Suggestions on a Non-Vampyr Mayhem 4 build?

I’ve been trying to figure this out, and after thinking it through, I think a non-Vampyr mayhem 4 build would have to be heavily gear based, and require 2 key things:

You need minimum the following:

  1. You need a Bloodletter with health regen
  2. You need a relic that removes 75% health (+ health regen here too)
  3. Recharger or Stop Gap
  4. Transfusion grenade for shield
  5. Red Tree things, but stay above health gate
  6. Auto Bear
  7. Dakka bear
  8. Green Tree things

This is my well-tested strategy and I think it can be quite strong

  • Shoot things
  • On shield break, throw transfusion grenades
  • When this fails, jump into IB for shield regens
  • Once exited IB and shield breaks again, jump into dakka bear for safety time
  • After IB dies, throw lots of grenades
  • Respawn

Super simple build, honestly. Been using it for a little while and not crying too much.

edit: this is partly theory craft and partly tongue - in - cheek


My favourite mayhem 4 build is a 1hp build with a Blast Master com. I cleared Slaughter Star first time with it and can cruise through a lot of mobbing. I despise the Shaft so haven’t tried it there and my build fails under the Takedown’s heavy fire.

The keys to my survival are a Big Boom Blaster, a Deathless and self dotting.

The 20k shield I have gives the big boom plenty of time to drop boosters. Against CoV the self dotting is important as I want as many hits as possible to proc boosters. So if I get hit by a rocket that drops me to 600 shield, I can take cover and use a self dot to proc a booster or two.

I technically have 1 point in Vampyr but the point is redundant as it can’t heal my 1hp and I’m not wearing a Bloodletter.


That’s a great idea. I havent gotten a BBB shield, but i’ll look for one. The stats look like they could be super cool.

what do you use to self dot? The Tyreen gun?

Yeah, Sellout fits all criterion and is easy to get. I run Maliwan allegiance so I needed 3 things:

  • it be a Maliwan gun
  • no charge time
  • deal splash that isn’t shock or radiation

Wait, what weapons do you use? I’ve been living on ogre and maggie for weeks. and thanks for the replies!

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Kyb’s Worth is my main gun, I have two. 1 is fire/cryo the other shock/corrosive, they’re my mob killers. I keep cutsman and recursions for certain enemies, but since getting better Kyb’s I’m barely using them.

I feel like the whole world is going to know I use Kyb’s soon with the way I never stop shouting about them.

Minus the transfusion grenades, I’ve been doing precisely all of this with both the Bloodletter and the Blast Master COMs and it can suffice in most areas, but it’s not seamless enough for a map like Midnight’s Cairn where you can get easily surrounded and the tougher enemies spam AOE attacks where Gearbox see fit to invalidate their own skill tree design and deplete your entire shield in 1 missile regardless of you going to the effort of boosting its capacity as much as possible. Out of all my testing, it seemed like the most effective way to make a lvl 50 stop gap work was using a Bloodletter and a Knife Drain relic (either or both with static health regen) with Tenacious Defense doing 40% of the work and a Facepuncher clearing up the other 60%. It’s one way of doing it but that might be a little too finicky for some.

I’ve been running Big Boom Blaster + Blast Master + Deathless for ages, even solo’d Maliwan Takedown in M3 with 1 hp through the entire run not long after it was released and not including anything like the Transformer or the lvl 1 stop gap-path to immortality, I’ve had more success with it in the raid on M4 so far than other combinations. It’s still falling short on the takedown in a couple of areas but the raid in M4 is an extreme exception to the rest of the game though. BBB + Deathless can also clear M4 Slaughter Shaft too.

I also have a few versions of Kyb’s Worth and they perform better than any of my anointed Westerguns. If you love that SMG, you might want to play around with the Trevonator, seeing as it fits all your criteria for your Maliwan allegiance build and it’s more accurate and direct at closer range than the Kyb’s Worth - my last M4 SS run I did with a cryo + radiation trevonator and used it to do like 95% of the work, with my incendiary laser sploder finishing off the stubborn, hardened badasses.


This is what I’ve found the best way to stay alive without Vampyr. I don’t usually go deathless with it and still take Vampyr because I’m a baby, but the BBB is fantastic for survival as long as you get the boosters.

With a deathless and going into DM + blast master that’s a lot of bonus damage. Plus you don’t have the huge bloodletter downsides.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I played with it awhile and came to the conclusion that it overlaps too much with the Kyb’s. I don’t play close quarters if I can help it so the Kyb’s range is ideal. Both guns also suffered on the same types of enemies (namely nog liches), so I stuck to just the Kyb’s. Although if I ever get a great rolled Trevonator I’ll go back to it.

Yep and I’ve got a god rolled elemental projector deathless (mag size & aoe) so my burst damage against badasses is phenomenal.

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I gotta get me onea these.

So - a maliwan allegiance build may be my new goal. I’m getting very tired of explosions.

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I run Blast Master but I don’t sink a single skill point into Demolition Women.:laughing:

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interesting. Is this because of maliwan splash damage? I’m kinda excited about getting home to try out some of my bank items tonight now.

My thought process was something like the following:

I want Bottomless Mags as a way to sustain my Blast Master, so I sunk points as far as Some for the road. I then also needed Base damage and survival so I got DiB and Thin Red Line. At this point I had about 8 points left and decided going after Phalanx doctrine was the best route.

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in my head that sounds great for mobbing but weak on bosses. Am I missing something? Also, are you hopping in and out of IB much?

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I don’t run bosses much so I’ve not noticed the issue. However my damage is pretty hefty. Consider I get:

  • 50% from Desperate Measures and 15% from Armored Infantry.
  • I get 100% splash from the blast master com.
  • I’m wearing an Elemental projector that is almost always active, and I have 30% from Stoke the embers.

So With just that my damage when element matching verse flesh is:

Damage = base x 1.65 x 2 x 1.75 x 2.2 = base x 12.75

My gear also has +31% smg, +25% weapon damage and + 33% aoe. Including that:

Damage = base x 1.9 x 2.33 x 1.31 x 1.75 x 2.2 = base x 22.32

Damage isn’t really my problem.

I can hop out of iron bear for Some for the road but it slows down most general mobbing and there’s only a few enemy types I find it necessary for.

Thanks! I’ma take a look. Great ideas!

This is an unintentional argument for ways to proc IB without the animation, like spawning him from the outside similar to Death Trap.

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I put in 5 points sometimes to get rocket pods, but agree DM is usually an all or nothing proposition.

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I felt the same way for three months with the Projectile Recursion on Amara.

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Pretty sure all top tier mozes are running kybs now. I think it’s her #1 weapon if you’re playing Best Master. I’m also running a Maliwan build but with the Blast Master com. I get my kybs up to over 100 mag which is useful for the Binary Kybs which chews through ammo insanely fast

I have a kybs, but it’s not a large mag one. I’ll have to try the take down again but it kept crashing for me.

Are people seeking the kyb’s for its damage or the healing? I like the gun damage, but didn’t find the healing reliable or very useful, am I missing something?