Suggestions on builds utilizing infiltrator class mod

I have an infiltrator class mod with good stats on it. The ideal artifacts I have atm would be ice breaker idol and an elemental projector. I’m looking for a great build using these items to start. I’ve done a speed type kill skill build before and a cryo CCC etc…combining these two seems weak as if I’m resetting my abilities often via CCC I wouldn’t be breaking my sheild to make use of infiltrator. Unless I’m missing another idea. Hence my post. Thanks for any ideas or links!

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Use Frozen Heart and Legendary Infiltrator class mod. Clone is necessary, the other slot is optional. When you run into a mob and use your action skill you will break your Frozen Heart and AoE freeze everything. Also summoning your clone will give you all of your kill skills.

You can unload from here with Ice Breaker bonus damage or use dopplebanger for an AoE nuke.

Any gun works based on your play style.

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GenIVIV shield!

Frozen heart is a great idea. I wonder about your build you posted…perhaps I dont need the capstone seein red as my kill skills proc from infiltrator sheild break. Might be double dipping. …

Frozen heart doesn’t make sense with distributed denial as far as I know. Double barrel seems to be the way to go.

I wanted to figure out a way CCC works with this set up but if skills arent running out I suppose I would be relying on having to kill enemies. CCC might be a lost cause.

[Cough] Rough Rider [Cough]

I was under the impression rough rider doesn’t allow your shield to count as broken.

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RR works with Infiltrator.
Maybe not initially but after first AS activation to break the shield it definetaly grants you the 20% dmg buff from Infiltrator.
However RR has almost no synergy with the undercover tree. A lot of skillpoints are going to waste if you want to unlock CCC.

Specified :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s still a pretty big deal though.