Suggestions in general

Dont know if this was suggested but here are my suggestions.

-Add in game stats when you are doing the run, like I pick an prob chance to crits, show it somewhere wich % I have.

-Customize UI, or at least let us move it, because for me on 1080p I feel that is too much near the center of the screen. Would be cool to move some parts more to the corner.

-Hability to see the challenges in game and objects too if not better add to the description when you pick the item, the stats and stack of the item. And maybe lock on challenges like quests when you are playing.

-Now that drones can be rebuyed, at least leave a mark where they die, at late game its impossible to see where are they. Plus I often confuse heal drones with rusty boxes.

-As an option, because maybe some ppl are used to, but want to keep running my char after the dodge skills like comando or hunter blink

-Test level, with all objects to test how they work and if they are worth it for some classes.

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I’d like to see the value category returned to the backpack.

And considering how much loot this game has i feel your inintial back pack size is ridiculously low and cost for additional slots is too high

When at the firing range ammo should be unlimited and not use my inventory…i was looking forward to try out my weapons to decide which to sell only to run out of ammo.

Did I miss somethingÂż? or this post was for B3 sectionÂż? XD

wrong topic. sry

i agree with rkk1. I don’t even mind to pay real money for it . people who want it will buy it. set a maxium amount that we can pruchase so it won’t be unfair. I am tired of log in mutiple character s just organize my stuff.