Suggestions for legendary/unique weapons

The Pessimist or The Optimist
They can because they think they can
A Tediore SMG That always has its magazine at half capacity, allowing you to reload without firing. The magazine size would be abnormally high since its halved to keep up with other tediore weapons.
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With radiation as a confirmed element…

I feel like they’re obligated to add a Legendary radiation element grenade that just does a single very large explosion with a mushroom cloud…


Bring back the Chimera th(3)


Aether, fire, air, earth and water. All on one hand
Pearlescent amp shield. Low capacity, each shot depletes it. Very low delay. Very high recharge rate. Critical hits adapt to elemental effectiveness. Otherwise applies native element (that shield spawned with)

Powder Horn
Keep away from flames
A unique shaped grenade shaped like a powder horn. Thrown overarm, explodes when shot / hit or ran into by enemies (in the same way as contact grenades did). Always Explosive. Larger Radius. High Damage. Leaves a mild ringing post explosion.

Adom Reborn
Gods are just extremely powerful mortals
Relic. All pickups heal for 2.5% maximum health in addition to normal (includes loot, cash, eridium, health vials and more)

A War-time hero
Unique single shot Jakobs. 100% accuracy. Critical hits split into two shots that aim for enemies, able to ricochet once before stopping. If bullet is in flight for 5 seconds before hitting anything automatically fires a second for free.

Dynize Hrusch
Beware the Red Stripe
100% accuracy sniper. Jakobs. +250% additional crit damage. Additional 150% if hitting shielded enemies. Ignores shields.

Powder Mage references

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These seem more like obscure references rather than pop-culture. At least not pop-culture that your average player would get. Going by your own words:

I could probably pull more ideas from books given the time…

You seem to be basing the majority of your ideas solely off of books. Where’s all the TV and movie references? Where’s the references to comic books and iconic pop-culture icons in fiction? The only source for your references that I knew, was Mortal Engines, and only the movie not the book, and I don’t think it’s a “generation gap” issue - I’m 38 yrs old.

They are if you’re not the sort of person to track the Hugo award, Gemmel Morningstar or other literary prizes.

Those references in my last post are from Brian McClellen’s Powder Mage trilogy which began in 2014 I believe.

And all the others were the past decade or so.

I’m an avid reader, and as such I read a lot of, and bring up, odd references all the time. And think literary Easter Eggs would be glorious.

There’s a load of them already. I don’t see the point of cramming more common knowledge pop culture in. Obscure stuff that will float by most and make a few people chuckle would be a great addition in my opinion. And, ultimately, when it’s explained may be able to persuade people to pick up a book.


Then I’m going to say that in general, they are obscure. There are no caveats or justifications required to make it appear less obscure than they are, because I’d wager the majority of the player-base for Borderlands, or even video games in general, doesn’t track, or even care for those things. I’d even say the majority have never even heard of some, if not all of them.

There’s a load of them, because people get them… And I don’t think “common knowledge” is an accurate term. Common knowledge is something like knowing that the earth revolves around the sun. You don’t need to be into pop-culture to know that concept. It is something that most, if not all people get. “Well known” is a more accurate term.

Well there is a difference between “obscure stuff” and “obscure stuff that you personally are into.” I mean, it’s not like you put in some things that you personally relate to, and other general pop-culture stuff that most others would get. No, you did like 100% “just you stuff,” which is why to me, your ideas just comes off as some selfish, self-serving list of “please put this in, because I, personally think it’s cool,” rather than coming up with pop-culture references that are well-known or at least, fit the theme of Borderlands and/or video games.

But why do you care? Again, it comes off as selfish - “people should read more, because I enjoy reading and I want them to find the joy I find in it.”
I don’t have a problem with reading books/articles or watching interesting/informative videos/lectures or documentaries on topics. I’m allbut reading when it serves a purpose. When there is something to gain from it, be it information or skills, but reading “for fun” is among the most boring hobbies I can think of, right up there with watching sports and fishing.

I would also never try and push my personal passions into a game like this. Instead, I would look for references that fit the theme and the player-base, that would lead to content that makes for a better overall experience for the game, and not just “I like these things, put them in, PLEASE!!” Or perhaps it’s a result of you not really knowing of relevant any pop-culture references outside of this little bubble you seem to be in?

Because reading is a great hobby, and if you don’t enjoy it you’ve evidently not found the right genre.

Obviously my opinion. Based on an upbringing where I was encouraged to read and feel it’s been very beneficial to me as an individual.

Except anything suggest here probably won’t make it in due to potential legal issues due to original IP ownership, who the idea stemmed from and all sorts of pointless red tape.
And I’d say copying popular culture slapping a new skin on it for quick, cheap and easy laughs in the laziest way of making Easter eggs.

Ultimately though this thread is for fun, to have a laugh with. I’m sorry you don’t see the funny side of the literary references.

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Cannibal Ramsay Holocaust transfusion grenade.
(Master Chef/Cannibal Holocaust)
Let’s find the lost film crew. You call this food!?
Alwa ays homing. Sets enemies on fire that then swell and burst, releasing child grenades. Always incendiary.

Ice 9 grenade (Cat’s Cradle)
Cradle of Cats
Lays a blanket of ice on the ground that spreads and freezes anything that touches it dealing continuous cryo damage.

The Model. Pickman’s. (Pickman’s Model)
Don’t ask why I no longer ride the subway.
A MIRV grenade that plants thresher seeds all about the blast area.

The Second Moon rain grenade (1Q84)
I thought the police didn’t carry guns?
A rain grenade that spreads bouncing betties all around it.

Parentheses contain the references, in case anyone was wondering.



It’s not the genre that’s the problem, it’s medium. Reading books is boring. And please don’t resort to being one of those condescending ■■■■■■■■, that contributes a lack of enjoyment of books to a lack of intelligence, because my sister, who possess genius-level IQ, has a Masters in psychology and speaks two languages, also cannot stand reading books for fun. Remember, I never said I hate reading. I said I hate reading for fun - when it lacks purpose, because I view books more as a tool.

“Quick, cheap and easy laughs,” is a recurring theme in Borderlands, that has shown to be tried and true…and what’s the point in pointing in an Easter Egg that most people will not even get, let alone, even care about once they do get it?..

It’s not an issue to whether or not I see the “funny side” of literary references. It’s about whether or not I see relevance in even having them in this game. This isn’t about me “attacking” you because you don’t like the same things I like. It’s about looking at the context and environment for both the game and the player-base/community, and based off of that, criticizing your ideas because I think they are ■■■■.

You might want to use the rest of that quote;

Because the obscurity will get a laugh from some. There’s a reading thread in the off topic because there’s enough people on these forums enjoy reading. They’d appreciate book references.


But are they all that’s there? I doubt many kids get the references to “The Good The Bad and The Ugly” or “Yojimbo”, but they are included. Just because they make “dumb” jokes doesn’t mean there’s no room for intelligent/obscure ones. I’ve never played Dark Souls or seen Game of Thrones, or played Minecraft, but I’m not against them being included.

Is this thread really about relevance? The game is coming to market soon, none of these will make it in. I thought this was a “what would you like to see” type thing, which says fun to me.

I don’t think any of us know the extent of the community’s interests. There are players in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and even 80s here. Maybe a Jules Verne reference would be welcome. Inclusivity isn’t about the masses, it’s about everyone feeling and being welcome. Easter eggs are treats for those who find and get them and curiosities for those that find them and don’t.

Speaking of Verne:

The Nautilus launcher (20000 Leagues Under the Sea)
Red Text: Nemo would be proud.
Rockets travel underground and explode upward in rain grenade fashion.

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Three Little Grenades
A farmer, a stoner, and an architect by the pool.
Triple AOE grenade
A grenade that splits into shock, fire, and corrosive damage child grenades.

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Implying that most of the people playing Borderlands (or games in general) are “kids”… the average gamer is 34yrs. old and 70% of gamers are 18 or older.

The difference being that those are all popular, well-known references…

And yet Jules Verne, again, is a well-known reference…the issue isn’t you using books as reference, it’s using obscure books as reference.

Who said anything about inclusivity? Again, you seem to show your selfishness - you felt left out and wanted to make it about you and/or what you like.

Yes, they are that, but they pretty much always serve some sort of relevance, whether it be a reference to video games in general, to the game/franchise in which they are found, the dev team, an inside joke amongst the community, well-known pop culture (or even real world) references, etc.

Dude, slow your roll. If I was being selfish I’d want every thing I’d not heard of excluded, which seems closer to your point than mine. And if I thought that all gamers were kids I probably wouldn’t have pointed out that

Inclusivity, as I see it, is that all ideas are welcome. If you wanted to see a punk/polka reference I’d not deny you that pleasure, or the ability to say you’d like to see it here, even if I did not think it appropriate. Rather than dump on ideas you don’t get or don’t deem appropriate why not just play the game with everyone else? I didn’t say your ideas have no merit, justvthat everyone’s has equal merit. And again, this is not a thread for ideas to be considered, it’s more of a wishlist for folks already playing. If you’ve got nothing to add then don’t disparage contributions made in good faith.


The BFG (book by Roald Dahl)
Sweet dreams.
A nova shield that deals damage and knocks back enemies while granting health and temporary regen to the wearer and allies within range.

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The Contortionist
Contort yourself five times.
A shotgun with a somewhat narrow spread where the pellets contort around each other, in an almost dancing fashion. 50% more critical damage.


No, you wouldn’t necessarily do that, because that isn’t the context of the thread. My point, is that every reference you make, has to do with you and your personal likes. Like I already said, you don’t even attempt to mix it up with more well-known, general pop culture references or even Borderlands related content - it’s just all you.

It was never about stating ALL gamers are kids… You’re statement implied that there are enough kids playing Borderlands (aka the majority) that it would make those references you stated irrelevant or “lost” on the player-base. However, (as I bring up) going by the actual numbers, they wouldn’t be. Bringing up that there are also players in older demographics playing games, doesn’t change anything.

Sure, all ideas are welcome. That doesn’t mean all ideas are good ideas…

But they don’t all have equal merit, just like opinions.

Is that what it is, because this is not what my takeaway was from the OP:

That bolded part is what I figured was the point of the thread - ways to fix bad weapons that are already in the game and ways to avoid more bad weapons from showing up in the future, which is more about mechanics and gameplay, with the “let your imaginations fly” statement, implying to clever ways to achieving this. I did not see the OP translating to, “list entirely new guns you’d like to see in the game.”

The Nightmare at 20,000 Feet grenade mod

I realize what this sounds like. Do I look insane?

Singularity grenade that launches itself high into the sky then goes off, pulling enemies far up into the sky, and then dropping them to splat against the ground.

My favorite part of these games has always been the Legendary gear that does crazy, ridiculous things that may or may not be useful. I feel like this would be an awesome grenade mod to use outdoor.

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I’d apologize, because you’re not wrong, but I feel like you’d find a way to say I’m wrong for something. I’d be willing to bet that Easter eggs are in for the amusement of the devs rather than the playerbase, but I’m not in a position to say anything definitive. Still, contributions are what OP was looking for.


Pluto, shield (astronomy)
I’m a planet. I swear.
Low capacity, increased auto pickup distance for items.

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