Suggestions on FL4K Build


looking for some feedback/opinions/suggestions on a FL4K build I have been playing around with.
Originally, like a lot of FL4k players, I dumped a lot of points into the Stalker tree and went for a Crit build. Lately though I have been trying a out a general purpose/jack-of-all-trades type build centered around being able to swap between each ability with ease while mainting healthy damage and health regen:

My Fl4K Build

The keystones of the build are Big Game and Interplanetary stalker in the Hunter tree, Furious Attack in the Stalker Tree, and Frenzy in the Master tree. So far it has allowed my pet to be much more helpful, and gives access to nearly all Action skill augments except the 4th of each category. So far the only problem is that the pet seems to die more often due to me not putting points toward health regen sharing.

Any tips, opinions, or comments would be welcome.