Suggestions on how to fake a "wave" weapon

Hi all,

We’re evaluating a few different paths to go down at STC while we’re waiting on the RODOH update, and the superweapons from the STA games has come up. Now, if we do this or not isn’t the question, the question is how would one do a “wave” weapon that would propagate in a specific direction, affect ships in that arc only, give them a push in the right direction and peter out and fade after a set time?

This is the weapon we have in mind when thinking of the above:

The closest we’ve come to a solution for faking it is to have an FX played which doesn’t interact with anything and have a huge bunch of invisible “bullet” shots go out in a fan, all slaved to to one main central triggering weapon. This feels messy and has the potential to miss ships in the weapon arc, so suggestions are what we’re looking for :smile:

Maybe a recursive sphere burst weapon effect, have each tier generate more next tier bursts, which are weaker.
Sphere bursts would at least get around the bullet dodging problem.
not sure how to control how much it fans out, though