Suggestions for New artifact, class mod, gun, grenade, or skills for shield regen

I would like to see more artifacts or class mods with health regen or shield regen. Our skill tree and guardian rank barely supports shield regen. There’s only 2 artifacts (Otto Idol & Knife Drain) for health regen, one class mod (Sapper:Moze) for health regen, and one guardian rank skill for shield regen. Also, there’s only one passive on class mods and artifacts with 249 health regen. Since mayhem 2.0, we are in desperate need for more supportive skills or gear for regenerating shields. I would like to see a passive on artifacts and class mods for regenerating shields too. The examples below are simply random thoughts I’ve had for a long time. Here’s my thoughts/ examples for shield regen:

Passive for 249 shield regen on artifacts/mods

New artifact, class mod, or skill for shield regen: (every critical hit regen shields by 0.5%)
(Dot damage on enemies regen shields) (Your health below 25% regen shields)

New legendary shield with 0.0 recharge delay (constantly recharge shields)

New grenade with better or instant shield regen

Upgrade/new guardian rank skill with more powerful shield regen.

New legendary gun with shield regen properties (Tediore: throw gun with legs and it will shoot enemies to regen shields)