Suggestions for the game...feel free to add or take away

I just want to throw out some suggestions i have either read on the forums or came up with casually chatting with ppl. The idea behind this post isnt to complain so if that is all you are capable of please just read silently :wink:

Character adjustments: I personally have only played two characters (fl4k and amara) to any extent so i cant really provide any real suggestions for zane and moze (though i know moze has more than just the grenade spam build geez).

As for amara i think she is in a decent spot having multiple builds that can comfortably play mayhem 3. I do play the melee build quite a lot and i think it needs one thing to add some diversity: currently the unleash the dragon artifact provides 100% ignite chance and is super powerful (great!). The problem here is that its only one element. there are other melee artifacts that add dmg to melee for the other elements but these dont provide the DoT chance (much weaker as a result) and are far too inferior use.
Suggestion : adjust melee for amara that the other elemental types can be at similar power whether through raw power buff or some utility. eg shock element melee will stun enemy for x time.

As i said i think Amara is in a great spot with so much build versatilty ( i swap between 3 builds depending on what im doing).

Fl4k is still a great boss killer currently with fade away and really thats fine as is. But gamma burst/rakks need love. Full disclaimer I have not tested the latest rakk change extensively, but from what I have tried it is still lacking something.

Suggestion for rakk: allow them to benefit from pet bonuses from master tree for example. This will give them a bit more punch when used potentially becoming your main form of attack where guns are the support/filler between casts. Beastmaster!

For Gamma Burst I honestly think this ability can be quite good as it is if the pets were actually good. There is some good synergy between them for pet survivability which leads me to the biggest issue I have with Fl4k. THE pet based character really doesnt have a pet build which has its bulk dmg (or even half). Thing is with pets in games is that they are AI controlled so they can either be really dumb or really powerful (fine line usually).

My suggestion with the pets would be to slowly buff them until a sweet spot is found. So start buffing them without touching the skill trees at all. Allow the pets to benefit from item weapon dmg bonuses. eg artifact that has bonus % shotgun dmg will also benefit Beefcake Jabber or greater horned skag benefit from bonus melee dmg etc. This would help them scale a bit better as you go up in mayhem levels.
This change i suspect can be applied to iron bear and zane clone or some variant of this. Whatever route is taken though, the pets need to be able to do dmg on a similar if not slightly lesser level to Fl4k at the very least. The guy is literally called beastmaster meanwhile the pets are usually dead somewhere or already respawning because nobody invests in the master tree enough to keep them alive.

Mayhem affixes: I really like the principle of mayhem mode where the challenge of the game is varied every time you load in. Where I think it falls really short is that there are affixes that take power away from the player directly whilst the entire principle of Loot games is to become powerful. I have read some interesting suggestions on these forums over the last few days so I will throw one or two of those as well as some of my own into the bucket for affix suggestions:
more badass spawns
more goliath spawns ( or any of the other tougher enemy variants)
mixed spawns regardless of zone (though this is prob specific to the slaughter trial type mode)
all enemies have armor or shields or both
all enemies use a weapon type eg rockets (forgive me for suggesting this)
All enemies use a particular element gun/attack

These are all suggestions which can potentially challenge the player a bit more without nerfing the player directly. One could also throw in a chance for the loot mobs to spawn in groups (similar to diablo 3 goblin spawns) as a fun very rare bonus or all enemies throw the cake grenades. The mayhem affixes dont all have to be about challenge of the game. In fact, I would say borderlands should be all about fun and wacky things. Throwing some weird stuff into the mayhem mode would be welcomed and truly add variety to the game adding longevity.

The point here is that challenge can be added to the game without affixes like -50% weapon type dmg or -50% elemental dmg. These affixes directly nerf the player and honestly it turns into Tab-> check affixes-> remake until these types of affixes arent there. This is coming from me who primarily is on amara and these affixes dont often prevent me from completing a boss or map. But they do make it frustrating knowing i am struggling because my nice shiny guns i spent hours to find are being neutered so bad i have to swap to less shiny ones :wink:

Right, this has gone much longer than I expected and if you’ve survived this far good job (hancock thumbs up). feel free to add more suggestions. again these are suggestions theres no point saying whats bad or good just add more suggestions so devs can pick ideas they like out.