesn’t get them all of the content. Both crowds turn away in disgust. So NO THANK YOU! Gearbox, you keep doing what you know how. The last thing we need is Microtransactions and half-assed characters being rushed down our throats.


Lets be real, if we lived in a world where people wouldn’t pay for microtransactions, then League would be the most unsuccessful game out there. I don’t think you’re catching my point. I don’t like microtransactions, but people will happily pay for them if they are A. Affordable, or B. A time saver. Gamers do not like microtransactions that make games unbalanced, but paying someone to save time or to put on a skin is completely alright in my book.

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Microtransactions and F2P are a cancer that needs to stop. I will never ever play a game again that has this bullshift in it.
Up front all the way from here on out no matter how much I love the IP. I want my game publishers to name their price and offer for the full service and I’ll happily pay 80 bucks if the content merits it. If not, I’ll wait till the price drops.

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Here here!

You missed my point. First off, no one LIKES Microtransactions, we deal with the evil to feed our habit. Everyone realizes it’s unhealthy, but gamers have addictive personalities as a general rule. The instant gratification makes us feel better and opening blind packs, buying new items with instant impact in something we do, etc, release the same kind of chemicals into our brains as some recreational drugs. We get addicted to them which is different than liking them.

Secondly, the issue isn’t whether or not people will spend money on microtransactions, it’s that making a full retail game, assigning the appropriate price tag, and then adding microtransactions is a surefire way, historically, of killing your game. Suggesting Battleborn take up this model because you want it to survive is laughable as it will very quickly kill the game. No one will spend $60 knowing they have to then spend money on a regular basis to get all of the content. DLC gets away with it because we have always been alright with expansions. The idea that spending money to extend the life of a product is different than spending money to get the content you thought you already paid for.

I hope that clarifies why Microtransactions, ESPECIALLY in this situation, are evil.

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Sp you realize we are prone to addiction yet you advertise mechanisms that reinforce addition?
I got sucked into this trap with two games and I learned my lesson. Sure those companies got me good
and milked me dry. From a business standpoint that was pretty effective. However both companies
look like they will be out of business soon. And I will not spent another dime on an addiction machine.
So the next F2P has one less whale to fund another ones free ride.

edit: oh I was confused, nevermind

If we are talking about real suggestions I would like it if there were some way to unlock the Lore Challenges without playing the PVP mode if you aren’t good at it or without playing the Story Mode if you just aren’t going to do that. So you can stick to what you want.

I would love a Third-Person View option something like Skyrim has I mean they show that angle when you are watching your teammates play when you are dead. Something that could switch.

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This wouldn’t really work. The game is a good portion PvP. These PvP lore challenges exist for the characters who are very PvP focused. It adds to the lore of the character that killing other players is part of that character’s background.

Again, this wouldn’t work for competitive reasons. Having a 3rd person view provides an unnecessary sight benefit to a character which would easily upset the balance and basically require 3rd person view to play competitively if you wanted to see more of your surroundings. The views go into balance the same as anything else.

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BTW, I am not coming into your TPS and demand FPS so please don’t ask for TPS here.

Well to be honest the PvP focused thing sounds a bit far-fetched to me like only Whiskey Foxtrot killing Oscar Mike makes any sense. For both ways why should it matter if El Dragon kills Isic in Story Mode or in PVP. Still including a way like using the in game currency to buy the lore challenge you can’t complete wouldn’t be the worst thing.

Then just make it available in the Story mode it seems like the camera work is already in the game for it. One of the best parts of having a game with so many awesome characters is actually being able to see them. Also it’s a suggestion I think that would had another element to the game. There is plenty of advantages and disadvantages to adding it.

and MarXmaN I’d welcome if you did, if you prefer First-Person View then you should let the people know in a Third-Person game.

I agree with your first point. Playerchoice is always a good thing (they nailed it with the unlock system where you can choose to do a challange, or just don’t bother and level up. Love it!)

Second point is really not great, at least in the pvp section of the game. 3rd person > 1st person when you have the choice (just look at Battlefront -.-’). 1st person would become redundant.

It would not only become redundant, people would think you are funny in the head for not using it.