Suggestions: More Ways To Join/Manage A Game

Below is a list of suggestions to improve the overall experience especially in the Campaign.

There needs to be a way to deal with AFKers, as I was running through The Algorithm up to the point where Geoff spawns when we discovered one player had not moved from the start of the campaign and it took another 5-10 minutes after we had already made it down to that point before they finally got booted for inactivity.

  • The length of time a player can be inactive for public matches should be much shorter than this and provide a visual feedback warning to the player that they are going to get booted soon.
  • should be able to view the list of players in the current game and have the ability to perform actions such as sending them a message or invite.
  • it might be good to have a connection quality indicator here too
    [edit] - just discovered holding down the trackpad on PS4 opens the scoreboard, this was not obvious especially for the fact you have to hold down rather than tap to show it
  • once the majority of players progress through several checkpoints, all players lagging behind should then get teleported forward and can be moved in place to activate platforms rather than waiting 10 minutes for them to get booted.
  • the hit boxes of players also feels very rigid (like players are surrounded by an actual square box) and needs to allow players to pass each other without getting stuck. This is a lot more obvious in full teams of 5 (especially with Montana) as you almost have to go single file across narrow pathways and tight areas. Unless a player is trying to push another player, it should let you pass through them.

One of my online friends was getting the full lag/disconnect experience that’s been going around and with that were a few other things I noticed could be improved.

  • apparently if you get disconnected from a private match, the option to rejoin it is found under the public menu.
  • you should be able to join a game a friend is playing regardless of what matchmaking settings they have chosen (ie private/public)
  • if it is a private match, the host/leader should then have in-game options to lock the match from random joins, and should be togglable
  • A host/leader should be appointable and needs to be visually represented in the UI
  • You should be able to see more information about a game a friend is currently playing including whether there is a free spot available, right now it just shows the name of the activity and has “Join Game” which it then tries to connect to and fails because the friend’s match was full (and it doesn’t explain this, just says it failed to connect)
  • You should be able to bring up your friends list during a match and be able to invite players

Given there are a lot of unlockables and because a single campaign mission takes between 30 minutes to an hour, being able to check your progress during a match would help when trying to grind out challenges that require killing certain enemy types etc, much like how it was in Borderlands 2 with Badass Ranks.

I’m still in the process of unlocking all the characters and am slowly chipping away at the lore/skin unlocks, but I’m definitely finding the more I play the more fun it is :slight_smile:

Why can’t the “public” story mode levels missions be selected first and then matchmaking locates
teammates that all want to play the already selected story mode level/mission. Why the four "random"
pick by matchmaking system and then the located teammates vote on which one for public Story Mode?