Suggestions for Matchmaking Based on Command Rank

Breaking Character:

I mentioned this on another thread, but I wanted to mention it as its own post.
There have been a lot of complaints about people being forced to play with…
A. New players with low command ranks when you’re level 100.
B. Older players with high command ranks that just stomp you into the ground.
This is an issue that many people have with matchmaking.

As such, I’d like to make the following suggestions for matchmaking.

Create beginners matchmaking specifically for command rank 1-25. - Level 26 and above banned.
Unlock regular matchmaking at command rank 26.
Create elite matchmaking specifically for command rank 100 - Level 100 only (call it Officer’s Club)

Everyone else would still be able to play in regular matchmaking. Level 100 could still join regular matches.

Lock advanced public games until you reach command rank 26. (You can still do advanced privately with friends)
Create Officer’s Club command rank 100 elite matchmaking. (Also maybe increase difficulty) - Level 100 only.

I know this would take some time to implement, but I think it would help newcomers get into the groove before getting pulverized, and it would keep better players from having to play with people who aren’t as familiar.

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Command rank is really hit or miss on determining skill.

I’ve played with 15’s and 30’s that would dominate most 100’s. I’ve also played with 100’s that couldn’t find their way out of a bucket.

But hey if it makes you feel better OK.

Breaking Character…

While I’m sure there are some early command rank players who are quite good… the vast majority I’ve played with are still finding their footing. Also, most complaints I hear are that early command rank players are just getting stomped or bringing the team down.

This is a possible solution.

However, for the more skilled early command rank players, and so people can play with their friends, make Officer’s Club and general matchmaking invitation only for 1-25.

At best there are around 1000 people playing. You feel splitting the queues up even more is a good idea?
I’m CR100, how long do you think I’d have to wait for a match at my ELO level? Honestly I doubt I’d ever even find one.

Last time I played everyone else in my team was below level 50 and they were really great! Good players and very chill attitudes. One of them was CR5 and was definitely doing his job. If the matchmaking had CR requirements I’d never have met them.

I’ll say this one more time; Command Rank does not define skill.

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I feel like it should be based on how many hours you’ve put into the game, and how you’ve done in those hours that should determine who you get matched with.

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This can’t happen with 700 people playing the game. Nobody would get a queue pop.

Right now, I oppose any idea that further splits the player base.

The more queues you add the longer queue times get for all queues.

If Battleborn was bursting the servers with players you could cut up the queue any way you want, but it is not, and queue times are still a major concern in certain areas.

Also, CR is a terrible indicator of skill, I’d support hiding CR in matchmaking before I’d support adding more queues.

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So, ELO.

Breaking Character…

I am making this post with the goal of increasing the player base, as much of the negative player drop off has been based on poor competitive matchmaking.

Also: note that I said level 100 could still join in regular matches. Just not command rank 1-25 only matches. The goal is to stop noob stomping.

As far as command rank defining skill, that is up for debate, but it has been my experience that 1-25 are generally still finding their footing.

Breaking Character…

A valid point.
Also a good suggestion.

I can still stomp and get stomped in CR100 matches. Not noob stomping but stomping nonetheless.

If MM got divided like this I’d probably just stop playing Online matches entirely. Doesn’t really help with growing playerbase if older players start leaving.

I mean Elite matchmaking does sound like Ranked MM. Sure, that should be added at some point. But I still don’t think arbitrary level caps are a good idea.

Is that what ELO is then? I don’t play games competitively, so I’m not familiar with the terms.


Breaking Character…

I’m not saying you can’t get stomped in regular matches or command rank 100 matches.
Command rank 100 matches would not be forced on you. You can still play with 26-100.

My goal, again, is to increase the current player base by not making it inaccessible for newcomers and allowing them to find their footing.

I find nothing fun about stomping a team of command rank 4-20 players with a team of 50+ rank players. Nor do they enjoy getting stomped.

I also feel that high level characters should be given the option of playing with other high level people.

Command Rank and Player level actually have nothing to do with how powerful a Hero is nor an indication of their skill level. I’ve lost games to Command Ranks 1-20 while in a group of CR 100s.

Breaking Character…

In general, my experiences have shown me that the lower command rank team gets steamrolled. Hence my suggestion. I do like this suggestion a lot too, though.

Yeah, I doubt many people like stomping or getting stomped. But I don’t think splitting the queues up more would help anything at this moment, though.

The matchmaking definitely needs to be improved, something needs to be done to get new players, to get old ones to return and to keep old ones playing so that the ELO system gets to do its thing. Currently the player base is so low that skill based matchmaking doesn’t work properly. There just might not be enough equally skilled players playing when you decide to queue up.

Maybe a quick play system, which queues you up for any PvP mode on top of the single queue up we have now. But definitely not splitting up the queues even more. Even when its optional. Not yet, at least.
A beginners queue when there actually is a player base? Yes, definitely. A ranked queue for core players? I believe this has been the goal of the devs for a while - they had a Ranked queue during the Open Beta already.