Suggestions for legendary/unique weapons

We’ve seen some crazy weapons that make quick work of enemies, while having some really bad weapons in all ways, and some that sound nice in paper, but work horribly when you use them. Let’s fix that. In here you can suggest ways to fix already bad weapons, and help to avoid useless weapons in the future. So let your imagination fly.

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A gun that shoots kittens. They do no damage, but they look adorable.

Honestly though, I think that a gun which shoots enlarged rounds might be interesting. Kinda like Torgue in BL2, except they move at regular speed and are more like mini cannonballs. Could (and probably should) be workshoped, but it might be nifty.


I really wanted the Cobra to be great in bl2, but because of the reduced crit damage it kinda sucks next to purple jakobs snipers.


Isn’t it a bit early for this, this late in development i doubt they’d be taking ideas

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Bringing S&S back is all I ask for.


How about making that gun sort of a grenade launcher, that lays proximity mines, and those mines are the kittens, so when they get bothered they’ll become extremely aggressive.
And make sure that’s the most OP and the most CUTE weapon

Reality is often disappointing.jpg

I know, but it is better late than never.

Me too, actually i expected for S&S in BL2 and BL3, but Reality is often disappointing.jpg

We’ve got a long list here.

Also, you can reply to multiple people in a thread in one go, either by quoting them (click and highlight then click the quote popup box) or using the @ function for them. Double, triple posts or more just takes up unnecessary space for the posts.


Then I’d like to see your ideas, surprise us. Remember to be creative and use the power of your IMAGINATION

  • The Old Wolf
    For Fidele
    Pistol. Always Bladed. Increased Melee damage and Melee speed. Otherwise normal stats.

  • Kadoshim’s Bane
    You’ve got to take their head
    Sniper Rifle. Greatly increased critical hit damage. Reduced damage elsewhere. Increased Accuracy. Normal stats otherwise. Always Bladed.
    Special Effect - Critical Hit kills cause a shadowy wraith effect on targets. Wraith screeches and evaporates very quickly.

  • Sgeul
    My Sgeul, A telling, of the lives I’ve taken
    Turtle Shield, high capacity. High recharge rate. Low health reduction.
    Special Effect - Gains 5% base capacity per kill up to 50%. Resets upon FFYL / save and quit. Thorny vine visual wraps around right arm when equipped showing a thorn for each stack.

  • Lasair
    Tine agus lasair
    Grenade. Always incendiary - explodes into a ball of flame on impact with a “Whoomp” noise. Increased incendiary damage, always lobbed. Regen (like TTAODK grenades?)

All references to John Gwynne’s Faithful and Fallen series.

  • The Greatcoat
    I hate magic

Legendary com set. Provides ammo regen to a clip or 5% of max capacity (whichever is lowest). Includes grenades, but only up to 1 at a very slow rate.

Reference to Sebastien De Castell’s Greatcoats series.

  • Municipal Darwinism
    For Quirke’s sake

Relic (or equiv) that prevents player vehicle damage from running enemies over. No loot drops but enemies are converted to vehicle health if killed by being crashed into.

Reference to Mortal Engines. (Phillip Reeve)

  • Orogenic Torus
    We’re just a tool of the Fulcrum
    Relic/Nova shield. Upon going into FFYL sends a highly damaging shockwave out that causes explosive (and possibly cryo) damage to all enemies touching the ground.

Fifth Season reference. (NK Jemisin)

  • Starborn
    Such power, at what cost?
    Unique Amp shield. Boosts as long as there’s charge left on the shield. Fully depletes on AS use or if two are equipped in the party.

  • Solar Wielder/Lunar Wielder
    A bonded pair
    Amp shields. Recharges with no delay if day/night respectively. Heavily delayed recharge otherwise. If an opposing shield is equipped in the party both receive an additional 25% amp boost at no extra cost. 10% boost if day/night respectively.

Starborn/Heartland/Firestorm reference. (Lucy Hounsom)

  • Hermetical
    Feel the gold, channel it.
    Prefix for a pistol, sniper or rocket launcher (Hermetical Ops/Hermetical Potentia/Hermetical Discharge). Deals increased damage against “beastial” (non-human) creatures at about 10% of normal damage. Gives a gold flare on impact.

  • The Wild
    The Wild isn’t that different to civilisation
    Prefix for a Shotgun, assault rifle or rocket launcher (The Wild Ops/The Wild Potentia/The Wild Discharge). Deals increased damage against human creatures at about 10% of normal damage. Gives a green flare on impact.

Traitor’s son reference. (Miles Cameron)

I could probably pull more ideas from books given the time, and a re-read but those will do for now.


Name: Storm Bolter

Text: Fifty Shades of Gray Knights

Large caliber Explosive element SMG. Bullets similar in size to Torgue guns in BL2 but travel at normal speed.

Name: Stimutab

Text: It’s like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain!

MIRV grenade explodes into 2-3x more additional grenades as normal. Initial grenade is explosive. MIRV’s created by the initial explosion choose elements at random for each individual MIRV grenade.

Name: One for All

Text: United States of SMASH!

Roid shield. Starts at high amount of Roid damage and increases further the lower the user’s HP is. Melee attacks deal AoE damage when boosted by Roid effect.

Yeah I don’t really feel like putting too much effort in this atm. :stuck_out_tongue:


Those are really great concepts.

You really took your time thinking about those, Didn’t you?

I’m a fan in general of having “useless” gear in games, it makes the special gear feel all that more special and part of the exploration of the games is finding out what is actually special. Besides - much of the gear the community generally thinks of as bad really isn’t, there’s just gear that is better - but you can still beat the game with the “bad” gear. (Always thought it was odd that some streamers/YouTube personalities would turn Badass Ranks off “because it makes the game too easy” but then spend hours farming for gear that made the game a cake-walk. :slight_smile: )

That said, I do get the point about guns like the Cobra in BL2. It was disappointing in that a gun so rare (if you didn’t farm it in the original Loot Hunt) wasn’t great.

Some really good suggestions listed here for new types of gear!

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you’re right on that one, but I only agree with non-uniques, because if a gun it’s unique it’s because that gun is better than most of non-uniques, especially talking about things extremely rare such as the cobra, but I do get your point.
Thanks for leaving your opinion about this.

Meh 1 more just came to mind.

Name: Fallout

Text: Straight out of Vault 76

Assault Rifle with exceptional stats and spawns shield boosters on kills. However only a handful of parts combinations operate flawlessly. Any versions of the weapon that don’t spawn a flawless combination of parts will suffer random fits of performance issues ranging from random ammo loss, jamming, misfires, shield boosters not spawning, shield boosters exploding when picked up, healing the enemy, etc…

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That’s a perfect gun for masochists, I like it, I want try it out

I love the concept of the roid shield.

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Can we like get all the uniques being useful in the end game? Like different unique bonuses depending on level/game mode.

There was so many fun guns in bl2, which were just pointless to use, so people farmed the same boring guns like Harold.

It would be cool to have a sytem, where non-uniques are good if not the best at doing their primary jobs with unique guns being completely different and game changing weapons good in some setups or just the best at certain jobs. So, you had an incentive to look for and keep non-uniques.

There could be major fundamental differences between guns not in their stats, but in their gameplay and interactions depending on their rarity. Something like:

Pearls: They are better versions of non-uniques having some minor nuances like non-typical burst fire mod, unlimitted magazine, extremely high fire-rate or built-in inconcievable. They do the same job as non-uniques, and they do it the same way, but they do it a bit better depending on the setup. Butcher would be a great example of a good pearl.

Unique Blue Guns: They are completely different, gamechanging guns, which change the way a player is supposed to play the game. They do their job well and sometimes much better then non-uniques, but only in the right setup. They are specialist guns. Twister, Slow Hand(Backdraft build) would be good examples of good Unique Blue Guns with Twister being able to qualify for a legendary weapon. Pimpernel would be a bad example, because it was too powerful for a unique gun and it just made many weapons in the game obsolete due to being a quest reward.

Legendaries: They are completely different guns, which execute their unique mechanics, which conpletely change the game. They do their job worse or better than non-uniques, but depending on setup and how well the player executes the gun. Flakker/Longbow from bl2 would be good examples of good legendary guns, which changed the way people had to play in order to make them effective. Volcano/Storm/DPUH would be the examples of bad legendaries, since the only difference between them and non-uniques gameplay-wise is only the amount of dps.

I was just extremely frustrated at many pearl or legendary guns in the game, which were completely useless or pointless. I don’t understand why weapons like Hawkeye, Godfinger, Lyuda(!) Bekah(!), Volcano, Storm, Ogre(!), exist in the game, when some guns just do thier jobs much better.

And I was extremely pleased to discover guns like Flakker, Twister, Slow Hand+Transformer, which just forced me to completely change my gameplay in order to make them more efficient.

Like it would be cool if people, who are creating uniques were more focused not on the stats of their weapons, but how those weapons affect the gameplay and be biased towards gamechanging concepts.

Like why do we have guns like Heartbreaker, Hydra, DPUH, Vremington’s Edge or 1337 in the game? 1337 is fun or what was the name of that loader bot shotgun? But it was too underwhelming to use, because it was just a hyperion shotgun.

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The Peruvian
Dance, puppet
Maliwan corrosive sniper which doesn’t fire bullets but poison darts. The poison makes them attack their allies, much like a Goliath after you shoot off their helmet.

Always comes with a very good scope. Low RoF, no crit, does 1 damage. Corrosive element never procs.


1340 shotgun