Suggestions for the future of BL3

-Create new vault hunters

-go back to headhunter packs (bloody harvest is terrible and poorly implemented… it’s the worst parts of what other live service games do for seasonal events all rolled into one. I have to live with these skulls for the next month while getting terror-anointed crap?!)

-more emphasis on bosses and loot drops (this game is about the journey to becoming op and then destroying everything!)

-b-team dlc (this is a no-brainer. I don’t care about any of the characters and you need to make the b-team relevant. Ava sucks, by the way)

-raise character level (and increase skill point cap) with each dlc.

-Introduce new augments, mods, and artifacts with each dlc. (This game is about character builds and experimenting. Do not let this part of the game get stale)

-quit making things frustrating for no reason. Returning to Maurice a million times, not being able to farm Haunt, an ENTIRE seasonal event centered around 1 “fetch” quest… these are not great signs for the future of this game.

Please correct course. You’re not even monetizing anything, so why are you following the pathetically bad live service model?

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I agree with most points. I think that it is not really necessary to have more Vault Hunters although it would be nice to have more characters to choose from, it has been confirmed that they are not working on more, not to say that they won’t in the future.

Yes Headhunters as opposed to temporary and in this case relatively short and grindy events.

B Team DLC is a possibility, personally I hope for maybe another of Tina’s crazy games type content, it has been confirmed that Fiona will be in one of the DLC focused probably around her and what she has been upto since Tales from the Borderlands. As far as we can tell in this game all 4 DLC will actually be Campaign DLC as opposed to some crappy arena being one of them even if UVHM is shipped with it.

Because they desperately want to be cool but in doing so it seems Gearbox is instead drowning itself. You hear all kinds of things about Randy and his sketchy dealings, while I don’t / can’t believe some of the things said about him, maybe it is time for a leadership change anyway to push Gearbox back towards the relevant side of the games industry.

I really do feel we need new characters, there is an abundance of pet style abilities and we need more variety.